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Internal and External Recruitment Strategies Employed by Leading Recruiters

When looking for new talent or to promote from within, most companies struggle and waste a lot of time. This happens for a few reasons. Luckily, a business can promote and find honest and hardworking employees when following these six tips.


Start early:

When looking to promote from within, the company should start early. Ideally, the department should tell employees about the job opening well in advance. In fact, when putting the idea out there, one will gain plenty of interested applicants who already work at the business. This will also allow the organization to make personnel moves with ease. Without a doubt, one must begin early should they want to get the most out of their internal hiring.


Now, many companies simply promote a person or move them to a new department without much thought. However, the organization should treat this process with more respect. This means that the company should interview the candidate and ask him or her plenty of questions. With this step, the business can make sure that the employee is a right fit for the new job. Furthermore, the employee can see if he or she wants to work in the new area of the company.

All apply:

Often, a company will not go out of their way to show off their internal job posting. When this happens, they will only receive a few applications. Ideally, when making the posting, the business should put it in the front of the building where everyone can see it. Remember, an organization should try to attract a lot of new applicants to the job as it will be beneficial for the company.


Recruitment agency:

With a recruiter, one can find a hardworking employee without doing the work. This is an excellent option for a company that does not have the time or resources to find an employee without outside help. There are other benefits to using an external agency. When looking for a worker with a unique skill, one will do well using a¬†recruitment agency¬†as they have the right mindset and resources to find candidates with the necessary background (Info source: 5 Examples of Recruitment Strategies for Today’s Job Market).

Less time:

When looking to the outside world for applicants, one should not post their job too far in advance. Unfortunately, when looking for candidates two or three months in advance, the company will lose out on the best talent. Remember, most of the qualified job seekers will find a job quickly. If possible, the company should start searching for a new worker a month before the company needs to fill the position. This will allow the company to fill the position with a talented individual who will hit the ground running from day one.

Look around:

All too often, an organization will not know what they are doing when looking to recruit employees externally. In fact, some companies offer candidates a low salary or do not describe the job details correctly. Sadly, this happens often and will result in the new employee feeling bitter or angry about his or her new job. To combat this, the company should look at other job postings to get an idea on the going market rate for the job. Not only that, the HR department should research the overall compensation package in the industry (also see HR Consultancy Services). Remember, when offering a low salary without benefits, one will fail to attract the top talent. Fortunately, when researching other companies in the industry, one can find the best workers. Most companies struggle to find new employees or promote current ones. With these six ideas, one should have an easy time finding and promoting workers.

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