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Tips To Help You Learn How to Speak English As Quickly As Possible

English is a valuable language to learn. It can open up new work and educational opportunities around the world. Learning English is not always easy. There are many rules, exceptions to rules and strange aspects to the language. A few tips will help you to learn English as quickly as possible.



Read newspapers and magazines because there are tightly edited and held to high standards.


Read Published News Articles

One of the first tips is to read news articles while learning English. You want to do this because published articles in newspapers and magazines are tightly edited and held to high standards. These types of news articles are a good way to become familiar with common words and proper grammar. You will not have to worry about confusing colloquialisms or slang terms.



Immerse yourself in a English learning environment.


Practice in an Immersive Setting Whenever Possible

You need to practice speaking English every day. You will want to do this in an immersive setting whenever possible. This means you speak exclusively in English and not in your native language. This is easiest when practising with friends who are also learning or who speak English already. Immersive environments force your brain to start thinking in English naturally.



Ask whenever you don understand, because if you don’t ask you won’t know.


Ask About Words You Do Not Understand

If you are listening to someone speaking English like an instructor or neighbour, then make certain you understand everything being said. Do not just ignore unfamiliar words. Stop and ask the person exactly what that particular word means. This is important because English has many different words all with the same meaning. You will expand your vocabulary quickly by asking questions when encountering new or unfamiliar words.



Join English classes for number of benefits and it’s is a fastest way.


Enroll In Formal English Classes

The single fastest way to learn English is to enroll in formal classes. You get a number of benefits when you take English courses from access to English speakers to resources that will make learning the language easier. Classes also provide you with structure and a detailed learning plan that will guide you through essential parts of the English language.

Focus on Phrases Instead Of Individual Words

It can be easy to spend too much time attempting to memorise individual words when first learning English. This is not always a good strategy because the words are mostly meaningless and will be forgotten fast without context. A better strategy is to focus on key phrases instead of single words. Start to learn useful and common English phrases that have a clear meaning. You will be able to learn more of the language and grammar much faster using this technique. It also allows you to start communicating in English quickly.



You can follow along to get a better sense of how the language works and sounds by listen to videos and audio broadcasts online.


Listen To Native English Speakers Online

Some English words and phrases have unexpected pronunciations. There are also times when people formulate sentences in ways that might seem counterintuitive. This is why it is important to listen to native English speakers online. Many videos and audio broadcasts online will allow you to hear native speakers using a wide range of vocabulary words in a natural way. You can follow along to get a better sense of how the language works and sounds.



Write down the phrases until you fully memorised each new phrase.


Maintain a Personal Notebook

A final tip is to maintain a personal notebook full of English phrases that you learn. Write down the phrases as you run across them. Go back and use the notebook until you have fully memorised each new phrase. This allows you to have a fast reference full of the most useful English phrases. An added benefit is that writing down a phrase helps to reinforce your memory of it.

It is important to pay attention to the small details when learning English and to practice every day. You need to start integrating English into your everyday life by reading articles and listening to native speakers. If you are persistent and curious, then you can learn English very quickly.


Free English Lessons

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4 Debit Card Tips That Minimize Spending Risks

4 Debit Card Tips That Minimize Spending Risks

Debit cards offer a convenient way to access the money in your bank account, but they do come with some risks. Here are some things you should know about using your debit card.

Getting cash 

One of the most convenient things about debit cards are that you can use them to get cash. The most common way to do this is at an automatic teller machine. However, most banks charge fees to use an ATM. And even if your bank doesn’t, you still will have to pay a fee to the bank that owns the ATM if you are not using one of your own bank’s machines. Keep in mind, too, that depending on your bank and the type of account you have, you might be limited in how many times each month you can use an ATM to get cash.


Using the card for purchases 

Another convenient thing about a debit card is that you can use it like a credit card for most purchases. However, you don’t have the same protections when making those purchases. Some banks will not insure you or refund your money for fraudulent purchases made with your debit card, something most credit card companies will do. You also may not be able to use your debit card as a credit card everywhere. For example, many hotels and rental car companies require a credit card and won’t accept a debit card.


Purchase holds

Another issue with debit cards is that certain purchases can trigger a hold on the account for a certain amount of money. For example, gas stations often put a hold of $50 or $75 on debit card gas purchases, even if you don’t spend that much. This ensures there will be enough money in the account to cover the purchase, but it can also prevent you from making other debit card purchases if you don’t have a lot of money in the account.

