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Mar 26, 2012 - Business, Marketing & Advertising    Comments Off on Sports Marketing via Online Social Networks

Sports Marketing via Online Social Networks

Companies are always looking for new ways to get attention through marketing, and one of the popular methods for 21st century businesses is to go online via social networking sites. And given the number of sports fans that spend their time online, sports sponsorship and sports marketing have both made inroads onto sites like Facebook, Twitter and other popular online social networking sites. But the question with marketing via social networking is the same one that you have with any other sort of marketing; just how do we get people to follow us and support our advertising campaigns? Well, this question has a couple of different answers.


The first, and what should be the most obvious, is to constantly update your content to keep followers interested. One of the original purposes of social networking websites is to create a place where you can keep people updated on what you’re currently doing in an interactive and interesting way. For those looking for sports marketing opportunities you have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of sports fans on social networking websites. All you need to do is design an attractive social networking page and provide meaningful, regular updates. The first key to getting people interested is to give them a stream of information they find valuable and meaningful if you want to garner fans for sports sponsorship.

Next, you should run contests, giveaways or some other form of activity through your social networking page to get people interested. If you were a regular business you could offer exclusive coupons to those following your social networking page, but since your focus is on sports marketing things like giveaways of team gear or tickets to go and see given events might be more appropriate, and will most likely garner a lot more interest from fans following your social marketing page. This sort of “something for nothing” idea will get a lot of people to join in hopes of winning, and if you have a good web page they’ll stick around and continue following you as long as you provide good, quality information for their sports needs.

Keep yourself open to input from your fans and followers. Offer surveys and idea or complaint boxes as a way of getting feedback. Fans like to know that in addition to just providing statistics or information you’re also listening to them and offering things they want, or discontinuing things that they don’t like. This is the cornerstone of any good business, and even sports marketing isn’t immune to it. If you keep your followers, who are your customers and potential customers in this situation, happy then they will feel more positively inclined towards you. The more your followers like you the more they’ll spread the word about your particular social networking site or page, inviting friends of their own to come and follow you and growing your base even larger. Word of mouth, once you get it started, can be a powerful thing and a major aid in growing your popularity and increasing the sheer number of fans and followers that come to your social networking site. Will online marketing kill TV? Find out here.



Nov 17, 2011 - Business, Job Matters    Comments Off on The Main Responsibilities of an SEO Consultant

The Main Responsibilities of an SEO Consultant

As the term suggests, an SEO consultant is a professional you hire when you need help with search engine optimization. There are several kinds of these consultants and they offer varying services as well. One may only offer advice while one can go all the way and get his hands dirty in the optimization process himself. These consultants usually work for larger SEO companies but there are those who offer their services as individuals. You may need a consultant for a lot of reasons. But before you get one, take into consideration the scope of services you need. If you run a huge online business, you might need several consultants, not just one. On the other hand, if you’re operating a small online business, just one consultant will probably be more than enough.

Anyway, below is a short list of the most common responsibilities of an SEO consultant:

  1. Create an SEO marketing plan. This will lay out the steps and the strategies that your business will be taking in the next weeks or months to boost its rankings in the search engines. This plan should be flexible meaning it can be modified along the way to adapt to more recent developments in the SEO industry. As you should know by now, SEO methods, rules, and principles are always changing. An SEO consultant should be abreast of these changes to be able to create an efficient SEO marketing plan.
  2. Implement the SEO strategies laid out in the plan. A consultant can accomplish this in two ways. He either implements the strategies or just provides advice as the client’s own SEO team does the work. For best results though, it’s recommended that you allow the consultant to get his hands dirty in the optimization process. After all, he devised the plan, so he should be the most qualified to implement it.
  3. Monitor, track, and report on the progress of the optimization process. This is one of the most important responsibilities of a consultant because it’s the only way to find out if the strategies he implemented are getting any results or not.
  4. Provide continuous advice on how the client can improve his website SEO-wise. These include recommendations on keywords, overall site design, competition analysis, and back linking strategies.

These cover the most basic responsibilities of an SEO consultant. If you are planning on hiring one, these should be the services he’ll be providing for you.


3 Essential Features of a Quality Stock Trading Software

Using a Stock trading software is a very convenient way to take part in online stock trading. While a lot of online platforms are proven to provide a quality system, not every system can actually provide all the necessary help needed by traders. As such, it is important that you get a quality software to make sure that you will not lose any money.

A stock trading software can generate trading tactics that can be very beneficial to your investment. This tactics can be executed in a reliable, structured and effective manner. The stock trading software can even perform with minimal human participation especially in analysing market trends. In fact, it can execute important details in a fast and efficient manner.

There are softwares that are considered as sophisticated piece of system that can do charting effectively. The efficacy of these systems have been tested well enough especially in providing tools that can help create techniques and strategies that is suitable for your style of trading.

There are three important features that you should look for if you opt to get a similar system. These features will surely allow you to maximize the help this system can provide you.

Training Platform

It is important that the software that you will opt for will allow you to test the suitability of the trading system to your style of trading. You should be able to simulate actual trading without having to use actual money. Make sure that you will be able to make some adjustments prior to dealing with actual money. You must be able to perform several testing before you finally enter the market. If this is possible, by the time you start dealing with real money, you have already practiced enough not to make any more mistake.

24/7 Customer Support

Especially for beginners, getting all the support you need is essential to be able for you not to lose so much money. If you are able to get quality customer support, you will be confident that even if you make mistakes, a solution can be available in a flash. It is fairly important that the kind of representative that they have can really provide help to their customers.

Fast & Reliable System

A vital part of any system is the goal of providing you enough resources to make sure that you will generate profit. Since the stock market is dynamic, it is expected that the trend will never stabilize. A fast system can provide you with the reliable information that you need regarding history or previous trends in a very quick manner.