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Apr 17, 2013 - Busines Office Solutions, Business    Comments Off on Renting a Virtual Office- What Good Can It Do for Your Business?

Renting a Virtual Office- What Good Can It Do for Your Business?

Virtual office offers you everything you need to remain productive virtually from any place-from hotel, office, car, or office. The concept is based on the principle that any company needs effective communication. Therefore, virtual office system provides you one of the best technologies that saves you both money and time. There are numerous features such as call routing, call monitoring and delivery of voice mail via email, which helps your business in running effectively and smoothly. Your office setup can send your message in any way you specify.

There are few basics involved in setting up you robust telecommuting infra to gain maximum benefit from a virtual office. Every home office needs a telephone, computer, and an Internet connection to run efficiently. This is also a must for all those who telecommute.

Virtual office Kuala Lumpur uses various systems such as voice mail, PBX phone system, phone answering and unified messaging service. It helps the office in enhancing its image and increases its productivity with set of features that are vital for home business and various other organizations. The PBX phone system is fully customizable and virtual receptionist can not only take messages, but can also route calls seamlessly.


These sophisticated systems help small businesses to: 

* Can easily move to the next level as this setup helps in creating an executive impression

* Increases credibility and productivity

* Sounds like a large and professional company


Benefits of a rent office: 

* It helps in reducing cost of ownership due to low upfront investment

* It works efficiently with high speed Internet connection and offers users access to all PBX features irrespective of their location

* You can lower your phone bills due to the free in-network calls

* It is fully customizable and its easy to use features can be managed on the Internet

Servcorp – Advantages of using a Virtual Office


An important benefit of this virtual office Kuala Lumpur is that it can make your work and communication infra more efficient and can easily adapt to your business needs. Cost effectiveness and proper space utilization are other benefit of rent office system.

What About Finding an Office to Rent? The Benefits of Serviced Offices

Mar 2, 2013 - Startup Biz    Comments Off on Employ A Registration Specialist For Singapore Companies

Employ A Registration Specialist For Singapore Companies

Business registration is very important in Singapore. There are many reasons why a business must be registered. It makes it legal, and it also allows for various provisions that are necessary in order to conduct business in the area. The company incorporation can be confusing for some business owners. If they are having a problem with the specifics of the business registration process, they can get the help of the professionals in the area.

A company secretary comes in very handy for many Singapore companies. They are able to do things much easier because they are trained to do so. They can really streamline the duties that are necessary in a company so that business can be conducted on a more timely basis. Many companies find that this is an extreme benefit to them, and they use them at other times also.

When a business employs a company secretary, they will see a huge difference in their everyday workload. Since this type of employee completes the necessary paperwork, the other workers are free to complete other duties as needed.

Registering a business in Singapore is important. It must be done so many businesses decide to hire outside help to assist them. It makes sense to them because it is completed correctly and in a timely fashion. Theses types of specialists know exactly what needs to be done with all the paperwork. When they are employed, business can be conducted quicker because they know how to streamline the processes that need to be completed.

Using a Singapore business registration specialist will help a company achieve the desired results they are looking for. For their registration needs, they should contact to have their request processed as soon as possible. Having access to such assistance has given a lot of companies in Singapore a better standing than others in the area.

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Feb 20, 2013 - Business, Startup Biz    Comments Off on Easy Singapore Business Registration With Bizcorp

Easy Singapore Business Registration With Bizcorp

A lot of people want to form their corporations in tax friendly areas. One area of the world that is friendly to business owners is Singapore. Anyone wanting to start a business should seriously consider Singapore incorporation. Here are four benefits to incorporating a business in Singapore.

For one, Singapore is a stable country. In fact, it is the most politically stable country in Asia. It is essential to incorporate a business in a politically stable region. By incorporating in a stable country, a business owner can avoid a lot of the problems that come with running a business in an unstable area. In reality, a business owner must start their business in a country that offers stability.

A smart business owner knows that tax rates can hurt a business. Luckily, Singapore tax rates are among the lowest in the developed world. The corporate tax rates in Singapore are around eight percent, then go up to a flat rate of 17 percent for income above $300 thousand a year. Not only that, there are no taxes on dividends or capital gains in the country of Singapore. In reality, the taxes are extremely low for such a stable country, and taxes must be taken into consideration when starting a business.

The location of a business is vital. Centrally located and close to all of the key Asian markets, Singapore is a perfect place to start a business. This means, a business in Singapore will have access to the Asian continent while still not being too far from other vital regions.

