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4 Practical Strategies In Looking For A Job In Kuching, Malaysia


To understand the types of jobs that are available in Kuching, you need to be aware of the major contributors to its economy. The good news is that Kuching is the industrial and commercial center of Sarawak, so there’s an abundance of openings for both unskilled and skilled workers. In fact, three industrial areas are located within the city. These industrial zones either develop or manufacture items like technology and electronic products.

To make it easier for you to find a job in Kuching, try following these practical tips:

  1. Use online job portals. A lot of companies in the city use the internet to announce vacant job positions. It’s, therefore, necessary for you to regularly browse online job directories. The most popular job portals in Malaysia today include Indeed, Job Rapido, Jobs Central, Career Jet, Job Street, and Monster.
  1. Create a resume which potential employers can access online. Many companies require job applicants to send their resumes online. With that said, you should create an online version of your resume. It should be something that you can easily send via email or through a messaging system like Facebook’s Messenger.
  1. Try cold-calling the companies or establishments that you want to work for. This strategy seems like it’s very intrusive, but it works if you know how to sell yourself once you get in touch with a human resource manager. When an HR manager replies to your inquiries, you should show him why you will be an asset to the company. This technique exudes confidence which is a characteristic that a lot of companies are looking for.
  1. Always follow-up on your applications. Just because you didn’t receive a reply on your initial application doesn’t mean you should give up. It’s possible that your resume has either been overlooked or misplaced. That said, always make it a point to follow-up your applications. You have nothing to lose in inquiring if you are being considered for the job or not.

In conclusion, there’s no shortage of jobs in Kuching if you know how and where to look. Aside from being an industrial and commercial center, the city is also a well-known tourist destination. That said, you can try your luck in the hospitality and tourism industry if your work experience and educational background are conducive to it.

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5 Top Reasons Why Most Companies Use Online Applications When Hiring Staff

Online application forms make an essential part of any job search if you work in particular sectors around Malaysia. Many leaders of top-tier companies rely on such applications to gather comprehensive data about prospective personnel they’re about to hire. They are also impressed by the clear and uniform format such applications convey, way better than how data is presented in resumes and cover letters. At least this allows managers and recruiters to compare applicant credentials seamlessly without waste of valuable time.

Below are 5 top reasons why most companies prefer online applications when hiring staff:

  1. Gather key information from specific questions. Many employers have a deep surge of interest to know about the competency and intention of every employee hoping to work in the organization. That’s why many job applications are overwhelmed with specific questions in a standardized format so that employers can short-list those that impress them most. This also helps employers easily acquire specific data from the questions requested.Employers like to gather key information from specific questions via online searching jobs
  2. Gather information about the applicant’s credentials. Online applications make it easy for employers to gather credential information about potential candidates wishing to join the company. Many people omit to fill this data in their resume and cover letters. Thus, online employment applications act as a watchdog and ensure this field isn’t omitted.
  3. Verify all submitted documents are authentic. Applicants fill in their digital signature to confirm to the employer that the signatures found in other relevant documents come from the same person. This also enables an employer to thorough check whether such a person has prior fraudulent issues that may likely put the company in jeopardy. Online applications help them quickly hire potential candidates that would otherwise be a great fit for the company.
  4. Ensure all of the staff agree with the company’s policy. Managers like to work with employees who conform to their company’s policies and procedures. That’s why many job applications require you to agree that your employer offers equal opportunity to everyone, doesn’t discriminate against any worker and so on. Some company’s policies even require you to pass a drug test before you’re hired.Online applications as an effective job searching strategy who agree with the company policies
  5. Do a background check on every applicant. Employers find it rather easy to conduct a background check on each candidate before they’re hired. The most frequently checked areas include criminal history, driving record, and credit worthiness to mention a few. At least this ensures the person about to be hired is clean of any malpractice and may likely make a great asset to the company.

