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A Beauty Guide to Using Mascara

Mascara is one of the most common beauty products for women of all ages, but many people use bad habits when it comes to mascara care and application. If you have questions or concerns about how you use your own mascara or if you are brand new to using mascara, this article is for you. Read on to learn more about how to choose, care for and apply mascara.

First off, let’s talk about mascara color. Those individuals with black hair and dark brown hair should be using black mascara, while those individuals who have lighter brown hair and blonde hair should opt for brown mascara. While black mascara can look great on those with blonde hair or light brown hair as well, black on the eyes of these individuals often looks a bit harsh for everyday wear, and it should be reserved for date nights or large formal events like weddings or parties.

Next, consider how you usually apply your mascara. You should always avoid pumping your mascara wand in and out of the mascara tube, as this can introduce bacteria into the tube and could cause infection down the road. Simply unscrew the cap of your mascara tube, take out the wind, and start applying. You should always start with your mascara wand parallel to the floor and at the base of your upper lashes. Sweep the mascara up along your lashes one time, wait for 30 seconds, then go back and sweep the mascara on the upper lashes once more. Only apply a light amount of mascara to your bottom lashes if you like.


mascara guide




As a side note, if you find that your brand of mascara is giving you “chunky eyelashes” or eyelashes with too much mascara on them, consider taking your wand out of the tube and wiping it once onto a tissue to get off the excess product.

Finally, let’s discuss mascara care. You should never wash your mascara wands in water or attempt to dilute your mascara with extra water as this can invite bacteria. Additionally, pay attention to the expiration date on your mascara bottles, or just go by the rule of never using mascara for longer than three weeks to two months. Pay close attention to the consistency of your mascara, and always throw it out if it gets dry.

Remember, mascara can be one of the most important parts of your beauty and makeup routine. Use the information that you have gleaned from this article (this resource credited to New York Skin Solutions), and follow it closely. If you do, you will have excellent makeup skills and beautiful eyes to last you a lifetime!


May 4, 2013 - Health & Wellness, Makeup Trends    Comments Off on Foundation Brushes: A Flawless Face Begins With the Right Tools

Foundation Brushes: A Flawless Face Begins With the Right Tools

Why is a flawless finish so important to makeup application? Makeup artistry must adhere to one hard and fast rule…it shouldn’t be obvious. Makeup is intended to mask imperfections in color, texture and tone of the facial skin, hide blemishes and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. But if makeup is obvious, it becomes a distraction instead of an enhancement. Proper application of foundation is the key to preparing the face for all other products applied to the face. How foundation is applied is just as important as the foundation product that is chosen to get the job done.

Foundation products are available in many forms: Liquid, Cream, Stick, Compact, Wet/Dry and Powder. The general health of the skin plays an important factor in choosing the right foundation product that delivers the best results.

Normal Skin can use any type of foundation that suits the user. Oily Skin demands powder to absorb excessive oil and reduce unnatural shine. Dry Skin benefits from creamier products that won’t cause the skin to crack or peel and Combination Skin may require using multiple products for a perfect finish.

Certain foundation products come with their own application sponges and brushes. But rarely are these items of good enough quality for extended use, or of a size that comfortably fits in the hand. Investing in proper tools always improves application time and the finished effect. Here are three of the most popular tools for foundation application and the circumstances where they work the best.

Foundation Brush – These long-handle brushes essentially “paint” the foundation on the skin, providing the heaviest coverage. Working well on smooth, youthful skin, they tend to not work as well for creases, folds and wrinkles, because the brush is too soft and tends to leave a buildup in these areas. Can look a bit heavy-handed.

The Body Shop Foundation Brush

The Body Shop Foundation Brush

Kabuki Brush – Luxola Kabukis brush come in a variety of soft to stiff bristles and is ideally used when powders, such as mineral makeup, are used. Rotating the brush blends colors seamlessly, while a brush for every product is necessary as they are difficult to clean. The kabuki is hard to use in small areas.

