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Oct 25, 2013 - Furniture & Decor, Home & Family    Comments Off on How to Jazz Up A Boring Old Wooden Chair

How to Jazz Up A Boring Old Wooden Chair

There are many structurally sound pieces of old wooden furniture that can be had for a song at flea markets and garage sales. But most of them need an appearance makeover so they don’t look ugly, depressed and boring (see 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Old Wooden Furniture Just Yet). Luckily, there are a number of ways to jazz up chairs constructed of fine wood so that you not only have a perfectly usable new piece of furniture but also a chair that becomes an attractive conversation piece.


Wooden Chair Refurbished



An investment in a can of paint is one of the simplest ways to decorate a wooden chair that has seen better days. Choose a color that corresponds to the d├ęcor scheme already being used in the room where the chair will be located. Sand down the wood first to remove old varnish and make the surface receptive to a primer coat before adding a fresh coat of paint. Choose a bold color to make the chair more exciting or two complimentary colors, one for the main body of the chair and the other for its legs. Or paint the back of the chair in white or ivory, and the main body of the chair in a solid color, ending with a rich deep color for the legs. Once a wooden chair has been painted, you can accessorize it even further by adding decals or appliques. Use paste-on lettering to personalize the chair or add words or phrases that might have special meaning to you or other family members.



Renew Old Wooden Chair




Another quick and economical way to jazz up a chair that is boring is to add a fabric chair cover. You can sew your own or purchase ready-made seat covers that can quickly be attached either to the seat or the back of the chair with ties. This makes it easy to remove the fabric when you get tired of the pattern and start using another. Fabric covers are also easy to keep clean by throwing in the washing machine and dryer when they become soiled or stained for a quick refresh.


Wooden Chair Renew



Another way to jazz up a chair is to cushion the seat with fabric seat padding. Not only does this add color and flair to the look of the chair, it is versatile enough to be changed on a moment’s notice for a completely different look. Click here for ideas that are guaranteed to make old boring chairs composed of wood look exciting, avant-garde and a reflection of your style, creativity and personality.


Wooden Chair Refurbished Before and After