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Why Choose a Facebook Shop Over an E-commerce Site?

facebook shopMany companies have found that the Internet provides a lot of great ways to sell their products. It allows these companies to expand their reach all over the country. Some even sell their products all over the world this way. If a company wants to sell online, the first step is to choose the best marketing platform.

An eCommerce website is the most popular choice. Companies can choose to set up their own branded website to use as a sales platform. Other companies may simply use a large eCommerce site like Amazon or eBay. Of course, lots of businesses use their own site and major eCommerce sites to sell products. Some of these companies also have local stores.


There May be a Better Marketing Platform for Selling Products Online

Facebook is a giant social networking site. There are lots of advantages to using Facebook to market products. Take a moment to review its benefits.

  • Social media generally has a good return on investment.
  • Social networking can help spread brand awareness and engagement.
  • Social networks can be integrated with eCommerce platforms.


Companies can integrate Facebook with their existing sites. But it might simply be better to start at the source. Businesses can use Facebook stores in order to sell products. Social networking is already integrated because Facebook is the largest social networking sites. Furthermore, companies like INSTAPPS can provide a set of tools that make it very simple for small or large business owners to set up their Facebook stores quickly and efficiently.


Instapps offers mobile and social commerce solutions all in one

Instapps offers mobile and social commerce solutions all in one

Marketing Advantages of Facebook Stores

A business can start attracting attention from the first day. This is because the Facebook store administrators can simply invite in their own existing social network members. This might include personal friends or people who already said they liked a fan page.

Hopefully, some members of these existing social networks will be happy to pass the word on. This is as simple for the network members as clicking the Like, Share, or Comment buttons. This is the kind of instant exposure that money just cannot buy. Well, maybe money can buy this kind of exposure, but it is very expensive.

Facebook already has millions of active members. It also has the tools for comments, customer reviews, and other forms of customer engagement already built into the system. Facebook advertising is also integrated into the system. Companies can encourage sharing and engagement by posting attention-grabbing stories or offering promo codes and discounts.

Businesses who are considering an eCommerce solution should definitely consider using Facebook stores. Of course, this solution can be used even if a company already has a traditional eCommerce site or a local store.


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