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Everything You Should Know About Corrugated Cartons

A corrugated carton is one of the best options available for packaging purposes and these are used by a lot of people. These cartons are available in different shapes and sized depending on what you need it for. Also, these are cheaper than some of the alternatives which is why most of the people use it. However, performance is not sacrificed with the cheap price and many people claim that these are stronger than ordinary cartons, which are expensive. There are 2 major types of corrugated cartons, single layer cartons and double layer cartons. Double layer cartons are obviously a bit more expensive as they provide double protection. These particular cartons are quite handy if you need to package fragile items. 2 layered cartons are usually preferred for items which are fragile as they need massive protection. The strength and the 3 layers in the sheet of the carton makes it extremely safe to use with almost all sorts of things.

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Costs of Living for Expatriates in Singapore

Singapore has managed to retain its charm from the colonial days and also provided a clean and well developed environment for better living. Due to a lot of Offshore Company Formation in the last few years, Singapore has seen an upsurge in the number of Expatriates. A BVI Company formation is cost effective and is subjected to minimal tax. Therefore, a BVI Company stresses on recruiting more number of Expatriates for achieving its business objectives. The Singapore Companies Act makes it mandatory for a foreign company to have a local director. In situations where the foreign company is not interested in relocating to Singapore, services of a Nominee director can be utilized. The minimum requirements to be eligible for a Nominee director is – Citizen of Singapore, Permanent Resident of Singapore or an expatriate having EntrePass or similar working Visa with an accommodation in Singapore. Company Registration Singapore provides three options for a foreign company viz. registering a Subsidiary, Registering a Branch Office or Registering a Representative office in Singapore. Availability of high quality of education makes it easy for expatriates to settle in Singapore with their spouse and kids.

As per the 2011 Mercer’s survey on cost of living, Singapore has jumped spots to become the 8th most expensive city in the world for expats. Within Asia, Singapore has surpassed Hong Kong and is now ranked third after Tokyo and Osaka. Favorable economic policies encourage Singapore Company Incorporation of foreign companies. The chunk of your expenses include rent, transport and education costs. As you move away from the center of the city, the property prices also decrease. The rent varies simultaneously with the location and condition of the house. Alcohol is highly taxed and hence expats need to manage their social life meticulously to manage their trips to pubs and clubs.

Heavy taxes are levied on luxury cars and hence it is better if an expat has a compensation package which includes car allowance. Public transport in Singapore is convenient, affordable and well maintained. Rentals can be reduced by sharing an accommodation or by relocating to a location which is bit far from the centre of Singapore. Living in an HDB flat instead of a condo can result in a lot of savings. Rental cost for an expatriate will be somewhere around SGD 500- SGD 800 when staying in an HDB flat. The same rent goes up to SGD 800- SGD 1800 for a private apartment accommodation in a prime location. Food prices are relatively low in Singapore but an expatriate can save more by cooking at home rather than following an extravagant lifestyle where one dines out on an everyday basis. Cooking at home ensures that the average monthly cost on groceries is around SGD 200 per person. An expatriate family can manage expenses related to public transport at around SGD 300 per month which includes bus and Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) service worth SGD 150 per month.

The healthcare system in Singapore has been ranked best in Asia and the sixth best in the world by World Health Organization. The healthcare costs are minimal and easily affordable. Company formation Singapore ensures that a healthy number of expatriates visit Singapore every year. Utility expenses which include gas, electricity and water lie in a range of SGD 200 to SGD 600 per month. Expats in Singapore enjoy minimal income tax rates which show why Singapore is considered as a paradise for expatriates. Choices are plenty; it all depends on the lifestyle chosen by an expatriate during their stay in Singapore.

Onward, Singapore

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What Are the Different Lasik Side Effects

Lasik surgery is growing in popularity, but there are still those who are scared of undergoing this procedure because of known Lasik side effects. Although doctors and patients swear by the success of Lasik, they are also one in admitting that side effects are also common. Lasik eye correction is, after all, a surgical procedure. Any surgical procedure has accompanying risks that usually differ with each person.

Below are some common side effects:

1. Undercorrection or overcorrection

Over or undercorrection usually occurs in patients with high grade of myopia. Undercorrection is more common, though. This means that even after undergoing Lasik, the patient still does not achieve a perfect 20/20 vision. Surgeons say that this is usually temporary and corrects itself in time. If not, then the patient needs to undergo another procedure.

2. Dry Eyes

This is characterized by an irritating feeling like having sand in your eyes. This normally disappears within one to three months.