It is crucial for a business owner to have access to skilled workers. Company registration and formation in Singapore is necessary for one reason; Singapore has a well-qualified work force who can provide valuable labor to a business owner. Also Read 5 Steps to Overcoming Challenges of Starting a New Business.

Anyone wanting to start a business should consider Singapore. Luckily, it is not difficult to incorporate a business in Singapore. There are a lot of companies such as that can help anyone get the process started. In reality, when a business owner incorporates in a business friendly region, they will make more money and have an easier time running their business. Company Registration Company Registration



Dec 13, 2012 - Business, Finance & Investment    Comments Off on How to Attract Venture Capital Investment

How to Attract Venture Capital Investment

Most startup businesses often lack the funds they need to get things moving. They find it difficult to obtain business loans through the traditional sources. Even many existing businesses need funds to grow and expand their business but are unable to secure financing from banks and other traditional loan sources. That’s where venture capital investors come in.

Entrepreneurs and investors often share the same goal, and that is to make big money. Since each has what the other wants, a great opportunity for venture capital investment has opened up to bring together those looking for business financing with those looking for businesses to invest in. A venture capital investment is an investment in which a venture capitalist provides funding for a business in exchange for profits or equity in the company. Venture capital investment is a proven way to get large scale funding for a company. But you need to know the proper way to attract venture capital investment. To successfully secure the funding you need, here’s how you go about it.

Network for Your Company
This is one of the most important steps if you want to attract venture capital investment. You need to do a lot of business networking. The idea is to get your company’s name out there in the business community so that you can start to create some buzz. You also need to collect business cards as an effective way that will lead you to venture capitalists.

Build Your Management Team
Venture capitalists are often attracted to companies that have a team of experienced managers who have good track record. They look for an experienced team that has the knowledge and skills to run a business successfully and make it highly profitable. You need to assemble a great team to help develop your company and provide knowledgeable managers in key areas such as marketing, accounting and fulfillment. You need to put together a diverse team and then polish its credentials in order to attract venture capitalists. The combined networks of your team members will further create the crucial buzz that will eventually lead to venture capital investment.

Develop Your Business Plan
You must have a solid business plan to present to venture capitalist firms. Investors like to see a well-written business plan that clearly outlines the company’s business goals and strategies that you intend to implement to meet those goals. They are only interested in infusing cash in businesses that have the potential to become highly profitable over time. You must present a business plan that is informative and captivating in order to convince investors to give you the money you need.

Make a Deal
In a venture capital investment deal, investors usually have specific rights and privileges. In exchange for providing funding, venture capitalists receive a significant share of the profits that the company makes as well as equity in the company. They often have some influence on the operations and management of the company and work closely with the entrepreneur to help make the company flourish. It is important to clearly define how the business relationship will work.

Interested to learn more venture capital techniques? Explore it from David Hand Crescent Point Asia or get more Crescent Point Venture Capital news, the leading emerging markets investment management and financial advisory firm primarily targeting in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

In this video, Mead talks about Venture Capital, offering great insights about Silicon Valley and life as a venture capitalist.

Nov 28, 2012 - Busines Office Solutions, Business    Comments Off on Serviced Office & Virtual Office Solutions in Southeast Asia

Serviced Office & Virtual Office Solutions in Southeast Asia

Companies and entrepreneurs on the cutting edge know the value of the appearance and functionality of the office. Every office is a place of work, and it is the first image that a business is judged by. The virtual office slashes costs while maintaining image. Serviced office space is an ideal location for meetings and workspaces when out of country. A virtual office creates a worldwide presence — at low cost with a high quality image and high utility.

When business needs to be done in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing or Shanghai the premier option is apbc Serviced Offices. There is no better option; they maximize office efficiency.

With the technological advances of recent decades, a natural innovation was the creation of “in the cloud” offices. The costs of a normal office are slashed, and communication professionalism is often improved. The company’s telephone, e-mail, and address are customized. Off-site operators communicate with customers, stakeholders, and follow the client’s instructions. Incoming communications are forwarded to appropriate personnel anywhere in the world.

It’s like every team member is in the same office, yet employees may be anywhere. It is the ultimate telecommute.

Serviced offices have a full-time staff providing all normal office services. Because a company only uses the space as needed costs are driven down. At an apbc Serviced Office the professional and elegant environment combines with full office services provided on demand. Meetings and any social event, from breakfast meetings to cocktail parties, are as easy to set up as a phone call. The stiffest all-business meetings are held with first-class amenities.

