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English for Beginners: What Kind of Courses Suit You Best?

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You know that you need to take more English classes to improve your English, but there are often so many choices that it can be hard to find the right one. The key to success is understanding your reasons for studying English. Find a class that will help you reach those goals.

Focus of the Class
Classes for English learners often focus on a particular goal. Usually, they aim to improve English for business, for travel or to pass high-level tests for entrance into college or to study abroad. The type of class you choose can affect the type of vocabulary and grammar the teacher focuses on. Try to align your class with your reasons for learning English.

Class Size
The class size can make a big difference in how much English you learn. For example, in a¬†one to one English course, it’s just you and the teacher. This means that the teacher can focus on your specific needs and quickly correct any mistakes you are making. A group class, on the other hand, might be more interactive and fun, and will allow you to meet others studying English, who you can meet outside of class for additional practice.

A class for beginners might be too easy for you, but an advanced class could be too hard. Some classes are more casual, meeting just once a week for an hour. Others are significantly more intense, meeting for several hours every day. The right one for you depends on where you are starting and how quickly you need to learn English. An intense one-week english course may be what you need before a big trip, but something more consistent might help more in the long term.

Before signing the contract for your English courses, you really need to think about what you want to do with English. Take the time to find an egnlish course that meets your needs and you’ll be much happier overall

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