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Cataracts: General Information and Treatment

As people age or experience trauma, they face many age- or injury- related conditions. One of the most commons of these conditions is cataract. Cataract is a term used to describe an ocular disease that results in the clouding and opaquing of the usually clear lens. In normal eyes, the transparent lens allows for light to easily enter the retina. Due to the nature of cataracts, suffers experience a partial or total loss of vision, depending on severity.

Unlike many other ocular diseases that are related to unique genetics, cataract is incredibly common among older people, regardless of other characteristics. In fact, it has been estimated that over half of all people over the age of 80 will suffer from cataracts to some degree. The rate of cataracts increases to nearly 100% for those who are 95 and older.

Luckily, cataracts are not contagious. This means that cataract cannot be spread from person to person or move from one eye to the other. However, it is common for people who have developed a cataract in one eye to also develop a cataract in the other eye at some point as well. Cataracts are also not known to cause pain, itchiness, or redness. Despite this lack of discomfort, many individuals with cataracts elect for surgical correction. Untreated cataracts may eventually result in complete blindness.

Age-related cataracts are thought to stem from the proteins that form the lens of the eye. Normally, these proteins are properly arranged which allows for the full transparency that accompanies good, clear vision. Over time, these chains of proteins begin to clump in atypical fashions. As the clumping continues, the transparency of the lens decreases and a cataract is formed. A fully opaque cataract is considered “matured” while cataracts of lesser degrees of severity are “immature”.


Cataract Infographic

Age is, of course, not the only cause of cataracts. Genetics can predispose people to secondary cataracts, regardless of age. Some genetic diseases that are linked to cataracts include: Down syndrome, myotonic dystrophy, Wilson’s disease, galactosemia, and many more. Cataracts can also be caused by congenital infections such as rubella, herpes’ simplex, toxoplasmosis, and syphilis, to name a few. Other illnesses such as diabetes, iritis, and uveitis are known causes of cataracts.

Physical trauma can also cause secondary cataracts. Blunt or penetrating injuries can lead to the formation of secondary cataracts at some point. Other non-age-related causes of cataracts include but are not limited to: surgeries or exposure to ionizing, infrared, or ultraviolet radiation.

If and when cataracts do develop, surgery is a recommended option in order to counter the effects of increasingly murky vision. One common type of surgery available for individuals suffering from cataracts is LASIK surgery. The LASER used in LASIK surgery helps to reshape the cornea and to diminish the presence of cataracts. There are many types of LASIK surgery available and it is recommended that those choosing this route should contact a medical professional to see what surgery options are most appropriate.

For more information on cataracts and on how LASIK surgery may be able to alleviate symptoms, please visit http://www.lasiksurgery.sg/cataract.php.


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The Benefits of an ICCP System

The ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems) is designed to protect vessels from corrosion. Some hull coatings include some level of protection, but not all hull coatings do. This is why an ICCP system is necessary. Here’s how they work:

The control panel features several anodes mounted on the hull and reference cells. A powerful external current is necessary to suppress the natural electro-chemical activity that typically occurs on the hull’s surface. This is necessary to eliminate the formation of corrosion on the plates’ surfaces. Most people experience this problem when dissimilar metals are in the same vicinity. This may occur in welding or when other metals come in close proximity with propellers.

The voltage output is varied, and the systems will automate the current output. With this setup, the protection level will remain the same, while the seawater resistivity is altered. The seawater resistivity increases in a sacrificial anode system. This will decrease the anode output and decrease the amount of protection provided. The range will not be decreased in standard seawater with this type of protection.


iccp mgps



Important Features and Advantages of These Types of Systems

These systems will constantly monitor electrical potential at the seawater and hull interface. These systems are more effective and reliable than sacrificial anode systems. Anode systems provide an unknown level of protection that is also uncontrollable.

Experts recommend installing a C-Shield system to save on maintenance costs and also to reduce fuel costs. The system will help to protect the owner’s investment and also to ensure greater safety.

These systems can prevent coating damage. This will extend the length of time you can participate in dry-docking. No anode removals are required during the dry-docking season with these systems, but they are required with the sacrificial anode system. This reduces maintenance costs.

