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What To Consider When Choosing A PRP Doctor


Platelet rich plasma treatment is a new entrant in the field of alternative and complementary therapies. It involves the use of the plasma to treat various ailments. The procedure was initiated in the 70s although its usage gained prominence in the 90’s.
Understanding the Procedure

The developers of the procedure were informed by the fact that platelets are rich in growth factors. These are natural factors that aid in the regeneration of the body. Hence, when platelet rich plasma is injected in a certain part of the body, this area slowly regenerates. Platelets also contain cytokines. These are inflammatory mediators that regulate healing of wounds. These two factors have informed its use in regeneration and pain management in orthopedic procedures, dental procedures as well as cosmetic procedures. The benefits of PRP treatment are many when compared to other therapies. These include the faster rate of wound healing and lower rates of infection. Choosing the right PRP practitioner could be the difference between failure and success of the therapy. The following are a few tips to help you identify the right PRP doctor.

prpGet the Right Practitioner

Identify a practitioner who has specialized in the area. Not just any doctor can perform this procedure. Specialists in PRP are known as prolotherapists. This professional should take a proper history of your condition and make a correct diagnosis. Afterward, they should recommend the appropriate round of injections. Quacks typically promise relief after one round of injection. Normally, the patient does not get relief after just one round. Hence, make sure you do a background check on the doctor before you get the procedure.

about-prp-298x300Get the Right Drugs

Also, steroids especially NSAIDS should not be administered before having the procedure done. This is because platelets contain cytokines, which are inflammatory mediators, hence, should be able to alleviate inflammation thus reducing pain. Giving steroids would beat the purpose. Should the one administering the medication give steroids before the procedure, then you should begin to ask yourself questions. Also, they should not prescribe anti-inflammatory medication after the procedure as this would be counterproductive since it will be canceling the effects of the therapy.

prp-therapy-imgFull Understanding of the Problem

Also, the doctor should try to get to the root of the problem. All conditions have an underlying cause that if not addressed, could result in failure of the treatment. Also, body systems work in concert with one another so the practitioner should demonstrate an understanding of this. Hence, appropriate lab tests and scans must be conducted.

The costs should directly relate to the outcomes. If the procedure is expensive, then there should be some success stories, which that is there should be some patients who have benefited from the procedure.

PRP-TherapyAlternative Solutions

Also, this therapy cannot work alone. Your doctor should recommend other solutions that can help alleviate the condition. For instance, he can support a particular type of exercise or dietary changes.

All in all, this is an alternative type of therapy that has a lot of promise. Care should, however, be taken when choosing the service provider so as to obtain maximum benefit.


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What You Need to Know About Laser Lipo Treatment

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a surgical procedure done to remove fat from specific body parts such as the hips, buttock, arms, abdomen, thighs or neck. Laser lipo shape treatment is also done to shape contours in these areas.


liposuction area


The procedure is done using a suction technique. It is important to note that lipoplasty is not a weight loss alternative or a weight loss method. Overweight patients should enrol in a weight loss program or consider bypass surgery for better results.


Who is a candidate for liposuction?

A good candidate for lipoplasty needs to be in good health, have an elastic and firm skin. People with concentrated pockets of fat deposits make good candidates. If you have tried exercise and diet with little or no results, then liposuction can help you get rid of the unwanted fat. Age is not a major limiting factor, although younger people have more elasticity and the results may be better than those of older adults. Liposuction does not remove cellulite, sticking to a good weight loss program that includes jogging or walking should burn the cellulite.


How does liposuction work?

Weight gain increases the fat cells both in volume and size. The suction technique works to reduce the concentration of fat cells in various body parts. The fat that can be removed using liposuction depends on the volume and appearance of that specific area. Once the fat is removed, the body changes.




The skin shapes itself onto the new contours. The new shape is permanent as long as the patient does not gain weight. The skin on the treated area will appear smoother and have more elasticity.


Preparing for a liposuction procedure

consult doctorThe first course of action is to consult with a surgeon. During the appointment, the surgeon will ask about your goals and then explain to you the options available. Once you decide to have the procedure, your surgeons will advise you on how to prepare yourself for the procedure. This will include alcohol restrictions, dietary guidelines and if you should avoid certain medication prior to the surgery. You need to inform the specialist about any allergies and medicines that you are taking. These include supplements and over-the-counter medications. There are certain conditions that could complicate the laser lipo shape treatment, among them, diabetes, restricted blood flow, weak immune systems and coronary artery disease. Be sure that you give this information to ensure a safe procedure.



healing timeLiposuction is generally an out-patient procedure. Recovery is usually fast and most patients are able to resume normal duties within a period of two weeks. It is normal to experience soreness, swelling and some bruises for the first two weeks. The surgeon may recommend that you wear a protective garment to help control the swelling. Every individual is different and the recovery period may differ. The surgeon will discuss in detail the results to be expected, and how to maintain the new body shape. Overall, a proper diet and exercise will go a long way in ensuring that the new contours remain in place.