Other services include real-time translation, virtual meetings for team players anywhere in the world, and all in an elegant and creative environment. Employees will be inspired and more productive. It’s a “step out of the ordinary.”

Both virtual offices and serviced offices have complete support services. With serviced office space, flexibility and a distinctive working atmosphere gets the work done and cuts cost. With apbc Offices customers enjoy transparent pricing, low commitment arrangements, and “experience a different way to work.”

How Serviced Offices Offer Flexible Packages to Suit Your Needs? Discover This!

Nov 6, 2012 - Business, Marketing & Advertising    Comments Off on What Is Domain Name Trading

What Is Domain Name Trading

domain nameDomain name trading is a feature that is offered by many different web hosting companies. It is a great way to get rid of a domain name that you do not plan to use in the near future, and start a new project that may be better suited for you instead. One of the worst things about doing domain name trading is that you more than likely already have web design set up for the website that you have been working on. Since you don’t really sell the design to the person that you are trading with, it will essentially be money wasted, (unless you look in to doing this).

The web hosting providers that allow you to do this make it extremely easy to find what type of domain you are looking for by keyword. This can definitely form a lot of different ideas to actually turn in to a project, and some of the domain names that you find without having them in mind are actually brilliant. Sometimes hosting companies will even offer cloud hosting packages if you trade for multiple domains, since you’ll pretty much need it in the long run!

Web hosting companies do not take a large cut off of domain name trading, since they get plenty of business from it anyways. They make more money off of the cloud hosting packages that they offer than anything else, and some hosting companies even have a web design section that offers you a cheap design for the new domain that you just got. This is a great way for you to get a head start on your new project, without having to spend a ton of money and find someone to set it up for you.

If you’re wondering why cloud hosting is so great when taking part in domain name trading, it’s pretty much because at that point you will have so much information to keep track of with different projects. Some people will offer multiple domains if you have a really good one to trade, which means that you’ll have more projects than you know what to do with! Even getting a decent web design set up and letting your domain rank naturally for a few months is a great way to get started, so that way whenever you want to get started on a project, you are already done with all the hard parts.

Click Here and Learn How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for E-Commerce

Make Money Investing with Domain Names. Great Intro for those that are beginners. Learn about and how to purchase domain names.

Oct 2, 2012 - Business, Finance & Investment    Comments Off on Why More International Companies are Shifting Base to Singapore

Why More International Companies are Shifting Base to Singapore

Moving a BVI company to Singapore is a beneficial idea because one can take advantage of the low cost of labor as well as increased access to a vast ray of technological conditions. When considering company formation, there are some factors such as geographical region that can play a big part in helping management decide where they intend to do the business registration.

When doing a company formation, many executives like to consider the taxes of the geographical region where they intend to be established. In Singapore, corporate tax is at 10 percent and sometimes may dip into the 5 percent category. This means that a business can enjoy more of its revenues and even increase its horizons. There are some rules however that companies wishing to set up in this country must adhere to.

A nominee director knows the advantages of being outside the US when conducting business; it helps them see the global economy through a different lens. Many executives and fortune 500 companies are interested in the city’s highly educated workforce. It also wants to capitalize on the great number of millionaires in the country which stands at 17 percent. Many view it is an ideal place to set up and venture into other Asian markets such as India and China.

Recently, Singapore was names as one of the best countries to do business in by the World Bank with reports showing that it had great investment potential. The education system is unparalleled and produces talent that continues to impress foreign entities who are considering to do company registrations. Singapore is said to have great infrastructure especially for foreign workers and their immediate families. There are plenty of international schools that make the transition very easy for children of foreign workers.

World Bank, Singapore launch regional Infrastructure Finance Centre of Excellence

An offshore company formation in Singapore understands that the workforce in that part of the world has been all over the developed continents as part of their careers and knows that they can fully utilize their skills and expertise for the long term. Most employers want to retain their employees even during times of economic downturns. Singapore is an emerging market in the Asia region and therefore doing a company incorporation there can be beneficial for a firm because it is a country that wants to continue expanding thereby offering attractive incentives for those who want to relocate their business base.

Employees in this part of the world are known to not only have good analytical skills, they are disciplined, own the responsibilities assigned to them and are full of vigor. They are trained to have great leadership skills as well as project management expertise in order to be appeasing to the growing international presence.

Discover more benefits of doing business in Singapore: Exceptional Tax Exemptions for Business Registrations in Singapore