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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Car Rental Insurance

Whenever you rent a car on vacation, you are posed with the question of whether or not you want to include insurance on your rental. Some people think that this might just be an added expense that car rental companies try and tack on, in order to get you to spend more money. Because of this, many people may opt to not get the car insurance, which can lead to some serious financial repercussions in the future. Even if you think you don’t need coverage or the coverage that you already have on your personal car will suffice, here are some things you may not have considered as to why you shouldn’t ignore car rental insurance.


An Accident Can Ruin A Trip

Whether it is a family vacation or a business trip, the process of renting a car already takes a lot of time out of your day. After a long plane flight and waiting for your bags, you still have to get in line and find the car that you reserved. But if you don’t have car rental insurance and something happens to the vehicle while you are driving it, then you are looking at even more headaches while you are out of town. Having to deal with accidents and other issues at home is enough of a headache, let alone doing it while you are out on the road and in a different place. If you have car rental insurance, this process can be expedited and, in the event of an accident, less time will be taken out of your day.


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Your Personal Coverage Might Not Cover Your Rental

If you have personal coverage on your car, which you should, then in some cases your rental may also be partial covered. However, this isn’t in every case and there also may be specific rules pertaining to your rental. You should certainly recheck your personal insurance before you need to rent a car, in case it doesn’t cover you in the rental.





Lower Premiums In The Event Of An Accident

It only takes one accident to increase your insurance policy rates. And when you are in a rental car that you are unfamiliar with, the likelihood of getting into an accident increases and you are putting more variables into place. If you don’t have coverage, your rates will certainly go up after an accident. But if you have insurance on your rental, you can keep your premium lower on your personal coverage.


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It’s Easy

Getting car insurance for your rental is much easier than what will happen if you do not have insurance. After all, it’s a headache having to deal with everything that comes with an accident. However, if you have coverage on your rental, you can limit a lot of these issues.

The next time you need a rental, don’t forget to get insurance to make the process much easier on you. While it may seem like just an extra fee, but it certainly will be worth it in the event that you need it. For these and more on car rental insurance in Singapore, get in touch with this car rental company.

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