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How to Practice Safety When Taxing Taxis in Singapore

A safe, reliable taxi service that you can rely on for all your needs while traveling overseas in Singapore is Maxi Cab Singapore. Check them out on the web at www.maxi-cab.sg. This company is dedicated to meeting all of your transportation needs, and also has a list of tips that foreign travelers can utilize for safety purposes.

Make sure that you hail a cab from a main taxi stand, and that you never let someone try to talk you into walking somewhere else first and then getting into another car. Avoid people who seem to be trying to coerce or talk you into doing anything!

Once you get your bearings in the city, you will notice how things are supposed to look, and understand the protocol of how drivers are supposed to act. For instance, the appearance of the taxis will begin to have a similar and apparent look to you. Refuse to get into a car that does not have a phone number painted (or otherwise permanently affixed) to the outside of it. Reputable companies will be advertising their products. Also, look carefully to ensure that the driver has a radio system. The absence of this is a huge red flag. Drivers should be in close communication with their boss or dispatch station. Travelers should also be quick to notice if there is a meter in the vehicle. It should also go without saying that you have no business getting into a taxi without a door handle! Also see Taxi and Other Transportation Fares in Singapore.

Always be sure of your destination and about how long it should take you to get there so you will quickly notice if something does not seem quite right. With online guidebooks and a plethora of travel information these days, there is no excuse for you to blindly go out into a foreign city. Tell the driver that you want to stick to the main streets, even if he has a shortcut that he knows about. Even if you have the keenest sense of adventure of all your friends, you should still stay away from touring the slums of the city you are visiting.

Lastly, keep a close eye on your belongings. Keep them with you in the cab, and do not allow the driver to place them into the trunk outside of your vision. This is not just to deter theft, but to protect you from having someone plant something on your belongings without your consent or knowledge. It is also prudent to avoid sharing rides with strangers.


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