How to Get Rid of Allergens in The Home

Allergies are something most people would avoid at all costs if they could—except that most people don’t know where the allergens in their own home are found. Studies have revealed that over half of American homes hold several different types of allergens in areas that are rarely cleaned. The most common ones found were pet dander, dust, and mold; ironically, the most common types of allergies.

Your home should be an escape from allergens, not a place to find them. Learn how to clean your home and make it a safe haven, rather than somewhere that makes you sneeze.


General Cleaning

The first step is allergy-proofing your home is to wash your curtains. Drapes are usually ignored when cleaning, or they’re lightly dusted. However, dust and pet dander are particularly adept at ingraining themselves into the curtains. If not washed regularly, simply brushing against them could bring on a sneezing fit. If you can touch your curtains and see dust come off of them, they’re in need of a wash.

The next step is to wash your sheets and mattress cover. If you have a blanket in the living room or on the couch, ensure it is washed regularly, too. Pets are prone to lying on furniture and getting dander everywhere, and dead skin cells fall from our skin and get into the sheets. These should be washed once a week at minimum. Find a way to wash the ‘fancy’ linens – the throw pillows, bed skirts, and other ornamental fabrics that are often ignored.


Cleaning Tips



Automated Cleaning

It’s entirely possible to employ robots in your quest for clean rooms. The Roomba is just one example of this; the popular vacuum system runs silently, moving about the house on a set of wheels and cleaning the floors. Best of all, it works just as well on hardwood as on carpet.

These little robots are designed to pick up pet hair, dirt, and other substances that might be hiding in the nooks and crannies of your floors and in areas that aren’t often vacuumed. They’re also equipped with an air filter that keeps them from spreading the substances back into the air, making your home cleaner for everyone. Because they have such efficient battery life, it’s perfectly fine to turn them on when you leave for work and let them function until you get home.


Cleaning Tricks



Another potential device is an air filter. By placing on in the most frequently used rooms, and particularly in the bedroom, you can ensure clean, high-quality air for you and your family. Air filters have been shown to reduce the occurrence of sinus infections, allergies, and other respiratory problems caused by contaminated air.

Robot cleaners for allergens are becoming more and more common, and as time goes on, will only increase in efficiency. As man continues in the quest to make the home a completely safe place to reside, you can be sure the cleaning process will only get easier with time.


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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Car Rental Insurance

Whenever you rent a car on vacation, you are posed with the question of whether or not you want to include insurance on your rental. Some people think that this might just be an added expense that car rental companies try and tack on, in order to get you to spend more money. Because of this, many people may opt to not get the car insurance, which can lead to some serious financial repercussions in the future. Even if you think you don’t need coverage or the coverage that you already have on your personal car will suffice, here are some things you may not have considered as to why you shouldn’t ignore car rental insurance.


An Accident Can Ruin A Trip

Whether it is a family vacation or a business trip, the process of renting a car already takes a lot of time out of your day. After a long plane flight and waiting for your bags, you still have to get in line and find the car that you reserved. But if you don’t have car rental insurance and something happens to the vehicle while you are driving it, then you are looking at even more headaches while you are out of town. Having to deal with accidents and other issues at home is enough of a headache, let alone doing it while you are out on the road and in a different place. If you have car rental insurance, this process can be expedited and, in the event of an accident, less time will be taken out of your day.


car rental meme



Your Personal Coverage Might Not Cover Your Rental

If you have personal coverage on your car, which you should, then in some cases your rental may also be partial covered. However, this isn’t in every case and there also may be specific rules pertaining to your rental. You should certainly recheck your personal insurance before you need to rent a car, in case it doesn’t cover you in the rental.





Lower Premiums In The Event Of An Accident

It only takes one accident to increase your insurance policy rates. And when you are in a rental car that you are unfamiliar with, the likelihood of getting into an accident increases and you are putting more variables into place. If you don’t have coverage, your rates will certainly go up after an accident. But if you have insurance on your rental, you can keep your premium lower on your personal coverage.


car insurance problem



It’s Easy

Getting car insurance for your rental is much easier than what will happen if you do not have insurance. After all, it’s a headache having to deal with everything that comes with an accident. However, if you have coverage on your rental, you can limit a lot of these issues.

The next time you need a rental, don’t forget to get insurance to make the process much easier on you. While it may seem like just an extra fee, but it certainly will be worth it in the event that you need it. For these and more on car rental insurance in Singapore, get in touch with this car rental company.

Keep Calm and Lease a Car (1)


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GRE – Reading Comprehension and Driving

“You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said ‘Parking Fine.” – Tommy Cooper

Some approaches to reading comprehension passages are like driving down a winding road at night without a map. You start the passage on a straightaway- perhaps the description of an issue like the environmental implications of a drilling project. But then you approach a twist or a turn- will the author agree or disagree with the proposed solution? Will he suggest an alternative?