In a nutshell, above are some of the main reasons why most companies like online applications when hiring staff. Many online applications are requested by most companies so that they can dig deeper into a person’s merits and potential. That’s why many ask a list of specific competency questions or ask people to fill in some personal details to gauge their potential. Some even require people to write a personal statement to determine their individual style and creativity—which many employers also find attractive. If you’re seeking a job in Malaysia, use online applications as an effective job searching strategy to help you land your dream job faster. Besides, candidates who adopt this method are also given top priority when hiring and during job openings all the time.

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5 Essential Qualifications You Need to Break into the Human Resources Industry

Human resources management concept business man selecting virtual interface

Nearly every company – big or small – has a human resources department. At the very least, they have a team that performs human resources functions. But what exactly is human resources? It’s more than just the office that filters potential hires. Human resources personnel are responsible for hiring, compensation and benefits, continued learning, training, and development, legal compliance, employee retention and termination, as well as worker discipline. For those who like working with people, a job in human resources could be the perfect career opportunity. Are you currently in a human resource job search? Find out if you’re qualified for the job with this checklist.with-college-degree-more-easy-to-get-hr-job-vacancies

  1. College Degree – Many of the jobs offered in the HR department require hires to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Communications, or an equivalent course. This is because HR personnel need to be able to communicate effectively with other people in the workplace, to ensure all employees and key individuals are performing their duties, and are properly compensated and managed. A degree will help verify that they have some formal education on how to properly handle a workforce.
  2. Interpersonal Skills – How well can you talk with other people? HR personnel should be able to delve into deeper issues experienced by employees, to provide the necessary solutions for optimal work performance. Interpersonal skills are often verified by putting HR applicants through simulated tests that measure their ability to understand people problems. Some of the functions of HR that involve interpersonal relations are interviewing, counseling, training, mediating, and presenting. To prepare yourself for the practical demonstration, think of possible scenarios you might encounter as an HR worker, and then determine how you can fairly and appropriately respond.
  3. Internship or Previous Experience – An entry-level job doesn’t necessarily require experience, but it’s definitely a major plus. If you’ve just graduated, you can volunteer in HR offices to gain internship experience, which then you can use in your resume to help make it more attractive to employers. Of course, you won’t get paid for your volunteer work, but it will make it easier to apply for jobs later on.internship-or-previous-experience-is-important-for-hr-department-to-hire
  4. IT Background – If you want to focus more on the training aspect of an HR personnel, consider to gain some IT-related skills, which will help you operate the different software and applications necessary for providing employees the tools, workbooks, and resources they need for further learning and development. This also comes in handy for compensation and benefit functions, as these do require the use of specific computer applications that can be difficult to understand without IT skills.
  5. Organizational Skills – It’s definitely not easy to go through thousands of applications, employee profiles, and workforce data. However making the smallest errors with this sensitive could cause serious confusion in the office. An effective HR personnel needs to be highly organized and detail oriented, especially because the information they handle could affect the future and the careers of the different employees in the company.every-hr-must-acquires-strong-organizational-skills

There can be a bright future for you in the human resources industry if you know how to do the job right. Landing your first break is the primary step towards becoming a successful HR specialist. So be sure to assess yourself for these qualifications to help you create a flourishing career in human resources.

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6 Tips to Make Job Hunting Easy


Job hunting has truly evolved through time. But two truths have remained the same; it has been and will always be both exciting and nerve racking. If you are in search for job placements in Malaysia, there are many job vacancies in KK and other major cities. To help you through your job hunting expedition here are some tips that you should keep in mind to accomplish your desired results:1729126_1437666087

  1. Job hunting is generally a mind game.

You have to be familiar with the demands and realities of the job market so you can also set your expectations accordingly. You may not get your desired result  immediately, but stay focused and remain optimistic at all times.job-search

  1. Trim down your job search based on the jobs that fit your qualification.

Organize your job hunting plan. Do not just go out and shoot applications blindly. Apply for positions that best fits your degree or experience. Also, bring all documents that might be required during the application and interview schedule.8396720_orig

  1. Come prepared.

To have a smooth and successful interview, collect all data related to the company you are applying to. Try to formulate a good way to relate your skills and experience to the requirements of the position you are applying for.first-impression

