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How to Enjoy Your Vacation at Port Dickson

Malaysia is well-known for its tropical beaches. It has around 4,675 kilometers of coastline, divided almost evenly between the Malay Peninsula and East Malaysia. It has plenty of beaches which attract tourists from around Asia and the rest of the world. One of the lesser known beach resort places is Port Dickson. Located along the western coast of the Peninsula, Port Dickson, or PD as the locals call it, is about 90 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. The area was formerly mined for coal, and then later on for tin.


Getting to PD


The best way to get to PD is via the North-South Highway, which connects the major cities of Peninsular Malaysia. Another way to quickly get to PD would be via Seremban which has an airport. Seremban is only 30 kilometers away from PD. There is a branch of the railway line from Seremban to PD. However, it has not been in use since 2008.


PD Tourism


PD was once one of the bright lights of Malaysian tourism. Up until the early 1990’s there were various hotel developments under construction. However, the area had some problems with development and the pollution it brought, that some of the hotel construction were abandoned. Since then, PD hotels have helped the local government in cleaning up the waters and the beaches. Tourism is again on the upswing.


Places to Visit


One of the biggest draw to PD is its 10 kilometer-long coastline, which offers a lot of beachfront. It is a resort town which has maintained its quaint qualities, and paradise-like ambience. PD also offers several interesting places to visit.

Beach zones. There are several beach zones in PD. These include Blue Lagoon, Teluk Kemang, Pantai Cahaya Negeri and Bagan Pinang. Hotels and resorts can usually be found near or along the beach.


Wan Loong Temple. Wan Loong literally means “Dragon of the Clouds” and the grand name is easily seen in the opulent architecture and design of this Chinese Temple. It is free to enter as it is open throughout the day, and most of the night.

Cape Rachado. Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan to locals) is a forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary. Birdwatchers would find the place very interesting. Camping is allowed in the area.

grand lexis hotel



All along the beach properties, are a varied choice of accommodations. There are luxury resorts, budget hotels, rooms and family apartments. Restaurants and shops are also plentiful throughout the town and popular beaches.

PD is an interesting mix of old and new. With a reboot, it has also come upon an increase in PD hotel construction in anticipation of more tourists. This time around, more environmental concern is expected, as well as more tourism events and activities.

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Where the Locals Are: Places to Visit in Petaling Jaya, Selangor

A large city on the Malaysian Peninsula, Petaling Jaya (known as “PJ” to the locals) was established by the British in the 1950s to alleviate overpopulation in the surrounding cities. It is now most well-known for its shopping, business districts, and areas for residents. One of the townships within Petaling Jaya is Kota Damansara, best known for its dining and chic cafes.
Below are the must-have experiences when you visit Kota Damansara.

You must. . Have a durian buffet.

Durian is a thorny, brown fruit with a distinctive taste and smell, which is native to Southeast Asia. It’s rumored that subways in Singapore banned people from eating it in the cars. Now that’s a powerful scent! The smell of durian has been likened it to sewage and onions. The taste, however, is said to be somewhat like ice cream or another sweet dessert. It is one of those foods you have to try for yourself to find out whether you enjoy it.

There are several durian buffets in and around Petaling Jaya, but they are often moving or closing based upon the season. The establishments are simple stalls, rather than brick and mortar buildings, so it is a casual dining atmosphere. One of the most reliable durian buffets is called Durian SS2 located at Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya (North), 46300. For a certain price, many of the buffets are all-you-can-eat; however, the quality of the durian tend to be higher when you purchase them individually.

You must. . .visit chic cafes in Kota Damansara.

Just as in many other countries, the hipster style and trend is on the rise in Malaysia. Hanging out in cafes and hopping from one to another has also become a cool trend. There are a variety of cafes throughout Petaling Jaya that a fantastic coffee selection within an artistic, instagram-worthy setting.

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee, this map of cafes in Kota Damansara will whet your appetite for the wondrous, artsy little nooks and the smell of coffee beans roasting in the background.

You must. . .visit a local kopitiam.

Southeast Asia is known for its kopitiam cafes. In Malaysia, such cafes serve Chinese cuisine and coffees. There are both traditional kopitiams and newfound cafes. The new establishments were created out of the Malaysian community seeking a piece of their past and wanting to reintroduce kopitiams as a cultural center for social gathering. Uncle Lim’s Cafe is a good example of a revival kopitiam and is located in many areas around Petaling Jaya and the local malls.

You must… stay where the locals are (because you’ll want to stay so long!)

There is a great variety of hotels to choose from when staying in Kota Damansara. Among the budget hotels are Best View Hotel, i-Hotel, Sun Inns Hotel, and one of the most preferred budget hotels in Kota Damansara, Tune Hotels. All offer free wi-fi and are convenient to restaurants, shopping, and other tourist activities. All cost around the $20 USD mark.

Overall, Petaling Jaya is a wonderful city filled with immersive culture, food, and activities. The question is, where will you start your journey?