Having such an understanding before beginning the passage can provide a distinct advantage –  it allows you to tune into nuances of the writer’s prose- which can be worth points here or there.

Fortunately, there is a way to gain a ‘map’ of the passage for a small time investment up front. The secret is to read the introduction in full, followed by the first sentence of each of the following paragraphs. GRE essays are usually structured so that the first sentence of each paragraph usually contains enough information to encapsulate that paragraph’s ‘main point’. So by previewing the first sentence of each paragraph, we give ourselves the opportunity to preview the entire passage, before reading it all the way through.


Reading Fluency Infographic


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How To Keep Your Face Hydrated Overnight

One of the main struggles in skincare is learning how to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized overnight for a youthful complexion. As we sleep, it can be easy for oil on our face to be lost due to the climate and even the types of sheets that we use. Although most people are used to walking up with dry skin, there are several ways to keep it naturally moisturized and healthy while sleeping for added care.


Use a Chemical-Free Cleanser

Most people assume that they are doing their skin a favor by thoroughly cleansing their pores and removing makeup before hitting the sack, but this is one of the most common ways to strip the skin of its natural oils. Most facial cleansers on the market use harsh chemicals and ingredients. Use cold water when washing the skin and use a facial cleanser that is both formula-free and fragrance-free with added natural ingredients. After the skin is washed, gently pat the face dry with a soft and clean towel.


Organic Surge Night Cream

Organic Surge Night Cream


Use an Overnight Mask

Use a hydrating mask before bed to remove dirt that is clogged in the pores and works to infuse the skin with moisture as you sleep. Use the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack @ Hermo, which can be left on overnight after the skin is washed for a lightweight product that is water-based and void of grease. It’s an incredible way of nourishing the face as you sleep while protecting it from the climate. You’ll quickly notice a different in the quality of your skin with smaller pores and reduced fine lines or wrinkles.


Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack


Add an Intensive Moisturizer

Applying a quality moisturizer after cleansing the skin will infuse the pores with hydration and work to lock in moisture that can easily escape throughout the night. Carefully choose a product that has ingredients that include elastin, collagen, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid, as each works to draw water in to the skin. Look for moisturizers that also contain natural ingredients with shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Avoid products that contain petroleum jelly, as this ingredient temporarily hydrates the skin, but can allow the body to become dependent on it and become even more dry with frequent use.


Clinique Night Moisturizer

Clinique Night Moisturizer


Use Cotton or Silk Sheets

With the face resting on a pillow for several hours each night, the skin can lose its natural oil or the applied moisturizer. Throw out flannel fabrics or pillowcases while opting for 100 percent silk or cotton sheets. The smooth surface will be gentle on the skin and will also prevent wrinkles from developing.




Similarly, to keep the sheets free from chemicals, it’s important to use a natural detergent product that is free of fragrances to avoid transferring it to your skin. The pillowcases and sheets should be washed once every week or two for a clean and soft product for the facial skin.



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How A-Levels Could Propel Your Law Studies

When you pursue your A-Levels in Law, it is important to be aware of the journey that is ahead. Doing your research and knowing what to expect can help you feel more empowered as you embark on your education. Here are some ways in which your A-Levels can propel you to success in the study of law.


1. Be comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity.

The study of law is fraught with ambiguity and uncertainty. That is part of the reason law professors feel so passionate about their lectures. The fact that the law is ever evolving and developing can be a good thing, and it means that there is room for society to overturn past laws to accommodate for new values. If you feel like a professor is giving you a difficult time with a case, then you should feel honored. He or she may know that you have a solid understanding of the case and want to show your knowledge to the rest of the class.


2. Read a supplement in each law topic before your studies begin.

Before your A-Levels start, try to read a supplement in property, criminal law, contracts, public law and other areas that are required. Gaining a basic understanding and framework of the law will help you feel more comfortable with the material when you are sitting in class or studying for exams. A supplement is a type of book that condenses that body of law for a particular area of law. A supplement can make it much easier for a student to learn principles of restitution or the measure of expectation damages. If you learn the material for the first time in the classroom, it may be more difficult for you to try to grasp. Reading a supplement ahead of time can at least expose you to the material so that you are not completely lost.


Keep Calm N Study Law



3. Purchase outlines from older law students who have had the same professors.

An outline is a document created by a student and summarizes basic legal principles. You can typically find outlines sold by older students online. They may also be willing to give them away if you simply ask.


4. Be prepared to constantly read, write, summarize, research and discuss legal topics.

Before you begin your A-Levels, be prepared to devote considerable time to your studies. You will likely always be reading, writing, summarizing or researching a certain area of the law.