  1. First impressions last.

It is important for you to capture your interviewer’s interest in the first few minutes. This includes how you composed your cover letter and how impressive your resume looks. Your outlook and how you answered questions during the actual interview seals the deal. Emphasize on your strengths and highlight relevant experiences, because these pieces of information will create a better image for you.keep-in-touch-by-social-networking

  1. Keep in touch.

Keep track of all your applications and all the companies’ contact numbers and emails. Make sure that you do some follow –ups to get feedback from the companies you applied to. In some cases, you won’t be hired immediately, but they can keep you in their active file of applicants in case a new position opens

  1. Connect and network.

Establish a good professional network whether you are currently employed or looking for better options. Exchange business cards with people you meet and keep yourself open to exploring opportunities whether in the same industry or a new one. Sometimes, the tides take you to a better place just because you’re willing to give new things a try.

There are other things to keep in mind, but these easy and simple steps will definitely help you as you look for a new job or change careers. It is always best to be prepared and at your “A” game all the time. Happy job hunting!

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5 Reasons Why Melaka is a Great Place to Live and Work



Melaka has always had a rather negative reputation as a sleepy town where absolutely nothing happens and life proceeds at a slow and possibly boring pace. However, living in Melaka can be very fufilling, since there are many benefits compared to living in a crowded, bustling and busy city.


Melaka can get very crowded, but that happens mostly during long weekends, school holidays and public holidays when tourists descend on it. Otherwise, life proceeds at a pace that is relatively slower than many other big cities like Kuala Lumpur or Georgetown. Here are some of the things that makes living in Melaka so awesome:


No tolls 


Apart from the one toll to enter Melaka from the PLUS highway, there are absolutely no tolls within the city itself, so you will be able to travel anywhere and everywhere without worrying about how much you have to spend. It also means that travelling to work is cheaper and more cost effective as you’re not lining up to pay a toll every now and then.


Easy Accessibility in Town 


Melaka town is considerably smaller than the Klang Valley and wherever you stay, you’ll usually be able to get to your destination in under 30 minutes, unless there is an unusual increase in traffic due to the tourist season. This also means you won’t have to wake up ultra early to go to work and be stuck in traffic for 2 hours, and you’ll be able to sleep in  just a little longer.


Affordable Property 


Unlike other cities in Malaysia where an average middle class apartment costs nigh on half a million Ringgit, apartments in Melaka costs only two thirds of that amount, and the same goes for landed houses. Most property here are relatively more affordable than in KL.  In fact, you’ll be able to find a walk up apartment of moderate size for less than RM100 000, and all within the town itself. Needless to say that if you’re buying a house outside of Melaka town, it will be even more affordable.Delicious Food Everywhere  (32)


Delicious Food Everywhere 


Melaka is a haven when it comes to delicious food. One of the things you’ll be able to enjoy on a regular basis is Peranakan food by the local Baba Nyonya community which is a fusion between Chinese and regional cooking. Dishes like Pong Teh chicken, Assam fish, Inche Kabin chicken, Itek Tim and Pai Tee can be yours on a daily basis. Apart from that, you’ll soon find out where locals dine and discover favourites like Chai Tow Kuey, Wan Tan noodles, Or Chien or oyster omelette and Mi Hun Kueh, in addition to landmark dishes like Satay Celup and Chicken Rice Balls.


Lower Costs of Living 


In general, apart from chain brand stores like fast food restaurants that feature a standard price, local businesses and service providers cost less than they would in KL. This will definitely help with your savings and bring down the cost of living expenses. This affordability can usually be seen in your neighbourhood grocery stores, hawker centres and the like.


If you are looking for jobs in Melaka, you’ll be glad to know that it is an ideal place to live and raise a family, due to its relative affordability and peaceful living conditions.

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Internal and External Recruitment Strategies Employed by Leading Recruiters

When looking for new talent or to promote from within, most companies struggle and waste a lot of time. This happens for a few reasons. Luckily, a business can promote and find honest and hardworking employees when following these six tips.


