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3 Features You’ll Find in an Easy Shopping Cart Software

ShoppingCartIf you run a website and want to accept payments from your customers, you need to use a shopping cart. Without this, you are going to run into clients who simply don’t trust you or your company. So, while this is true, one can’t choose a random shopping cart. No, a buyer must look for one that works for his or her needs. With that being said, here are three features of good shopping cart software.

Reliable: Above all else, when looking at the price of a shopping cart software, one should think about the reliability. If not, a shopper is going to experience serious problems when the shopping cart crashes or otherwise stops working. Think about it, if a shopper watches as the items disappear or the total is wrong, he or she is probably not going to continue shopping on the website. On the other hand, if no issues occur, a shopper can check out and the most out of his or her shopping experience. So, remember, when looking at shopping cart software, it is wise to buy one that is reliable.

Easy to use: Without a doubt, plenty of people on the Internet don’t know what they are doing. Not only do older folks struggle, but some young people don’t know how to use some of the more complicate shopping carts. When a buyer struggles to close out the sale, the seller will lose clients. So, for this reason, when looking at shopping cart software, one should try to find a company offering a piece of software that is easy to use.

Easy to change: Finally, when running an online store, if it’s not easy to use the shopping cart, one will struggle to make changes. Think about it, with 50 states, one will need to often change shipping and tax rates at the drop of a hat. If it’s not possible, a site owner will struggle to run his or her corporation. So, when choosing a shopping cart software provider, one should look for a company offering software that is easy to change. Otherwise, a company will waste a lot of time and money making small changes.

Without a doubt, it’s wise to use the best shopping cart software (see on the market. If not, a site owner is going to struggle in a host of ways. So, when checking out options, one needs to take their time and think of their needs.





Oct 8, 2013 - Business, Marketing & Advertising, Startup Biz    Comments Off on Why Choose a Facebook Shop Over an E-commerce Site?

Why Choose a Facebook Shop Over an E-commerce Site?

facebook shopMany companies have found that the Internet provides a lot of great ways to sell their products. It allows these companies to expand their reach all over the country. Some even sell their products all over the world this way. If a company wants to sell online, the first step is to choose the best marketing platform.

An eCommerce website is the most popular choice. Companies can choose to set up their own branded website to use as a sales platform. Other companies may simply use a large eCommerce site like Amazon or eBay. Of course, lots of businesses use their own site and major eCommerce sites to sell products. Some of these companies also have local stores.


There May be a Better Marketing Platform for Selling Products Online

Facebook is a giant social networking site. There are lots of advantages to using Facebook to market products. Take a moment to review its benefits.

  • Social media generally has a good return on investment.
  • Social networking can help spread brand awareness and engagement.
  • Social networks can be integrated with eCommerce platforms.


Companies can integrate Facebook with their existing sites. But it might simply be better to start at the source. Businesses can use Facebook stores in order to sell products. Social networking is already integrated because Facebook is the largest social networking sites. Furthermore, companies like INSTAPPS can provide a set of tools that make it very simple for small or large business owners to set up their Facebook stores quickly and efficiently.


Instapps offers mobile and social commerce solutions all in one

Instapps offers mobile and social commerce solutions all in one

Marketing Advantages of Facebook Stores

A business can start attracting attention from the first day. This is because the Facebook store administrators can simply invite in their own existing social network members. This might include personal friends or people who already said they liked a fan page.

Hopefully, some members of these existing social networks will be happy to pass the word on. This is as simple for the network members as clicking the Like, Share, or Comment buttons. This is the kind of instant exposure that money just cannot buy. Well, maybe money can buy this kind of exposure, but it is very expensive.

Facebook already has millions of active members. It also has the tools for comments, customer reviews, and other forms of customer engagement already built into the system. Facebook advertising is also integrated into the system. Companies can encourage sharing and engagement by posting attention-grabbing stories or offering promo codes and discounts.