5. Believe in yourself and all that you can accomplish.

When you hit a roadblock or feel overwhelmed, just remember to have faith in yourself. Believe in your abilities to become a lawyer. You may face other students who are anxious or stressed-out. Instead of feeling this same way, you can distinguish yourself by staying calm and sharing positivity with other students.

Your A-Levels can prepare you for a lifetime of success as a lawyer. You can also pursue may other non-legal professions with your degree. It is up to you to choose how to use the knowledge that you glean from your A-Levels. Learn more about your A-Levels in Law.

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Massage 101: When to Avoid Going for a Massage

Massage therapists use their hands to manipulate the muscles and joints in the body of their clients. This is used to relieve tension or pain and to achieve a form of relaxation. In most cases, a massage is good for you. However, there are people with certain illnesses, injuries or other conditions who should not have a massage.


no massage



Blood Clots

If a doctor has ever told you that you have any sort of condition that makes you susceptible to blood clots, then you should avoid massage. A vigorous massage could potentially dislodge a blood clot, which would allow it to travel to your heart or brain in a potentially fatal event.



Running a fever is your body’s way of trying to protect you by removing something that has entered your body that is not welcome and could make you sick. When you get a massage, it will increase your circulation and could keep the fever from accomplishing its mission.



This condition causes your bones to become fragile, brittle and porous. A too vigorous massage could actually break your bones.



Many cancers use your lymphatic system to spread. Since a massage will increase your lymphatic circulation, it could actually help the disease to spread faster and further.



When you have a protrusion of an organ through your muscular wall, you have a herniated condition. A massage could potentially result in pushing the organ back in and could cause more damage to your body. Once your hernia is corrected by surgery and you have completely healed, it will be safe for you to have a massage.



Many people who suffer from severe claustrophobia do not do well with the massage experience. Being confined in one spot with someone hovering over you may lead to a severe anxiety attack.


Varicose Veins

Nobody likes having varicose veins, and having a massage directly on those veins can make the appearance even worse. You can still enjoy a massage, but be sure your massage therapist knows to work around any varicose veins.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should not get a massage. If you feel you might have any sort of problem that a massage may interfere with or aggravate, you should check with a certified massage therapy  center and your doctor before you schedule a massage. Both should be able to tell you if it is safe for you to have a massage.

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7 Healthy Reasons To Switch From Coffee To Tea Today

People who drink tea every day are making a smart choice because they are taking advantage of its many health benefits. It depends on how it’s brewed, but tea only has about half the caffeine that coffee does. And because it’s not as common to pack tea with tons of calories the way many specialty coffees, such as lattes, are prepared, tea can also be a lower-fat alternative. At the same time, tea carries many health benefits.


Different Types of Tea

The typical cup of tea has caffeine and comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. How those leaves are processed determines what kind of tea results. Black tea goes through full fermentation. Green tea is not fermented; it is made from fresh leaves. Oolong tea is made with a little fermentation. White tea is made from leaves picked before they have a chance to completely mature, and they are processed even less than those for green tea. Then there are herbal teas, which are a completely different category because they are not made from the tea plant. They are made from other plants and herbs and have no caffeine.


Health Benefits of Non-herbal Teas

Heart disease prevention: Tea cuts the risk of heart problems because it is an excellent source of a type of antioxidant called catechins. Drinking tea every day helps keep the circulatory system healthy.

Weight loss: Adding tea to a weight-loss plan can help patients shed pounds. The secret is a natural compound called polyphenols. Scientists say this compound helps boost the metabolism, oxidize fat and burn calories. What’s more, plain tea is a good alternative to high-calorie drinks.

Cancer prevention: Tea keeps many of the body’s systems healthy and helps protect them against cancer. Experts say tea is particularly helpful in protecting the digestive system, lungs, skin and breasts.

Blood pressure control: Tea helps reduce blood pressure and keeps arteries healthy, which cuts the chance of both heart disease and stroke.

Bone and teeth maintenance: Tea improves the strength of bones, which can help reduce problems associated with osteoporosis. It also keeps teeth strong.

Mental alertness: The moderate amount of caffeine, combined with theanine, an amino acid, in tea helps boost mental alertness and a sense of well-being. Drinking tea is a good way to start the morning.

Hydration: Because tea on its own doesn’t contain fat or sugar, it is the perfect choice to keep the body hydrated throughout the day.


Buy Organic Tea

Tea labeled this way is grown and processed without chemicals. Farmers and producers pledge to follow the best practices to give consumers a healthy and environmentally sound product.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why drinking tea can be an important part of a healthy diet. It’s no wonder people since ancient times have turned to a cup of this hot beverage to soothe the body and soul. Today, people who prefer high-quality and healthier versions of their favorite beverage turn to this amazing new organic tea, which has become quite popular among tea drinkers for its more natural sources.