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How to Enjoy Your Vacation at Port Dickson

Malaysia is well-known for its tropical beaches. It has around 4,675 kilometers of coastline, divided almost evenly between the Malay Peninsula and East Malaysia. It has plenty of beaches which attract tourists from around Asia and the rest of the world. One of the lesser known beach resort places is Port Dickson. Located along the western coast of the Peninsula, Port Dickson, or PD as the locals call it, is about 90 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. The area was formerly mined for coal, and then later on for tin.


Getting to PD


The best way to get to PD is via the North-South Highway, which connects the major cities of Peninsular Malaysia. Another way to quickly get to PD would be via Seremban which has an airport. Seremban is only 30 kilometers away from PD. There is a branch of the railway line from Seremban to PD. However, it has not been in use since 2008.


PD Tourism


PD was once one of the bright lights of Malaysian tourism. Up until the early 1990’s there were various hotel developments under construction. However, the area had some problems with development and the pollution it brought, that some of the hotel construction were abandoned. Since then, PD hotels have helped the local government in cleaning up the waters and the beaches. Tourism is again on the upswing.


Places to Visit


One of the biggest draw to PD is its 10 kilometer-long coastline, which offers a lot of beachfront. It is a resort town which has maintained its quaint qualities, and paradise-like ambience. PD also offers several interesting places to visit.

Beach zones. There are several beach zones in PD. These include Blue Lagoon, Teluk Kemang, Pantai Cahaya Negeri and Bagan Pinang. Hotels and resorts can usually be found near or along the beach.


Wan Loong Temple. Wan Loong literally means “Dragon of the Clouds” and the grand name is easily seen in the opulent architecture and design of this Chinese Temple. It is free to enter as it is open throughout the day, and most of the night.

Cape Rachado. Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan to locals) is a forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary. Birdwatchers would find the place very interesting. Camping is allowed in the area.

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All along the beach properties, are a varied choice of accommodations. There are luxury resorts, budget hotels, rooms and family apartments. Restaurants and shops are also plentiful throughout the town and popular beaches.

PD is an interesting mix of old and new. With a reboot, it has also come upon an increase in PD hotel construction in anticipation of more tourists. This time around, more environmental concern is expected, as well as more tourism events and activities.

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