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What You Should Know When Considering Getting Chin Fillers

about chin fillers


Many people in Singapore are not happy with the shapes of their chins. Fortunately, non-surgical ways to enhance your chin have been developed. You can change the overall shape and prominence of your chin in just minutes with chin fillers. Here are some things that you should know when considering chin fillers.


Initial Meeting with a Professional

The first step is going to be meeting with a professional at a beauty or aesthetics clinic in Singapore. The professional is going to talk to you about the results you want. Your chin will be examined and some basic questions about your health asked. If you have no major problems that might cause complications, then you can get the procedure done.


What the Procedure Involves

The actual procedure takes very little time. A professional in Singapore will mark out what parts of your chin need to receive fillers. A topical anaesthetic is sometimes applied at this point. A very thin needle is used to inject the chin filler below your skin in key areas. You might need just one injection or several in different locations depending on your chin. This is all that is involved in getting chin fillers in Singapore.


consult aesthtic


What You Feel During the Procedure

Some people worry about pain when getting chin fillers. The reality is that you are not likely to experience any pain. A topical anaesthetic will numb the area. The filler itself sometimes contains anaesthetic as well. The needle used is small and thin. You might feel a pinch at the most although the procedure is not painful.


Side Effects You Might See

Chin fillers received through a professional clinic in Singapore do not come with many risks. You might see a few minor side effects immediately after the procedure. The skin around your chin might become a little red. You could see some swelling as your body adapts to the filler and the new shape of your chin. These side effects are short-lived and will usually go away in 24 to 48 hours.


Recovering From the Procedure

Chin fillers do not require any lengthy recovery after the procedure is complete. You can shower normally, apply makeup to the area and go about your day in Singapore as if nothing has changed. You do have to be a little aware of your chin, however. You will need to prevent applying pressure to your chin or restricting the movement of the filler inside until everything has settled. This is not normally difficult.




Duration of the Results

Chin fillers in Singapore can last for a long time. Individual results will vary based on many factors. The minimum amount of time the filler should last for is around nine months. Many patients will see the filler last for anywhere from one to two years. If the filler starts to fade, you can always go back for another injection to restore the chin shape you want.


chin filler results

chin fillers results


You are not stuck with the chin that you were born with. Chin fillers can make an amazing difference in very little time and with minimal risks. You can alter your chin without complicated surgery. Chin fillers are an effective and safe way to get the chin you always wanted.

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Non-Invasive Injections to Fight Facial Aging

As we age our faces begin to show visible signs of the aging process such as wrinkle development and reduction in facial fullness. If you desire holding on to your youthful appearance, you can rejuvenate your face with non-invasive dermal injections and treatments. Soft tissue injections help to enhance your appearance and restore facial symmetry and balance. Botox is used to eliminate or soften age lines which appear on the face and basically works to relax or freeze the muscle to give the face a smooth surface without wrinkles.

Many people who wish to stave off the aging process first turn to non-invasive procedures rather than jumping into a full surgical procedure such as a facelift. Botox and injectable fillers are preferred non-surgical techniques because they are relatively safe, virtually painless and have very little to no recovery time. Peak results for injection therapy are usually visible within six to eight days after treatment. Recovery time for a facelift is much longer and can take several weeks for the swelling to disappear.

Although Botox fillers are considered non-invasive, it is imperative that you consult a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is board certified to evaluate your individual needs and answer your questions and concerns. It is important to discuss what type of product your physician prefers and what should be used for your non-invasive, anti-aging treatment plan.

Injectable fillers and Botox treatments complement one another, but are used for different outcomes. Injectable plumping agents help to plump up loss of volume in the face while Prive Clinic’s Botox injections relax the movement of facial muscles. At the initial consultation, your physician will be able to determine which type of treatment is best used to aid in the anti-aging process. Even though fillers and Botox function a bit differently, their outcome is the same as they work towards decreasing aging signs such as forehead lines, frown creases and deep wrinkles.