Cathodicme suggested ICCP anodes reduce structural loading because they are flush-mounted on the hull. This type of mounting also provides less hydrostatic and hydrodynamic resistance, which reduces the ship’s fuel consumption. Depending on the type of these system purchased, the systems will range from 25 amps to 400 amps.

The control panels in the systems will range from simple linear to advanced systems. Some of the features may include automatic data logging and remote display. In most instances, the display will meet the IP54 requirements. The protection will be almost maintenance-free.

These systems use a feedback control system, and it’s typically self-regulating using reference electrodes. The measured potential is compared with the non-corroding structure potential. The control unit will determine is the current feed should be maintained, decreased, and increased.


Purchase a System

If corrosion control is a problem, you should purchase this system. They’re highly effective and can protect your investment. Check with your system provider and find the best one for your situation and budget. Most people don’t regret their decision to purchase this device after they witness the results. If the hull coating is not enough, try a new system.

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How Roses Became A Symbol Of Love: A Brief History

Although most people are aware that the rose flower is one of the most recognized universal symbols of love, many people are unaware of the folklore and legends that combined to create the symbolism behind the flower. Roses have been featured in stories and fables of humankind ever since the dawn of civilisation, and the flower is most often associated with romantic love. A number of Greek and Roman goddesses considered the rose to be sacred to them, but none more identified with the fragrant blossom more than the goddess of love herself, Aphrodite. One legend has it that the first roses on Earth sprang from Aphrodite’s tears.



Aphrodite was the great Olympian goddess of pleasure, joy, beauty, love and procreation. She became the goddess Venus. The Roman telling of the story was that Adonis, Aphrodite’s lover, was killed by a wild boar that he was hunting. As Aphrodite rose from the sea in grief she began to cry…everywhere a tear fell a white rose grew.

The rose is also well-represented in the cultural symbolism of Islam. Geometric gardens are a hallmark of Islamic society, and the rose holds a special place in these gardens. Classic Christianity also holds the rose in high esteem. During the Middle Ages, five-petaled roses were said to symbolise the five wounds of Christ. Rose windows were frequent embellishments in churches contracted in medieval times.


Five-petaled roses were said to symbolise the five wounds of Christ

Five-petaled roses were said to symbolise the five wounds of Christ


The rose is also the national flower of England, and that comes as no surprise because that country’s climate is perfect for the cultivation of almost all rose varieties. The Tudor rose has particular significance in England because it combines the properties of both red and white roses, thus symbolising the unity between the House of York and the House of Lancaster. Four states in the U.S. have listed the rose as their state flower, and the wild rose is the official flower of the Canadian province of Alberta.


Tudor Rose England

Although the rose has meant many things to many people throughout the course of human civilisation, but it really rose to prominence as the main floral symbol of romantic love during the 12th century in France. Songs and poetry created and performed by troubadours began to feature the rose as the utmost symbol of courtly love. At this time, it also began to be widely associated with the Virgin Mary as humanity moved from the gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus to a widespread belief in Christianity. A perfect rose without thorns was even said to have graced the original Garden of Eden.


Roses So Beautiful

Nothing quite says love but a fragrant, velvety-soft bouquet of ruby red roses, so be sure to pick out the perfect rose bouquet here to express your love to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day this year.

Pink roses




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Why Company Location Is Crucial For Business Success

In the business world, the location of a company’s business headquarters and branch locations is critical. In fact, the office location placed on a business card, letterhead or website can immediately tell a consumer or client how successful and established the company is, and you understandably want your business location to create a positive image for your consumers and clients right from the start. With a closer look at why the location of a company is imperative in the business world today, you may decide to take steps to improve the location of your company.

The Success of the Company

One of the most important things a business address says about a company is how successful it is. You may not realize it, but the fact is that the location of business can tell consumers if the company can afford expensive real estate, and this relates to how profitable and successful the company appears to be. For example, a business address in a popular commercial area in New York City will create more clout and credibility for a smaller business than a small office suite on a street nobody has heard of it the Midwest. Companies that are successful generally choose to conduct business in prime and well-known commercial areas, but this can be too expensive for many companies to afford.


klcc-and-klcc-park-klThe Size of the Company

In addition, the office locations of a business can also show consumers and clients how large the company is. The size of the company relates to how successful and established it is. One office location in a reputable area is better than one office location in an unknown area. However, it can be even more beneficial for a company to have an several branch locations in key areas across the country. By having branch locations on the East Coast, the West Coast and the Midwest, for example, there is a general impression that the company is large and successful enough to need branch locations in these areas.