Lack of rewards 


Even the best debit cards usually don’t offer reward programs such as cash back or airline miles, like many credit cards do. If you can afford to pay off your bill every month, it makes more sense to use a credit card and reap rewards rather than use your debit card. If a debit card does offer cash back, it’s usually only for signature-based purchases.


PIN- vs. Signature-based purchases

Most merchants allow you to choose whether you want to punch in your personal identification number or sign when using a debit card. If you punch in your PIN, the money will be deducted from your account right away. If you choose to sign, the transaction might not be processed for a few days, which can be dangerous if you don’t keep tight track of how much you are spending.

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GMAT Test Tips: What To Do Before The Big Day

When taking the GMAT test, you will want to understand how to study and figure out how to ace it the first time around. While true, it’s not always easy to nail this test, especially if you are not prepared. With this in mind, here are four tips to nail the GMAT test.

Study books: Without a doubt, if you want an idea on how to do well, you will want to check out study guides and books. While they are large and take a while to read, they will offer you plenty of information that can help you in your quest to pass. Remember, if you want the best GMAT score, you need to buy the right study guide or books.

Talk to someone who took the test: Think about this for a minute, if you want to nail the test, you should talk to someone who has passed it with flying colors. This should be easy, especially if you are friends with a lot of young people. Remember, by getting insight from someone, you can help your cause greatly and find the answers before you take the quiz.

Take practice quizzes online: If you want to do well,, you will want to feel comfortable taking the quiz. Luckily, with an online quiz taking site, you can learn about the test and figure out what is on it. Then, when you head to GMAT test centers in Singapore, you can find the test to be much easier than you expected.

Flash cards: Finally, if you want to learn more about the answers, you will want to use flash cards. Otherwise, if you are not well-prepared, you are going to have a hard time getting past the first few pages. Remember, it’s not easy to pass the GMAT, and you will want to practice with buddies who also have flash cards.

With these four simple test taking tips, you can pass the GMAT with ease. Otherwise, if you don’t take your time to study and come up with a technique, you will struggle to pass the first time around. However, when you are wise, you will not struggle much. Either way, when looking for GMAT test centres in Singapore, you are going to do better once you are prepared and you studied all the material available to you.

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English for Beginners: What Kind of Courses Suit You Best?

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You know that you need to take more English classes to improve your English, but there are often so many choices that it can be hard to find the right one. The key to success is understanding your reasons for studying English. Find a class that will help you reach those goals.

Focus of the Class
Classes for English learners often focus on a particular goal. Usually, they aim to improve English for business, for travel or to pass high-level tests for entrance into college or to study abroad. The type of class you choose can affect the type of vocabulary and grammar the teacher focuses on. Try to align your class with your reasons for learning English.

Class Size
The class size can make a big difference in how much English you learn. For example, in a one to one English course, it’s just you and the teacher. This means that the teacher can focus on your specific needs and quickly correct any mistakes you are making. A group class, on the other hand, might be more interactive and fun, and will allow you to meet others studying English, who you can meet outside of class for additional practice.

A class for beginners might be too easy for you, but an advanced class could be too hard. Some classes are more casual, meeting just once a week for an hour. Others are significantly more intense, meeting for several hours every day. The right one for you depends on where you are starting and how quickly you need to learn English. An intense one-week english course may be what you need before a big trip, but something more consistent might help more in the long term.

Before signing the contract for your English courses, you really need to think about what you want to do with English. Take the time to find an egnlish course that meets your needs and you’ll be much happier overall

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GRE – Reading Comprehension and Driving

“You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said ‘Parking Fine.” – Tommy Cooper

Some approaches to reading comprehension passages are like driving down a winding road at night without a map. You start the passage on a straightaway- perhaps the description of an issue like the environmental implications of a drilling project. But then you approach a twist or a turn- will the author agree or disagree with the proposed solution? Will he suggest an alternative?

Having such an understanding before beginning the passage can provide a distinct advantage –  it allows you to tune into nuances of the writer’s prose- which can be worth points here or there.

Fortunately, there is a way to gain a ‘map’ of the passage for a small time investment up front. The secret is to read the introduction in full, followed by the first sentence of each of the following paragraphs. GRE essays are usually structured so that the first sentence of each paragraph usually contains enough information to encapsulate that paragraph’s ‘main point’. So by previewing the first sentence of each paragraph, we give ourselves the opportunity to preview the entire passage, before reading it all the way through.


