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How to Chat Up That Cute Boy In The Bookstore

There are probably multiple bookstores right in your local area that you enjoy going to on a regular basis. While many people go to a bookstore to find their new favorite novel, this particular location can be a great location to find someone special or to meet a new friend. One of the greatest things about bookstores is that they enable you to find someone who has similar interests as you because you can compare book titles and interests together. You can even get a feel for someone before you talk to them just by the type of book that they happen to be reading.


Approaching a Cute Boy

The first step to take when in a bookstore would be to approach someone who you might be interested in. The best way to tell if you are interested in someone is by the books that they are reading. If you notice that they are reading something that you also find interesting, this could mean that you have more in common than meets the eye. The best way to approach someone might be to simply smile in their direction or to even suggest some GOOD books according to what they are currently reading.

One of the most important things to remember when you meet someone in a bookstore is to never seem too eager. You want to come across as someone who is just slightly interested, especially in what they are reading as opposed to the person in general. Most people do not go to bookstores to meet someone, so this is definitely not a place to be too eager when you see someone you might want to strike up a conversation with while there. Just take it slowly and simply talk to them about books and different things that you both are interested in.


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The Successful First Impression

Another way to seem interested in someone who is in a bookstore would be to casually follow them around the store to get a feel for the types of books they are reading. For instance, you might notice that the person is picking up a lot of store books on literature or even poetry and you love both of these subjects. You can then strike up a conversation about these two things when the time is right. This will make it easier for you to talk to the individual simply because you already have something in common with them.

If you are too nervous to meet someone or strike up a conversation with them, the next best option is to give them the impression that you are interested in them and allow them to make the first move. Giving the person a smile or batting your eyelashes at them can be two good ways to let someone know that you are interested. The key is to never seem overly eager when you are in a bookstore and happen to see someone who you might want to start talking to while there.


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