Businesses who are considering an eCommerce solution should definitely consider using Facebook stores. Of course, this solution can be used even if a company already has a traditional eCommerce site or a local store.


Nov 6, 2012 - Business, Marketing & Advertising    Comments Off on What Is Domain Name Trading

What Is Domain Name Trading

domain nameDomain name trading is a feature that is offered by many different web hosting companies. It is a great way to get rid of a domain name that you do not plan to use in the near future, and start a new project that may be better suited for you instead. One of the worst things about doing domain name trading is that you more than likely already have web design set up for the website that you have been working on. Since you don’t really sell the design to the person that you are trading with, it will essentially be money wasted, (unless you look in to doing this).

The web hosting providers that allow you to do this make it extremely easy to find what type of domain you are looking for by keyword. This can definitely form a lot of different ideas to actually turn in to a project, and some of the domain names that you find without having them in mind are actually brilliant. Sometimes hosting companies will even offer cloud hosting packages if you trade for multiple domains, since you’ll pretty much need it in the long run!

Web hosting companies do not take a large cut off of domain name trading, since they get plenty of business from it anyways. They make more money off of the cloud hosting packages that they offer than anything else, and some hosting companies even have a web design section that offers you a cheap design for the new domain that you just got. This is a great way for you to get a head start on your new project, without having to spend a ton of money and find someone to set it up for you.

If you’re wondering why cloud hosting is so great when taking part in domain name trading, it’s pretty much because at that point you will have so much information to keep track of with different projects. Some people will offer multiple domains if you have a really good one to trade, which means that you’ll have more projects than you know what to do with! Even getting a decent web design set up and letting your domain rank naturally for a few months is a great way to get started, so that way whenever you want to get started on a project, you are already done with all the hard parts.

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Aug 20, 2012 - Business, Marketing & Advertising    Comments Off on Getting Creative with your Domain Names

Getting Creative with your Domain Names

There are many domain names on the internet and some have to be paid for while others are free, depending on where the domain name is put. Domain registration is pretty simple, when publishing a book for example many publishers will assist in putting the domain name out for all to see. Free web hosting is fun and easy to do. It is an easy way in which to get any business, book, art or anything at all that has been created to let others know about the creation made. Cloud hosting is a way in which to keep a special website up and running at all times. Cloud hosting is the best way to achieve traffic for a website.

When choosing a domain name make it simple. Use .com, the shorter the domain name is the better, do not use hyphens or extensions this may cause confusion and make sure the domain name makes sense. Read the domain name out loud to see how it sounds. Does it sound catchy and will it draw attention? Avoid numbers or word slangs for the domain name and make sure not to use a domain name that is similar to another domain name already being used. When stuck on which word or words to use for the domain name get out the thesaurus and choose the best word or words that will draw traffic to your website. If there are others who are involved in creating the domain name, be sure to get their input especially if it is business related.

Once a domain name is chosen it is best to leave it as it is. When changing a domain name this is confusing to any traffic that has already been to the website, thinking that it is the wrong website. This reduces traffic or could possibly stop traffic completely. Stay with what works, having too many changes is not good for business. It takes time for a business to get off the ground, so the less changes that are made the better.

Keep track of how much traffic a domain website receives. Check the domain website once a week and keep a record of how the domain site is doing. Notice if there is a trend in certain months when the traffic is down or other months when the traffic is back up. Find out what can be done to keep the traffic flowing constantly to the website and how to increase the traffic flow. Once any and all problems are sorted out, there is not much else to do except just to check the website every week to make sure everything is going along the best that it can.

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Jun 30, 2012 - Business, Marketing & Advertising    Comments Off on Why Internet Marketing is an Essential Part of Any Marketing Strategy

Why Internet Marketing is an Essential Part of Any Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy. In fact, for many companies it is more important than offline marketing. When someone starts an internet business and sets up their website, the next step would be to drive traffic to that site. Of course the traffic should be relevant and from parties interested in whatever service or product the site offers.