Reading Fluency Infographic


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How A-Levels Could Propel Your Law Studies

When you pursue your A-Levels in Law, it is important to be aware of the journey that is ahead. Doing your research and knowing what to expect can help you feel more empowered as you embark on your education. Here are some ways in which your A-Levels can propel you to success in the study of law.


1. Be comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity.

The study of law is fraught with ambiguity and uncertainty. That is part of the reason law professors feel so passionate about their lectures. The fact that the law is ever evolving and developing can be a good thing, and it means that there is room for society to overturn past laws to accommodate for new values. If you feel like a professor is giving you a difficult time with a case, then you should feel honored. He or she may know that you have a solid understanding of the case and want to show your knowledge to the rest of the class.


2. Read a supplement in each law topic before your studies begin.

Before your A-Levels start, try to read a supplement in property, criminal law, contracts, public law and other areas that are required. Gaining a basic understanding and framework of the law will help you feel more comfortable with the material when you are sitting in class or studying for exams. A supplement is a type of book that condenses that body of law for a particular area of law. A supplement can make it much easier for a student to learn principles of restitution or the measure of expectation damages. If you learn the material for the first time in the classroom, it may be more difficult for you to try to grasp. Reading a supplement ahead of time can at least expose you to the material so that you are not completely lost.


Keep Calm N Study Law



3. Purchase outlines from older law students who have had the same professors.

An outline is a document created by a student and summarizes basic legal principles. You can typically find outlines sold by older students online. They may also be willing to give them away if you simply ask.


4. Be prepared to constantly read, write, summarize, research and discuss legal topics.

Before you begin your A-Levels, be prepared to devote considerable time to your studies. You will likely always be reading, writing, summarizing or researching a certain area of the law.


5. Believe in yourself and all that you can accomplish.

When you hit a roadblock or feel overwhelmed, just remember to have faith in yourself. Believe in your abilities to become a lawyer. You may face other students who are anxious or stressed-out. Instead of feeling this same way, you can distinguish yourself by staying calm and sharing positivity with other students.

Your A-Levels can prepare you for a lifetime of success as a lawyer. You can also pursue may other non-legal professions with your degree. It is up to you to choose how to use the knowledge that you glean from your A-Levels. Learn more about your A-Levels in Law.

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10 Reasons British International Schools Excel in Malaysia

A British international school creates an authentic British educational environment in another country. There are British international schools in Malaysia, throughout Europe and even in the United States. In fact, the popularity of these schools is increasing at a phenomenal rate throughout the world. With that in mind, let’s consider why British international schools excel.


1. Syllabus

The English school syllabus is proven and diverse. Many other countries in the West have even used it as the basis for their own statutory curriculum. The English school syllabus is adjusted to meet all local needs but continues to meet a standard that prepares the student to excel in the greater world.


2. Teaching Methodology

The United Kingdom boasts one of the oldest, most well established and most effective school systems in the world. The effective teaching techniques and strategies used have been tested and refined throughout the world, and they are applicable to any culture.


3. Diversity

The United Kingdom is a diverse nation that consists of several different countries and embraces immigration. This diversity of culture and religion is part of the national identity and has been ingrained in the school curriculum, which makes it well suited for integration in other areas.




4. Advanced Academic Courses

British international schools in Malaysia and throughout the world employ a very aggressive education approach. The objective with this approach is to challenge the student as much as possible, and that allows many students to enter university well ahead of the curve and with credits in hand.


5. Individual Attention

The standard school cannot be so aggressive because it must ensure the education of the group. British international schools, however, have the resources to serve both the group and the individual.


6. Graduation Rates

British international schools achieve some of the highest effectiveness rates of any education system in the world, and they usually outperform the local public schools by a considerable margin. Nearly all students graduate, and many do so ahead of schedule and better prepared.


7. School Safety

British international schools are orderly and safe, an environment that is conducive to learning. The schools use a proven approach to student safety but also adjust the approach to the local region. The statistics reveal that these schools normally outperform the local alternatives in this regard.


8. Emphasis on Values

The typical school focuses solely on knowledge, but the British curriculum also focuses on the fundamental questions of the purpose and meaning to life. This strategy arms the student with critical thinking skills that most students don’t achieve.


9. Testing

British international schools create tests that are challenging and have university education in mind. The goal here is to ensure that high school prepares the student for continued education rather than cause a culture shock.


10. Cost

British international schools are of course more expensive than public options, but on average, they are cheaper than the other private opportunities in a given region. These schools also offer a wide array of options for financial aid.


Info Source: 10 Pieces of Advice for Students Entering High School