3. Haze

Some patients report that they see a somewhat smokey figure after Lasik. This is easily corrected by using steroid drops to irrigate or wet the eyes.

4. Infection

This is one of the most feared side effects, but according to statistics, it does not occur in most patients. And if it does, it usually appears within 48 to 72 hours after the surgery.

Given a list of the partial side effects, one can not help but ask, “Is Lasik safe?” Lasik surgeons will say it is, but as always, no one can place that 100% stamp on it. No surgical procedure is risk-free.


Find out the facts on lasik and epilasik eye corrective surgery.

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Sports Marketing via Online Social Networks

Companies are always looking for new ways to get attention through marketing, and one of the popular methods for 21st century businesses is to go online via social networking sites. And given the number of sports fans that spend their time online, sports sponsorship and sports marketing have both made inroads onto sites like Facebook, Twitter and other popular online social networking sites. But the question with marketing via social networking is the same one that you have with any other sort of marketing; just how do we get people to follow us and support our advertising campaigns? Well, this question has a couple of different answers.


The first, and what should be the most obvious, is to constantly update your content to keep followers interested. One of the original purposes of social networking websites is to create a place where you can keep people updated on what you’re currently doing in an interactive and interesting way. For those looking for sports marketing opportunities you have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of sports fans on social networking websites. All you need to do is design an attractive social networking page and provide meaningful, regular updates. The first key to getting people interested is to give them a stream of information they find valuable and meaningful if you want to garner fans for sports sponsorship.

Next, you should run contests, giveaways or some other form of activity through your social networking page to get people interested. If you were a regular business you could offer exclusive coupons to those following your social networking page, but since your focus is on sports marketing things like giveaways of team gear or tickets to go and see given events might be more appropriate, and will most likely garner a lot more interest from fans following your social marketing page. This sort of “something for nothing” idea will get a lot of people to join in hopes of winning, and if you have a good web page they’ll stick around and continue following you as long as you provide good, quality information for their sports needs.

Keep yourself open to input from your fans and followers. Offer surveys and idea or complaint boxes as a way of getting feedback. Fans like to know that in addition to just providing statistics or information you’re also listening to them and offering things they want, or discontinuing things that they don’t like. This is the cornerstone of any good business, and even sports marketing isn’t immune to it. If you keep your followers, who are your customers and potential customers in this situation, happy then they will feel more positively inclined towards you. The more your followers like you the more they’ll spread the word about your particular social networking site or page, inviting friends of their own to come and follow you and growing your base even larger. Word of mouth, once you get it started, can be a powerful thing and a major aid in growing your popularity and increasing the sheer number of fans and followers that come to your social networking site. Will online marketing kill TV? Find out here.



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Real Estate Jargons You Need to Know

People who need to find an apartment for rent or a house for sale will usually end up working with real estate agents to find the best property for rent or sale. Unfortunately, those who aren’t canny when talking about the realty business may fall into the common tricks of the trade and find themselves on the wrong end of the final deal. This being said, how do you know when or whom to employ? Sure you can learn and master the ins and outs of the real estate market through a short course or study it up online for countless hours. However, a simpler, more convenient and less stressful way of avoiding wrong turns and decisions when looking for property for sale or rent with a real estate agent is by learning realty jargon that these specialists commonly use. Read on below as we discuss some of the terms used by agents in the realty business before you consult and negotiate with them on their turf.

Listing. The jargon refers to a deal between two parties involved, both the real estate agent or broker and the home owner that enables the realty agent to promote and make the necessary arrangements required for selling a house, whether it be a bungalow or condominium unit. The term listing may also directly refer to house or apartment for sale itself. A property being sold by the owner without the presence of a third party, which is the realty broker or agent, cannot be considered as a listing.

MLS. The abbreviation stands for multiple listing services. A multiple listing service is a local agency that functions to gather, condense and disseminate data regarding homes and apartments that are for sale or rent by subscribers or members, who are realty agents. Membership is not accessible to the general public, though a lot of the members listed on the multiple listing service appears on prominent real estate sites like Realtor.com Multiple listing service is either local or regional.

CMA. Comparative market analysis, also regarded as competitive market analysis pertains to a report that displays rates and prices of house for rent and sale that are comparable to a respective property that was just sold recently or those that are currently on the market or were on it yet was not acquired within the allotted listing period.

Closing costs. The whole package of additional expenses paid by the auction property buyer and seller when the realty negotiation comes to a close, The expenses involve the broker’s commission, mortgage-related costs, escrow or lawyer’s settlement fees, records and account fees, title insurance costs and more. Closing costs are basically compensated through collateral.