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5 Places You Should Visit in Putrajaya

Putrajaya is situated about 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur, and it is the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. If you go on vacation and plan to stay in Putrajaya (see Putrajaya homestay, you will not want to miss these five top things to do there:

Botanical Gardens (Taman Botani) – The Botanical Gardens in Putrajaya is 230 acres of beauty. It is full of exotic flowers, trees and plants from Africa, Asian Pacific, and the tropics of America. There are five themes: Explorer’s Trail, home of the Canopy Bridge), Palm Hill (with 50 kinds of palm trees), Sun Gardens (where sun loving plants are grown), Floral Gardens (all kinds of flowers from all over), and Lakeside (home to ferns, ixoras and hibiscus plants.) The Gardens can be walked through or you can rent a bike and ride around in it to view the beauty of the area.


Putra Mosque

Built in 1999, Putra Mosque is a famous pink mosque in Putrajaya and it sits next to the Dataran Putra. Its domes are made out of pink granite. It is an actual working mosque, but visitation and tours are allowed during times other than prayer times. It has a prayer hall, lecture halls, auditorium, dining room, library, and can hold Muslim funeral services.

Putrajaya Mosque

Putrajaya Mosque




Putrajaya Convention Centre

The Putrajaya International Convention Centre was built in 2003 and has nine floors and more than a million square feet on the inside. It has exhibition halls, rooms for conferences and meetings, banquet halls, two restaurants, along with shopping facilities and parking for more than 1,200 cars in its basement.

Putrajaya Convention Centre

Putrajaya Convention Centre




Putrajaya Challenge Park

The Putrajaya Challenge Park, also called Taman Cabaran, is a 30 hectare park in Precinct 5. It has many entertainment features including a skate park, indoor rock wall climbing, trails for mountain biking suitable for all skill levels, and a thrill park. There are also various pathways where people can go to walk or jog.

Putrajaya Challenge Park

Putrajaya Challenge Park



Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya is a lovely way to see the sights of the city from the waterway, as it is a relaxed cruise for sightseeing and dining on Putrajaya Lake. You get to ride in your choice of an air-conditioned catamaran or a traditional wooden perahu, which is a kind of gondola. The first holds 76 people and the later holds seven people. The tours on the catamaran run every hour and last between 45 minutes and two hours depending if you choose to have a meal or not. The gondola tours are 25 minutes long.


Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya




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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Car Rental Insurance

Whenever you rent a car on vacation, you are posed with the question of whether or not you want to include insurance on your rental. Some people think that this might just be an added expense that car rental companies try and tack on, in order to get you to spend more money. Because of this, many people may opt to not get the car insurance, which can lead to some serious financial repercussions in the future. Even if you think you don’t need coverage or the coverage that you already have on your personal car will suffice, here are some things you may not have considered as to why you shouldn’t ignore car rental insurance.


An Accident Can Ruin A Trip

Whether it is a family vacation or a business trip, the process of renting a car already takes a lot of time out of your day. After a long plane flight and waiting for your bags, you still have to get in line and find the car that you reserved. But if you don’t have car rental insurance and something happens to the vehicle while you are driving it, then you are looking at even more headaches while you are out of town. Having to deal with accidents and other issues at home is enough of a headache, let alone doing it while you are out on the road and in a different place. If you have car rental insurance, this process can be expedited and, in the event of an accident, less time will be taken out of your day.


car rental meme



Your Personal Coverage Might Not Cover Your Rental

If you have personal coverage on your car, which you should, then in some cases your rental may also be partial covered. However, this isn’t in every case and there also may be specific rules pertaining to your rental. You should certainly recheck your personal insurance before you need to rent a car, in case it doesn’t cover you in the rental.





Lower Premiums In The Event Of An Accident

It only takes one accident to increase your insurance policy rates. And when you are in a rental car that you are unfamiliar with, the likelihood of getting into an accident increases and you are putting more variables into place. If you don’t have coverage, your rates will certainly go up after an accident. But if you have insurance on your rental, you can keep your premium lower on your personal coverage.


car insurance problem



It’s Easy

Getting car insurance for your rental is much easier than what will happen if you do not have insurance. After all, it’s a headache having to deal with everything that comes with an accident. However, if you have coverage on your rental, you can limit a lot of these issues.

The next time you need a rental, don’t forget to get insurance to make the process much easier on you. While it may seem like just an extra fee, but it certainly will be worth it in the event that you need it. For these and more on car rental insurance in Singapore, get in touch with this car rental company.

Keep Calm and Lease a Car (1)


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What To Expect at Your Scuba Diving Orientation Course

SCUBA diving opens your eyes to a whole different world that lives under the water. Whether SCUBA is something you’ve always wanted to do or if it was a spur of the moment decision, an orientation class is required to keep you safe while you’re underwater.

An orientation to SCUBA diving is basically a class about how to scuba dive for beginners. Usually this class culminates with an Open Water Certification. The class includes classroom time, pool training and upon completion of those requirements, you dive for your certification. The time needed to complete this course depends on where you study. There are self-study programs that allow you to complete your classroom work at home, and once that is done you can continue with your test dives.