Improving Your Business Address With Ease

The fact is that some companies have the level of success and the strong bottom line to warrant the high cost of real estate in prime commercial areas of major cities. Others, however, can still benefit from real estate in these areas through the use of virtual office suites. With Servcorp’s serviced offices in major cities, businesses can establish a headquarters or branch location in prime and well-known commercial areas in 140 major cities. However, they can actually conduct business out of an office with more affordable real estate. This is a cost-effective way to use business location to your advantage.

If you have been focusing on business location for your office and are looking for an affordable way to improve your office location, take a closer look at the benefits associated with virtual offices. These virtual offices from Servcorp provide you with a great way to continue to office from your current space while utilizing the benefits of a more reputable office location.

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How to Get BMX Bikes for Adults

The first step in getting a BMX bike for an adult is determining where the bike will be ridden. Though well-known for making dirt and trick bikes, BMX also manufactures models designed for riding in a variety of locations as diverse as city streets or mountain trails. Additionally, hybrids have modifications that make the bikes suitable for urban or rural use.


Equipment Differences

Wheels on racing bikes are typically lighter in weight and much thinner compared with wheels found on bikes used for street or trail riding. The axles on racing bikes are around 10mm bikes and those found on bikes used for more casual riding are around 14mm. The hubs on street and trail models also have more durable hubs.




Tires for designed for trail or dirt tracks generally have thick, chunky tread for ultimate traction. Conversely, tires for traversing across pavement feature elongated, shorter thread that looks smoother and provide a lesser degree of resistance. When desiring a bike for both city and rural use, BMX tires have tread that combines both of the above styles.


Cycling Tires


Handlebars have height, weight and strength differences. Though height is often determined by personal choice, the handlebars on cruising type models tend to be shorter than those found on smaller bikes used exclusively for dirt or trick riding.





Brake style is another option to take into consideration. Competition and trick riders usually prefer linear-pull brakes, which have the best gripping power. Mountain, street and trail bike riders often choose U-brakes, which provide more overall control and better modulation. Some riders also go without brakes.


Brakes types bmx



Bike Size

Along with tire sizes that range from 20 to 26 inches, frames also vary in length, height and style. Determining the proper size not only depends on your height, but also varies with the type of bike chosen. Evaluating proper height requires that the rider stand over the top tube of the bicycle. When looking for a mountain bike, there should be around 3 inches of clearance between the rider and the tube. If planning on riding aggressively, this number may increase to 5 inches. Bicycles meant for predominantly riding on pavement need only 1 or 2 inches of space. If opting for a hybrid bike for multiple terrains, allow for 2 to 4 inches of clearance.





Bike Budget

Establish a budget when looking at BMX bikes for sale. While some models and used bikes may retail for a few hundred dollars, high-end models sell for well over $1,000. Less expensive models are more often made of steel and weigh more. Expensive bikes are constructed of lightweight aluminum or titanium. Also remember to include the cost of a helmet and other accessories. Riders often choose to carry a repair kit, tire pump and maybe a saddle pack for holding personal items.


Test Rides

Once you have made the decision as to the kind of bicycle you want, test ride a number of models. Whether new or used, embark on a long enough ride to ensure that the gears work properly and that the ride is comfortable. If the seat or handlebars need adjusting, are these modifications easy or difficult on that particular bike?


Bmx Girl







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Books Every Child Should Read: 5 Best Fantasy and Children’s Books

Reading is one of the best ways to learn. That’s why young children should be encouraged to read as early on as possible. Children’s books often teach kids about important values in life, but they do so in a fun and imaginative way that makes children want to continue expanding their minds. Throughout history, there have been hundreds of popular children’s books, but here are some of the most renowned and revered.


✿ The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

The movie series The Lord of the Rings was a huge hit internationally, but it had more modest roots in the form of a novel called The Hobbit. The book tells the tale of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who gets the irresistible urge to embark on a journey to obtain unimaginable treasures that are being guarded in a dragon’s lair. When the magic and mystical creatures are put aside, a powerful message is revealed: Always shoot for the stars. Take calculated risks to make one’s dreams come true, and don’t let any obstacle get in one’s way.


