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Don’t Let the Sun or Heat Destroy Your Beautiful Skin


No matter how diligent you are about your beauty regimen, the warm season can do damage to even the healthiest skin. Hot, dry weather can cause water retention and swelling of the skin’s surface. The heat also generates perspiration, so oil and dirt can become trapped and clog the pores. When the extra sun and warmth threatens to destroy your skin, it’s time to fight back.


The first step in any skin maintenance routine is to create a layer of protection from ultraviolet rays.Before soaking up the sunshine, apply sunscreen on your exposed skin.Use approximately one ounce for the entire body. Reapplying every hour or so will ensure adequate coverage. Make sure you thoroughly rub in natural or organic products, and replace your sunscreen annually.


Exfoliating your skin is another great way to maintain a healthy glow during the warmest months. This is the process of removing dead skin cells. Limit exfoliation to once per week, and use only mild products on your face.


Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

Sugar mixed with olive oil is a great natural scrub, and it’s gentle enough to use on any skin type.









Tea tree oil also has exfoliating effects and is good for polishing dull skin.


If you want a fresh, youthful appearance, clean skin is a must. Cleanse your body daily and your face twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser with a microfiber cloth to avoid tearing the epidermis. Follow with a cooling toner or rose water to seal the pores shut. You can also pamper yourself weekly with a 15-minute facial treatment. A mask made from papaya, honey and egg whites or a yogurt and cucumber face pack will brighten the skin.


When it comes to hydrating the skin during the warm season, choose quick-absorbing gels, water-based moisturizers or natural oils. Coconut oil is light and can be used on dry skin, but it can clog pores. Guest Advertiser: Have you ever try New York Skin Solutions?


Jojoba oil mimics the natural sebum of the skin and provides a protective layer. If you want a noncomedogenic option, argan oil is perfect for deep hydration.

Finally, hydrating the inside of your body is equally as important as it is for your skin. To replenish the moisture your system can lose in the heat, drink plenty of water or sugar-free, caffeine-free liquids. Ultimately, the best way to achieve supple, smooth and radiant skin during the sunny season is to commit to pampering yourself, which is a rather painless pledge to make.

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