Fixture. The term refers to anything that has value and is permanently adhered to or a portion of real property. Real estate is lawfully termed as real property while movables are known as personal property. Samples of fixtures involve installed wall to wall carpeting, light fixtures, landscaping and window coverings.

Registration charges. The term refers to expenses that are connected with obtaining the legal title registered in your full name. This legal process of enlisting takes place in the sub-registrar’s department in your local court.

Sale deed. The jargon pertains to the provision of absolute and authoritative ownership of the house or apartment to the buyer. Holding this documentation, the home’s original owner and seller is transferring his rights of the house or apartment unit to the buyer. Read more about real estate investment

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A Beginner’s Guide to Setting-Up an Online Boutique

From a physical set-up to an online setting – this idea of an online boutique has become a hit concept for people who wish to go shopping but don’t want to leave the house. Leveling up from personal dealings to online transactions is considered a big step towards widening your consumer scope. Since more and more people are becoming reliant on the use of the internet, transacting online is another means to make easy dealings with your customers and (would-be customers).

Why an online boutique is appealing

An internet boutique’s concept of convenience has become an appealing factor for many shoppers. The idea of browsing through many different options, coming across rare finds and having a package show up in your doorsteps from just a click of the mouse makes this online business a booming enterprise. Here, you will no longer have to spend hours of mall strolling just to purchase goods. Shopping online makes it way easier to buy scores of items in one sitting.

How to get started

Decide on what kind of merchandise to sell. Will you be selling clothes? Clothes for what age range and what sex? Will you be focusing on women’s apparel, men’s clothing or baby dresses? You have to specifically decide on the kind of merchandise you wish to cater to your consumers. Remember, it is only by identifying your market that you will know and formulate marketing strategies for your demographic.

After coming up with a choice of merchandise, the next thing to focus on is the product presentation. Since you’re going to have a business that is mainly focused online, you have to think of the best way to present your product. For one, you can put up a website, make a blog and upload photos of your items.

Uploaded photos must also have the following details: product description, size, available colors, price, your contact information, details about order placement and shipping costs. All these information must be made available for your customers.

What to consider

Your customers are savvier than you. They know of many different online stores selling good buys. They are very much aware of websites to go to and shop for. Therefore, you have to establish a good reputation for your online boutique. This is where effective online marketing comes in. In order to do this, you must study your market at the outset and familiarize yourself of the latest trends in fashion.


Being up to date of the latest fashion and trends will make it easier for you to look for items that will be an instant click to your market.

Why choose setting up an online store

Finally, if you’re thinking of reasons why you have to choose an online store over putting up a physical outlet, then it is best to know of the advantages of having one — you need not rent for a place, hire sales personnel and pay for electric bills. Having an online store is as easy as maintaining a website, giving it a fresh and new look and generating traffic for improved sales and profits.

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The Main Responsibilities of an SEO Consultant

As the term suggests, an SEO consultant is a professional you hire when you need help with search engine optimization. There are several kinds of these consultants and they offer varying services as well. One may only offer advice while one can go all the way and get his hands dirty in the optimization process himself. These consultants usually work for larger SEO companies but there are those who offer their services as individuals. You may need a consultant for a lot of reasons. But before you get one, take into consideration the scope of services you need. If you run a huge online business, you might need several consultants, not just one. On the other hand, if you’re operating a small online business, just one consultant will probably be more than enough.

Anyway, below is a short list of the most common responsibilities of an SEO consultant:

  1. Create an SEO marketing plan. This will lay out the steps and the strategies that your business will be taking in the next weeks or months to boost its rankings in the search engines. This plan should be flexible meaning it can be modified along the way to adapt to more recent developments in the SEO industry. As you should know by now, SEO methods, rules, and principles are always changing. An SEO consultant should be abreast of these changes to be able to create an efficient SEO marketing plan.
  2. Implement the SEO strategies laid out in the plan. A consultant can accomplish this in two ways. He either implements the strategies or just provides advice as the client’s own SEO team does the work. For best results though, it’s recommended that you allow the consultant to get his hands dirty in the optimization process. After all, he devised the plan, so he should be the most qualified to implement it.
  3. Monitor, track, and report on the progress of the optimization process. This is one of the most important responsibilities of a consultant because it’s the only way to find out if the strategies he implemented are getting any results or not.
  4. Provide continuous advice on how the client can improve his website SEO-wise. These include recommendations on keywords, overall site design, competition analysis, and back linking strategies.

These cover the most basic responsibilities of an SEO consultant. If you are planning on hiring one, these should be the services he’ll be providing for you.

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