Start early:

When looking to promote from within, the company should start early. Ideally, the department should tell employees about the job opening well in advance. In fact, when putting the idea out there, one will gain plenty of interested applicants who already work at the business. This will also allow the organization to make personnel moves with ease. Without a doubt, one must begin early should they want to get the most out of their internal hiring.


Now, many companies simply promote a person or move them to a new department without much thought. However, the organization should treat this process with more respect. This means that the company should interview the candidate and ask him or her plenty of questions. With this step, the business can make sure that the employee is a right fit for the new job. Furthermore, the employee can see if he or she wants to work in the new area of the company.

All apply:

Often, a company will not go out of their way to show off their internal job posting. When this happens, they will only receive a few applications. Ideally, when making the posting, the business should put it in the front of the building where everyone can see it. Remember, an organization should try to attract a lot of new applicants to the job as it will be beneficial for the company.


Recruitment agency:

With a recruiter, one can find a hardworking employee without doing the work. This is an excellent option for a company that does not have the time or resources to find an employee without outside help. There are other benefits to using an external agency. When looking for a worker with a unique skill, one will do well using a recruitment agency as they have the right mindset and resources to find candidates with the necessary background (Info source: 5 Examples of Recruitment Strategies for Today’s Job Market).

Less time:

When looking to the outside world for applicants, one should not post their job too far in advance. Unfortunately, when looking for candidates two or three months in advance, the company will lose out on the best talent. Remember, most of the qualified job seekers will find a job quickly. If possible, the company should start searching for a new worker a month before the company needs to fill the position. This will allow the company to fill the position with a talented individual who will hit the ground running from day one.

Look around:

All too often, an organization will not know what they are doing when looking to recruit employees externally. In fact, some companies offer candidates a low salary or do not describe the job details correctly. Sadly, this happens often and will result in the new employee feeling bitter or angry about his or her new job. To combat this, the company should look at other job postings to get an idea on the going market rate for the job. Not only that, the HR department should research the overall compensation package in the industry (also see HR Consultancy Services). Remember, when offering a low salary without benefits, one will fail to attract the top talent. Fortunately, when researching other companies in the industry, one can find the best workers. Most companies struggle to find new employees or promote current ones. With these six ideas, one should have an easy time finding and promoting workers.

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Sought-After Jobs in Banking

The banking field is so highly regarded because of all of the different perks you get to lightly take advantage of when working in it. Working at just about any financial institution gives you easier access to loans, less fees, and easier exchanges of money, cashing of checks, etc. This is only to be included in making quite the pretty penny, and being able to enjoy your job for the most part. While this all sounds great, the problem is that banking requires some level of college degree to get in to, for almost every available starting position at an institution. People don’t realize just how hard finance jobs are to get, especially accounting jobs, (considering it’s one of the easiest bank jobs there is).

Accounting jobs require a little bit less of documentation to land, mainly because they don’t deal with as much of the technical side of the bank as most of the other positions have to. Most bank jobs require you to get your associate of arts to begin, although if you get in to a program to learn the process of banking early enough in your high school career, you may possibly be able to walk out with some sort of job lined up. While this is not common, there are programs which are geared towards trying to allow you to be able to do this.

Second tier finance jobs generally require a bachelors degree, and very few require you to have a masters nowadays. You will find that it is quite a lot easier to land a job at a credit union than a bank, as credit unions are generally a lot smaller than banks, and thus owned by locals. Most banks are not individually owned, as they aren’t really much of a franchise, and thus it is harder to get in touch with them about being hired. In addition, most of the jobs in banking that have a tendency to open up the most are positions that require you to have some previous knowledge, (or have worked in a financial institution before), and thus are not really considered entry-level positions. This is not to discourage you, however, as with a little time and research about pre-entry programs, you will be able to find some sort of financial job in just a short time. Learn The 5 Important Skills for a Career in Finance.

The Future of Banking And Finance Careers