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Nov 14, 2013 - Travel & Leisuring    Comments Off on What To Expect at Your Scuba Diving Orientation Course

What To Expect at Your Scuba Diving Orientation Course

SCUBA diving opens your eyes to a whole different world that lives under the water. Whether SCUBA is something you’ve always wanted to do or if it was a spur of the moment decision, an orientation class is required to keep you safe while you’re underwater.

An orientation to SCUBA diving is basically a class about how to scuba dive for beginners. Usually this class culminates with an Open Water Certification. The class includes classroom time, pool training and upon completion of those requirements, you dive for your certification. The time needed to complete this course depends on where you study. There are self-study programs that allow you to complete your classroom work at home, and once that is done you can continue with your test dives.

Requirements for Basic SCUBA Diving Certification:

  • Complete all required classroom work
  • Pass a written exam
  • Demonstrate mastery of pool skills
  • Successfully complete four open water dives

Once you have earned your SCUBA certification, it is recognized worldwide.


pool scuba training

Scuba Diving Training Pool


About Classroom Sessions

Classroom sessions are a requirement for diving, and will teach you the basics before you dive. In the classroom sessions you will:

  • Learn SCUBA diving lingo
  • Receive instruction on how to choose the best diving gear
  • Learn underwater safety, including how your body reacts to pressure
  • Determine what you need to know when planning dives


Equipment Assembly, Adjustment, Preparation, Diassembly Skill



About the Pool Sessions:

The pool offers a safe environment for practicing your classroom-learned techniques before diving in open water. Included in the sessions are:

  • How to set up your scuba gear
  • Practical skills such as getting water out of your mask without surfacing
  • Learning emergency techniques like sharing air or replacing masks



Learn to Scuba Dive – Buddy Breathing (PADI Air Sharing)



About the Open Water Certification Dives:

You can complete these dives anywhere once you have finished the classroom work and pool sessions. Many schools have the capability of certify you where you are located, or you can plan an exotic vacation to complete your four open water dives. If you are interested in certification in a warm, tropical environment, check out some Malaysia diving packages @ SeaventuresDive.

Once you have completed the basic open water SCUBA certification, the whole world of diving is open to you. You can enjoy the underwater world using what you already know, or can continue to receive additional diving certifications that will allow you to complete more exciting and adventurous dives.

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