The Hobbit




✿ Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White/Garth Williams

This novel is about the friendship that evolves between a pig and a spider living on a farm. The spider, Charlotte, learns that her friend, Wilbur, is being primed for the kill and does everything in her power to save the pig’s life. The tale is a heartwarming one about the true meaning of friendship. This novel teaches children to be honest, caring, and helpful to their closest companions. The time that one has with one’s best friends can be quite limited, so make the most of it.


charlotte web




✿ The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle

Geared towards toddlers, this iconic picture book is about the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly after having eaten various types of food. The moral of the story is that one should always be true to oneself because individuals are unique and beautiful. Since children are naive and easily influenced, it can be hard not to follow trends and join cliques. However, they should never try to become people they’re not. A hunger for knowledge will allow kids to develop their true identities and grow to become their real selves.





✿ The Adventures of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi

Pinocchio was a wooden marionette carved by a lonely woodworker who wanted a son. The curious doll got himself into plenty of trouble, and each time he lied about what he’d done, his nose would grow longer. This tale teaches kids to always be truthful to their parents and everyone else they encounter in life. Honesty is a virtue because it is wrong to deceive others, especially loved ones, when it’s not for the greater good. Nobody wants to be lied to because lies can hurt.




These timeless classics are stories that are adored by millions of children and adults worldwide, and they were created by some of the most creative minds that ever lived. However, it doesn’t take a professional writer or a genius to come up with an excellent children’s book. Those who are interested in giving storytelling a shot should click here to see ideas for children’s books. Crafting a short novel from scratch is one of the greatest gifts that parents can give to a little one.

✿ Teach Your Kid How to Write a Fabulous Book Review!

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What is Polypropylene Sheet Used For?

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials today because of its relative affordability and many benefits. If you are looking for the right plastic material to use for a residential project or for commercial use, you may be wondering which type of plastic you should purchase for your needs. The fact is that there are multiple types of plastics to consider, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Polypropylene sheet, or PP sheet, is just one of several plastic materials that you can use. However, because of its many features and benefits along with its relative affordability, it is a material that is highly popular. With a closer look at what it offers, you may determine that this type of plastic sheeting is the ideal option for you.


The Features and Benefits

While plastic sheeting in general is durable, polypropylene sheeting has special features that you will not find with other types of sheeting. For example, this type of sheeting is known for being resistant to acid, abrasion and chemicals. In addition, it is also resistant to higher temperatures, impact, moisture and stress cracks. Polypropylene sheeting is RoHS and REACH compliant. Generally, it is a material that is available in various widths for different uses, and it may also be available in a wide range of colors. In addition, it is relatively stiff yet still has a degree of flexibility. While other types of plastic sheeting may have some of these properties, the fact is that not all of these properties are found in other types of sheeting.


pp sheeting




What Is It Used For?

Polypropylene sheet is a special type of plastic that is suitable for use with food and can be used with items that come into contact with food, such as cutting boards. In addition, its unique properties are resistant to glues and other resins adhering to it. Because of this, it is a material that is often used with crafts. For example, it is commonly used for quilting patterns and for stencils. In addition, it may be used on a crafting or project board in both residential and commercial environments.


PP Sheet For Craft Project

PP Sheet For Craft Project




PP Sheet Made Designer Chair

PP Sheet Made Designer Chair



PP Sheet Snail Shaped Lamp

PP Sheet Snail Shaped Lamp



When You Make a Purchase

While polypropylene sheeting is highly durable and functional for a wide range of uses, it is important that you purchase the right sheeting for your specific needs. Take time to consider the length, width and thickness of the material that you need. Also, consider the preferred color. The cost of this material can vary from retailer to retailer, so it is important that you shop around to find a great supplier of this material. This is especially beneficial if you plan to purchase a significant amount of sheeting with a bulk order or with multiple orders over time.

Polypropylene sheeting is suitable for a wide range of uses because of its excellent features and benefits. However, if you have more questions about this material or need specific questions about it answered, you can find out more polypropylene sheeting here before you place your first order.