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The Fuss-Free Checklist For Planning A Valentine’s Day-Themed Wedding In Singapore


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day! Are you planning to get married in Singapore on the Day of Hearts? This fuss-free checklist will help you plan for your Valentine’s Day-themed wedding in Singapore:1

  1. Determine your budget Consider how much you are willing to spend based on your contributions as well as your family’s or partner. Stick to the budget.2
  2. Create the guest list Start coming up with the guest list. Your budget will help you determine how many guests you can invite. Give priority to people who mean the most to you and your partner.3
  3. Hire a wedding planner If your budget permits it, hire a wedding planner to take care of all the hard work. if you’re on a tight budget, read websites and blogs about wedding planning if you need help, or ask your friends and family members for advice.4
  4. Determine date and venues Set your wedding date on the 14th of February and start looking out for wedding venues. If that’s not possible, pick any date that’s closer to Valentine’s Day.5
  5. Book venues and officiant Book your wedding venues in advance (don’t forget to set the date on Valentine’s Day) as well as your wedding officiant.6
  6. Research and hire caterer, florist, band, photographer, hair and makeup artists, and baker Start researching for caterers, florists, bands, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and bakers. Have food sampling sessions with your caterer and baker, and choose the best menu and wedding cake based on your budget and number of guests. Hire a florist that specializes in wedding decor. When it comes to wedding bands, hire a band that knows how to play your favorite songs. When hiring a photographer, pick the one offering the best photo package deal (i.e. indoor and outdoor pre-wedding photos, wedding day photos). Your hair and makeup artist should know how to do your favorite style.Bride at the clothes shop for wedding dresses
  7. Start wedding gown fittings Start your dress fittings. Visit a wedding gown rental shop in Singapore to try out wedding gowns. Rent or buy a dress once you find it.8
  8. Hire a wedding invitation designer and printer Get your designer to design a Valentine’s Day-theme wedding invitations. Hire a printer and send out the invitations at least two months in advance.9
  9. Order wedding favors for guests If necessary, start ordering wedding favors for guests two months in advance. You can choose something that’s shaped like or adorned with hearts, to fit your Valentine’s Day-themed wedding.10
  10. Obtain your marriage license Make sure you obtain your marriage license as soon as you can, as you might need them on your wedding day or for other purposes.

We hope the checklist will help you have the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding, and we wish you the best of luck!

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