The first step many companies use, in regards to internet marketing, is Google Adwords services. This is because, literally within a few hours, the business can drive targeted customers to their website. If someone searches for a relevant product or service, the ads will appear, sending potential customers to the site. Initially this is a very good internet marketing strategy, as it has immediate results. Not only that, but it is very easy to set up and to customize.


For a long-term internet marketing plan, it would be a good idea to do proper SEO for any website. This can be done with an SEO company or done in house. This is a great long-term solution, that will pay off if done properly. The first step would be to make sure the website is designed and written properly. That is to say, it is relevant to the product or service being offered. Also, written in a way that is offering information, without appearing to be too much of an advertisement. This alone helps a site appear higher in search results.

Of course, good internet marketing is more than a nicely written site. What can bring a site up to the top results in the major search engines takes more. What any successful website wants is authority. That is, by having other websites and businesses talk about and link to the businesses website. This is where a great SEO company such as can help.


Realistically in internet marketing, it would be best to have a two pronged approach. Having ads, a company can be hired to do Adwords management to get started, or can be done in house. Then, for a longer-term approach, hiring a company to help with SEO is a great step. Coming up high in search engine results can be the difference between a company making a lot of money, and one just struggling to get by. The difference even between the number one and number two spot can be huge. Not only that, but if a site is on the 2nd page or further, the odds are that it will receive very little traffic. With SEO it is important for people to be patient as the results can take months, but it will definitely be worth it. Next reading recommendation: Bad SEO Practices that Will Actually Hurt Your Rankings.

This video explores the benefits of AdWords and goes through step-by-step instructions on how to create your first campaign.

Mar 26, 2012 - Business, Marketing & Advertising    Comments Off on Sports Marketing via Online Social Networks

Sports Marketing via Online Social Networks

Companies are always looking for new ways to get attention through marketing, and one of the popular methods for 21st century businesses is to go online via social networking sites. And given the number of sports fans that spend their time online, sports sponsorship and sports marketing have both made inroads onto sites like Facebook, Twitter and other popular online social networking sites. But the question with marketing via social networking is the same one that you have with any other sort of marketing; just how do we get people to follow us and support our advertising campaigns? Well, this question has a couple of different answers.


The first, and what should be the most obvious, is to constantly update your content to keep followers interested. One of the original purposes of social networking websites is to create a place where you can keep people updated on what you’re currently doing in an interactive and interesting way. For those looking for sports marketing opportunities you have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of sports fans on social networking websites. All you need to do is design an attractive social networking page and provide meaningful, regular updates. The first key to getting people interested is to give them a stream of information they find valuable and meaningful if you want to garner fans for sports sponsorship.

Next, you should run contests, giveaways or some other form of activity through your social networking page to get people interested. If you were a regular business you could offer exclusive coupons to those following your social networking page, but since your focus is on sports marketing things like giveaways of team gear or tickets to go and see given events might be more appropriate, and will most likely garner a lot more interest from fans following your social marketing page. This sort of “something for nothing” idea will get a lot of people to join in hopes of winning, and if you have a good web page they’ll stick around and continue following you as long as you provide good, quality information for their sports needs.

Keep yourself open to input from your fans and followers. Offer surveys and idea or complaint boxes as a way of getting feedback. Fans like to know that in addition to just providing statistics or information you’re also listening to them and offering things they want, or discontinuing things that they don’t like. This is the cornerstone of any good business, and even sports marketing isn’t immune to it. If you keep your followers, who are your customers and potential customers in this situation, happy then they will feel more positively inclined towards you. The more your followers like you the more they’ll spread the word about your particular social networking site or page, inviting friends of their own to come and follow you and growing your base even larger. Word of mouth, once you get it started, can be a powerful thing and a major aid in growing your popularity and increasing the sheer number of fans and followers that come to your social networking site. Will online marketing kill TV? Find out here.