Test Your Botox IQ

Maintaining your youthful glow is easy with dermal injections or Botox treatments. Non-invasive cosmetic treatments last approximately six months. When you start to notice muscle action and see the appearance of wrinkles and creases, then it is time to revisit your physician to see if reinjections are needed at that time. While the effects of anti-aging injections are not everlasting, over time and with additional treatments, your wrinkles and lines may seem less noticeable as the muscles are being conditioned to relax.

We can’t fight the aging process, but we can slow down the signs of facial aging. It is important to protect your skin from sun and wind burn. Using a high-quality sunscreen will go a long way in keeping your face safe from sunburn and remain hydrated. Smoking can also lead to early aging signs. Most common signs include lines along the lips and increased wrinkles on the face. Put your best face forward by taking preventative care of yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle. This will go a long way in holding the aging process at bay.

Choosing the best facial rejuvenation method is easy when you discuss your desired outcome with your physician or dermatologist. Injections are a relatively carefree technique to quickly give you back your youthful, vibrant appearance.


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Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Facelifts

liquid faceliftMany people are looking for a way to revive the appearance of their skin, but hesitant to have surgery. Surgery is in an inconvenience for most people. Recovery is a long, painful process, and the cost of surgery is high.

A new technique, liquid facelift, is being used as an alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery. The effects lasts six months to a year. The procedure is typically done with injections, and reduces sagging and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, some patients experience reduction or disappearance of skin discoloration, sun spots and acne scars. Most patients have excellent results, especially in reducing wrinkles between the brow and around the nose and mouth. Also, many people use facial rejuvenation to minimize the appearance of sagging around the jaw and eyelids.

People who choose to undergo traditional surgery must take time away from the public to heal. Often, the results of a traditional surgical facelift are so startling that it is impossible to conceal the fact that the procedure was performed. The results of non-surgical, liquid techniques are more subtle than traditional cosmetic surgery. The skin looks more youthful and clear. Wrinkles and sagging of the skin are minimized, but patients do not need weeks to recover. They simply look younger and more vibrant than they did before the procedure. People who see the patient know he or she looks younger and more vibrant, but do not necessarily know why.

Non-surgical treatment involves the use of Botox, Intense Pulsed Light Photo Facial (IPL Therapy), or chemical peels. Each treatment is tailored to meet the particular needs of the client. Treatment time varies, but is usually around two hours. Once the treatment is complete, patients may experience a small amount of bruising or tenderness. Some patients experience none. Most people return to their normal routine right away.


PWTV – Photodynamic Therapy for Photo Aging

Patients report that the pain of the procedure is minimal. Anesthetic creams are used both before and after the rejuvenation procedure. Most people experience discomfort during the injections, but have little pain once the procedure is complete. In fact, many people return to work the same day.

The procedure is performed by a licensed medical doctor. People who are interested in having a rejuvenation done should seek out someone who has experience. Communication is important, so potential patients should be sure to work with someone who they find easy to talk with. If you are interested, Browse This Site for more information.


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Breast Enhancement: Good Reasons To Do It

The reasons women decide to consider a breast enhancement are often more deeply rooted than one may realize. While looking great in a bikini is a notable factor in undergoing the procedure, the more personal reasons are the ones that motivate prospective patients to schedule the treatment. Below are three reasons to consider getting a breast enlargement.

1.Drastic weight loss. The process of losing a substantial amount of weight can take a toll on the body, specifically the breasts. It is common to experience sagging, loose skin and a difference in the way the weight in the breasts is carried after such a drastic change in weight. A breast enlargement can provide a plumper, firmer and higher set of breasts to accompany the new body that has taken months or even years to achieve.

2.Pre-baby Body. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy bring a lot of changes to the size, firmness and function of breasts. Therefore, birthing and breastfeeding a baby will undoubtedly alter their appearance. Regain the youthful look, perkiness and confidence that were once present before motherhood took its course.

3.Confidence. Quite possibly the leading reason to seek a breast augmentation is its ability to regain confidence that one has lost in their appearance. It’s possible that small breasts have affected self-confidence negatively or changes in the body such as aging, weight loss or pregnancy have altered the way the breasts once appeared. By undergoing this procedure it is possible to feel comfortable in curve-hugging shirts and dresses, a bikini or even with no clothes at all. Contrary to common belief, breast enhancements are not simply for those that want to receive attention from the opposite sex, but for women that want to feel confident in their own skin.

For more information regarding breast enhancements and other similar procedures please visit Prive Clinic is a leading aesthetic clinic located in Singapore.