Requirements for Basic SCUBA Diving Certification:

  • Complete all required classroom work
  • Pass a written exam
  • Demonstrate mastery of pool skills
  • Successfully complete four open water dives

Once you have earned your SCUBA certification, it is recognized worldwide.


pool scuba training

Scuba Diving Training Pool


About Classroom Sessions

Classroom sessions are a requirement for diving, and will teach you the basics before you dive. In the classroom sessions you will:

  • Learn SCUBA diving lingo
  • Receive instruction on how to choose the best diving gear
  • Learn underwater safety, including how your body reacts to pressure
  • Determine what you need to know when planning dives


Equipment Assembly, Adjustment, Preparation, Diassembly Skill



About the Pool Sessions:

The pool offers a safe environment for practicing your classroom-learned techniques before diving in open water. Included in the sessions are:

  • How to set up your scuba gear
  • Practical skills such as getting water out of your mask without surfacing
  • Learning emergency techniques like sharing air or replacing masks



Learn to Scuba Dive – Buddy Breathing (PADI Air Sharing)



About the Open Water Certification Dives:

You can complete these dives anywhere once you have finished the classroom work and pool sessions. Many schools have the capability of certify you where you are located, or you can plan an exotic vacation to complete your four open water dives. If you are interested in certification in a warm, tropical environment, check out some Malaysia diving packages @ SeaventuresDive.

Once you have completed the basic open water SCUBA certification, the whole world of diving is open to you. You can enjoy the underwater world using what you already know, or can continue to receive additional diving certifications that will allow you to complete more exciting and adventurous dives.

You Might Be Interested To This: What Is a Commercial Diving Course?




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How to Chat Up That Cute Boy In The Bookstore

There are probably multiple bookstores right in your local area that you enjoy going to on a regular basis. While many people go to a bookstore to find their new favorite novel, this particular location can be a great location to find someone special or to meet a new friend. One of the greatest things about bookstores is that they enable you to find someone who has similar interests as you because you can compare book titles and interests together. You can even get a feel for someone before you talk to them just by the type of book that they happen to be reading.


Approaching a Cute Boy

The first step to take when in a bookstore would be to approach someone who you might be interested in. The best way to tell if you are interested in someone is by the books that they are reading. If you notice that they are reading something that you also find interesting, this could mean that you have more in common than meets the eye. The best way to approach someone might be to simply smile in their direction or to even suggest some GOOD books according to what they are currently reading.

One of the most important things to remember when you meet someone in a bookstore is to never seem too eager. You want to come across as someone who is just slightly interested, especially in what they are reading as opposed to the person in general. Most people do not go to bookstores to meet someone, so this is definitely not a place to be too eager when you see someone you might want to strike up a conversation with while there. Just take it slowly and simply talk to them about books and different things that you both are interested in.


Guy in Library



The Successful First Impression

Another way to seem interested in someone who is in a bookstore would be to casually follow them around the store to get a feel for the types of books they are reading. For instance, you might notice that the person is picking up a lot of store books on literature or even poetry and you love both of these subjects. You can then strike up a conversation about these two things when the time is right. This will make it easier for you to talk to the individual simply because you already have something in common with them.

If you are too nervous to meet someone or strike up a conversation with them, the next best option is to give them the impression that you are interested in them and allow them to make the first move. Giving the person a smile or batting your eyelashes at them can be two good ways to let someone know that you are interested. The key is to never seem overly eager when you are in a bookstore and happen to see someone who you might want to start talking to while there.


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How to Practice Safety When Taxing Taxis in Singapore

A safe, reliable taxi service that you can rely on for all your needs while traveling overseas in Singapore is Maxi Cab Singapore. Check them out on the web at This company is dedicated to meeting all of your transportation needs, and also has a list of tips that foreign travelers can utilize for safety purposes.

Make sure that you hail a cab from a main taxi stand, and that you never let someone try to talk you into walking somewhere else first and then getting into another car. Avoid people who seem to be trying to coerce or talk you into doing anything!

Once you get your bearings in the city, you will notice how things are supposed to look, and understand the protocol of how drivers are supposed to act. For instance, the appearance of the taxis will begin to have a similar and apparent look to you. Refuse to get into a car that does not have a phone number painted (or otherwise permanently affixed) to the outside of it. Reputable companies will be advertising their products. Also, look carefully to ensure that the driver has a radio system. The absence of this is a huge red flag. Drivers should be in close communication with their boss or dispatch station. Travelers should also be quick to notice if there is a meter in the vehicle. It should also go without saying that you have no business getting into a taxi without a door handle! Also see Taxi and Other Transportation Fares in Singapore.

Always be sure of your destination and about how long it should take you to get there so you will quickly notice if something does not seem quite right. With online guidebooks and a plethora of travel information these days, there is no excuse for you to blindly go out into a foreign city. Tell the driver that you want to stick to the main streets, even if he has a shortcut that he knows about. Even if you have the keenest sense of adventure of all your friends, you should still stay away from touring the slums of the city you are visiting.

Lastly, keep a close eye on your belongings. Keep them with you in the cab, and do not allow the driver to place them into the trunk outside of your vision. This is not just to deter theft, but to protect you from having someone plant something on your belongings without your consent or knowledge. It is also prudent to avoid sharing rides with strangers.