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Why Company Location Is Crucial For Business Success

In the business world, the location of a company’s business headquarters and branch locations is critical. In fact, the office location placed on a business card, letterhead or website can immediately tell a consumer or client how successful and established the company is, and you understandably want your business location to create a positive image for your consumers and clients right from the start. With a closer look at why the location of a company is imperative in the business world today, you may decide to take steps to improve the location of your company.

The Success of the Company

One of the most important things a business address says about a company is how successful it is. You may not realize it, but the fact is that the location of business can tell consumers if the company can afford expensive real estate, and this relates to how profitable and successful the company appears to be. For example, a business address in a popular commercial area in New York City will create more clout and credibility for a smaller business than a small office suite on a street nobody has heard of it the Midwest. Companies that are successful generally choose to conduct business in prime and well-known commercial areas, but this can be too expensive for many companies to afford.


klcc-and-klcc-park-klThe Size of the Company

In addition, the office locations of a business can also show consumers and clients how large the company is. The size of the company relates to how successful and established it is. One office location in a reputable area is better than one office location in an unknown area. However, it can be even more beneficial for a company to have an several branch locations in key areas across the country. By having branch locations on the East Coast, the West Coast and the Midwest, for example, there is a general impression that the company is large and successful enough to need branch locations in these areas.


Improving Your Business Address With Ease

The fact is that some companies have the level of success and the strong bottom line to warrant the high cost of real estate in prime commercial areas of major cities. Others, however, can still benefit from real estate in these areas through the use of virtual office suites. With Servcorp’s serviced offices in major cities, businesses can establish a headquarters or branch location in prime and well-known commercial areas in 140 major cities. However, they can actually conduct business out of an office with more affordable real estate. This is a cost-effective way to use business location to your advantage.

If you have been focusing on business location for your office and are looking for an affordable way to improve your office location, take a closer look at the benefits associated with virtual offices. These virtual offices from Servcorp provide you with a great way to continue to office from your current space while utilizing the benefits of a more reputable office location.

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Renting a Virtual Office- What Good Can It Do for Your Business?

Virtual office offers you everything you need to remain productive virtually from any place-from hotel, office, car, or office. The concept is based on the principle that any company needs effective communication. Therefore, virtual office system provides you one of the best technologies that saves you both money and time. There are numerous features such as call routing, call monitoring and delivery of voice mail via email, which helps your business in running effectively and smoothly. Your office setup can send your message in any way you specify.

There are few basics involved in setting up you robust telecommuting infra to gain maximum benefit from a virtual office. Every home office needs a telephone, computer, and an Internet connection to run efficiently. This is also a must for all those who telecommute.

Virtual office Kuala Lumpur uses various systems such as voice mail, PBX phone system, phone answering and unified messaging service. It helps the office in enhancing its image and increases its productivity with set of features that are vital for home business and various other organizations. The PBX phone system is fully customizable and virtual receptionist can not only take messages, but can also route calls seamlessly.


These sophisticated systems help small businesses to: 

* Can easily move to the next level as this setup helps in creating an executive impression

* Increases credibility and productivity

* Sounds like a large and professional company


Benefits of a rent office: 

* It helps in reducing cost of ownership due to low upfront investment

* It works efficiently with high speed Internet connection and offers users access to all PBX features irrespective of their location

* You can lower your phone bills due to the free in-network calls

* It is fully customizable and its easy to use features can be managed on the Internet

Servcorp – Advantages of using a Virtual Office


An important benefit of this virtual office Kuala Lumpur is that it can make your work and communication infra more efficient and can easily adapt to your business needs. Cost effectiveness and proper space utilization are other benefit of rent office system.

What About Finding an Office to Rent? The Benefits of Serviced Offices

Nov 28, 2012 - Busines Office Solutions, Business    Comments Off on Serviced Office & Virtual Office Solutions in Southeast Asia

Serviced Office & Virtual Office Solutions in Southeast Asia

Companies and entrepreneurs on the cutting edge know the value of the appearance and functionality of the office. Every office is a place of work, and it is the first image that a business is judged by. The virtual office slashes costs while maintaining image. Serviced office space is an ideal location for meetings and workspaces when out of country. A virtual office creates a worldwide presence — at low cost with a high quality image and high utility.

When business needs to be done in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing or Shanghai the premier option is apbc Serviced Offices. There is no better option; they maximize office efficiency.

With the technological advances of recent decades, a natural innovation was the creation of “in the cloud” offices. The costs of a normal office are slashed, and communication professionalism is often improved. The company’s telephone, e-mail, and address are customized. Off-site operators communicate with customers, stakeholders, and follow the client’s instructions. Incoming communications are forwarded to appropriate personnel anywhere in the world.

It’s like every team member is in the same office, yet employees may be anywhere. It is the ultimate telecommute.

Serviced offices have a full-time staff providing all normal office services. Because a company only uses the space as needed costs are driven down. At an apbc Serviced Office the professional and elegant environment combines with full office services provided on demand. Meetings and any social event, from breakfast meetings to cocktail parties, are as easy to set up as a phone call. The stiffest all-business meetings are held with first-class amenities.

Other services include real-time translation, virtual meetings for team players anywhere in the world, and all in an elegant and creative environment. Employees will be inspired and more productive. It’s a “step out of the ordinary.”

Both virtual offices and serviced offices have complete support services. With serviced office space, flexibility and a distinctive working atmosphere gets the work done and cuts cost. With apbc Offices customers enjoy transparent pricing, low commitment arrangements, and “experience a different way to work.”

How Serviced Offices Offer Flexible Packages to Suit Your Needs? Discover This!

Jun 11, 2012 - Busines Office Solutions, Business    Comments Off on What are Serviced Offices?

What are Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices are managed premises with a specifically designed framework in place for everyday business needs. It caters to businesses that need a professional look, simple and easy setup, and flexible rental terms. These managed offices are usually found in business districts of large cities throughout the world. In this global economy, Singapore’s serviced office market is allowing businesses to compete in the Asian markets.
Singapore, an island republic, is noted as one of the world’s most business- welcoming and resourceful places to work. It has a stable and free market economy which makes it ideal for expanding and growing a business. The serviced office in Singapore realm focuses on technology, logistics, and financial services fields. In conjunction with a very skilled work force, serviced offices to rent in Singapore is a profitable option for businesses.

These managed sites are designed to give each business a customized serviced office to rent according to their specific needs. Sites can be rented to accommodate personnel from one to 100. High-quality furnishings, communication systems, and data networks allow businesses to compete confidently and efficiently in today’s economy. These centers also include conference rooms, IT support, secretarial staffing, and mail services.

Usually the professional serviced offices providing video conferencing which is transmitted over a high-speed broadband Internet.

Singapore’s serviced office facilities are constructed to give a small business the operating capacity of a large established company. These executive centers provide the day-to-day functioning services of a business and allows the renter to access office equipment, meeting rooms, and even office cleaning services at an affordable rate. This aspect is attractive to a business that needs to get started quickly or one that would like to test the economic viability of their service.

Serviced offices to rent in Singapore range from about $200 for limited services, $1,400 for mid-range services and up to $3,500 per month for high-end full service rentals. Location, size, and amenities will dictate how much a business will pay for their serviced office. A simple search online can give more details on specific locations. Since most serviced office locations are in prestigious areas, businesses will be in a prime area for networking. Singapore serviced office region has cornered the market in supplying businesses with solutions to their many operating needs. As a businessman, you should know the requirements of your business, so read this informative article and knowing when to upgrade to a serviced office.

Check out this video and get some interesting office ideas that would work for your workspace.