Chanel Kabuki Brush

Chanel Kabuki Brush

Beauty Blender – An intriguing blend of sponge and stippling-blender, the Beauty Blender’s unique shape allows for controlled wet or dry applications in small areas and for large-area coverage. Washable, it also serves double-duty as an applicator for other skincare products, too.

Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

The 5 Questions to Ask When Buying Cosmetics –  The Beauty Advisor

Apr 9, 2013 - Health & Wellness, Makeup Trends    Comments Off on Makeup Application is Enhanced with the Right Tools by Sigma

Makeup Application is Enhanced with the Right Tools by Sigma

The art and act of applying makeup is a daily ritual for the majority of women as makeup has the ability to make one look well pulled together and simply look amazing. The right makeup products in the right shades are a definite requirement to help ensure the look is one that matches ones skin tone and style. However, it is the application of the makeup itself that also helps to make the look flawless and professionally applied. This is where the right set of make up brushes truly comes in to play and is an essential beauty tool to have on hand. Offers Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes Online Offers Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes Online


Most Popular Sigma Brushes

Most Popular Sigma Brushes


Best buy cosmetics for make up brushes that are high quality include those made by Sigma Brushes. This is a key brand as the Sigma brushes line is well known for being made of high quality materials and being available in an assortment of sizes and styles for even the most precise application method. The brushes are synthetic, durable, long lasting and provide the angles, shapes and control that is required for making sure smokey eyes turn out flawless, lip liner is applied in that perfectly fine line and even blush is evenly distributed.

Blue Smokey Eye + Sigma Review! Hey ladies! This look is perfect for prom if you have a blue gown or..whenever you wanna rock a blue smokey eye 😉 enjoy!

One may opt to use those cheaply made brushes that come with makeup, however, the application may not be smooth or well polished. It is only through the use of the right tools that makeup can be applied in the proper manner. It is imperative that a brush be used for each type of makeup as all makeup has its own consistency that is best applied with the right brush. This requires those who truly want the best looking makeup to have the right brushes always on hand so that each layer of color and style is applied in the right manner so the end result is one that will look magazine ready and as if a professional makeup application has just been had.

Dec 26, 2012 - Health & Wellness, Makeup Trends    Comments Off on Tips for Choosing Safe Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

Tips for Choosing Safe Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

In recent years there has been some concern over the ingredients some skin care products contain. Synthetic dyes and fragrances have been known to cause skin irritation in some people. Anyone looking to improve the condition of their skin can follow some useful tips for skin care.

Look for Products Containing Natural Ingredients and Moisturizers
Products which contain all natural ingredients are less likely to cause a reaction than those that don’t. People who choose to wear make-up need to pay attention to the ingredients contained in the cosmetic brands they buy. If products contain alcohol, it is a sign that the formula is designed to dry quickly. This dryness can affect the skin by creating lines and wrinkles. Products made with artificial colors or fragrances could leave red patches on the skin.

Products made with organic ingredients can be found from reputable manufacturers such as Luzern. Even when purchasing nail colors such as the polishes in the Butter London line of products, shoppers should look for products containing hand soothing emollients. When the cuticles around the nails become dry and brittle, they can crack and bleed, which can also lead to an infection. Choosing hand lotions and nail polish removers which contain special cuticle soothing ingredients will help prevent them from drying out.

Shopping for Skin Care Products Online
People who want to save money by purchasing Luxola cosmetics online, should look for sites which label all of the ingredients used in their products. This also applies to skin care products designed to cleanse, tone or moisturize. Products like those found in the StriVectin line, will be categorized on the website by what they are designed to do. Each product will have information pertaining to its performance as well as a full list of ingredients. It is important to read the ingredients before purchasing to make sure there is nothing which could cause skin irritation. This applies to make-up products as well as skin care products. How to Read Cosmetic Labels Like A Pro? Visit this site.

When shopping for tools to use for applying make-up, the materials used to make them might not always be listed. The bristles found on Sigma brushes are designed to provide different types of coverage. In this case, it would be beneficial to know which type of brush would work best for specific make-up applications. The wide, dense, round style is usually used for applying blush, while the thin sleek type is for applying eyeliner.

Face Atelier Foundation with Singapore’s Larry Yeo