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Tips for Streamlining Your Online Start-up and Operating With Minimal Overhead


The hardest part about being an online entrepreneur in Malaysia is finding funding and making the money last. Making the wrong decisions could cause your new start-up to fail long before it ever gets off the ground and becomes popular. You need to know how to stretch your funding. Here are some tips for streamlining your online start-up and operating with minimal overhead.

basics_wp1Stick To the Basics at First

Streamlining your start-up means sticking to the basics at first. It might be nice to launch a site in Malaysia with tons of features and widgets. The reality is that it is not practical if you want to minimise expenses. You do not need to have a custom app for your start-up when a responsive website will do the same thing. Do not try to offer services or products that could cause you to lose money. Cut everything away but the core operations and required technology to start your online business.

need-great-employeesFind Employees or Partners Who Can Multitask

You do not necessarily need to hire a massive workforce full of specialised people who can do only one thing each. This is a major overhead expense that could harm your online start-up. Look for employees or partners in Malaysia who can multitask. You want people with dual or triple skillsets. You can save money by having a small, versatile and cross-trained team backing up your new online venture.

Open_OfficeSkip Leasing a Traditional Office

Many big online companies boast about massive and innovative workplaces. Do not lease a traditional office when launching a new online business. You do not need it in the beginning anyway. You can minimise your overhead by renting a virtual address. You can use that Malaysian address for correspondences, legal paperwork and on your website. It is a far smarter and better investment than pouring money needlessly into a massive, unfurnished office.

targeted-marketing-james-harkin-600x300Keep Your Marketing Tightly Targeted

Something that can drain away all of your funding is trying to do broad-based marketing to the general public in Malaysia. Go in the opposite direction. Do your research and keep your initial marketing tightly targeted. You want to target narrow market segments since this will improve your return on investment. Marketing to a broader range of people can wait until your start-up has emerged as a stable online entity.
Business concept. Isolated on white

Outsource Instead of Hiring Employees or Investing Capital

You do not want to make massive capital expenditures on things like forklifts and information technology infrastructures. You also do not want to pay for expensive staff members like network administrators. Outsource whenever you can instead of hiring employees or investing capital. You can outsource to a virtual office in Malaysia to get a receptionist. Using third-party logistics suppliers, cloud-based infrastructures and managed information technology services can all save you money when starting a new online business.

Your online start-up is not going to look like the business you want in the beginning. This never happens for online entrepreneurs. You have to focus on creating the core of your business and not all the bells and whistles. These tips will make it easier for your start-up to survive and grow without running out of funds early in the process.


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Public Transport? What A Disgrace

My car broke down the other day. And for the first time in over a decade, I had to take public transport. Since I couldn’t get a taxi on the first day that I needed to go to work without my car, I was forced to take a bus. And boy, what an experience that was!

Despite all the public service videos aired on television, Malaysians have still not learned to queue up for the bus. Hmm, maybe it’s because nobody had seen those videos aired on TV1 and TV2, preferring Astro instead?

Never mind what the reason. Fact still remains that we do not queue up for the bus. And if that is not bad enough, we push and shove each other just to get in, especially during peak hours.

Ok, so here I was riding the bus, and I must say public transport vehicles have improved over the past 10 years or so – its comfortable, the air conditioner worked well, and I had a really good ride with no bumps or creaks along the way. Now, this is where the good stuff ends.

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What annoyed me about my experience is the serious tardiness of our bus system. The bus arrived 45 minutes later than scheduled. How are commuters expected to rely on a bus service that is always late?

I reached my office 1.5 hours later than usual, and thank God I did not have any appointments on that first and only day of taking a bus.

Next, I tried the taxis. They were filthy! The fabric seats had designs obviously made from spilled drinks. At least I had hoped they were spilled drinks rather than human fluids!!

On one occasion, I couldn’t close the door as a previous passenger had left tissue with nasal discharge in it. So I had to wind down the window to close the door. Aren’t our taxi driver expected to ensure their rides are clean and smell nice?

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That evening, I took another taxi home. This one was a little better inside the cab, but the tires were bald. I took it, praying all the way that it won’t rain, or that I will reach home safely and not be involved in any traffic accident.

Well, needless to say, I am now a two car household. I bought a second car for the wife and this decision was prompted solely because we just cannot rely on our busses and taxis. They are just a disgrace.

Even Indonesia has taxis that anyone would be proud of! So the next we want to put down any of our neighbouring countries, we should just look at their taxi services first.

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3 Features You’ll Find in an Easy Shopping Cart Software

ShoppingCartIf you run a website and want to accept payments from your customers, you need to use a shopping cart. Without this, you are going to run into clients who simply don’t trust you or your company. So, while this is true, one can’t choose a random shopping cart. No, a buyer must look for one that works for his or her needs. With that being said, here are three features of good shopping cart software.

Reliable: Above all else, when looking at the price of a shopping cart software, one should think about the reliability. If not, a shopper is going to experience serious problems when the shopping cart crashes or otherwise stops working. Think about it, if a shopper watches as the items disappear or the total is wrong, he or she is probably not going to continue shopping on the website. On the other hand, if no issues occur, a shopper can check out and the most out of his or her shopping experience. So, remember, when looking at shopping cart software, it is wise to buy one that is reliable.

Easy to use: Without a doubt, plenty of people on the Internet don’t know what they are doing. Not only do older folks struggle, but some young people don’t know how to use some of the more complicate shopping carts. When a buyer struggles to close out the sale, the seller will lose clients. So, for this reason, when looking at shopping cart software, one should try to find a company offering a piece of software that is easy to use.

Easy to change: Finally, when running an online store, if it’s not easy to use the shopping cart, one will struggle to make changes. Think about it, with 50 states, one will need to often change shipping and tax rates at the drop of a hat. If it’s not possible, a site owner will struggle to run his or her corporation. So, when choosing a shopping cart software provider, one should look for a company offering software that is easy to change. Otherwise, a company will waste a lot of time and money making small changes.

Without a doubt, it’s wise to use the best shopping cart software (see on the market. If not, a site owner is going to struggle in a host of ways. So, when checking out options, one needs to take their time and think of their needs.





Overview: UOB Credit Card

If you want to sign up for a credit card offering plenty of perks and a low interest rate, you need to consider a credit card from UOB. Not only will you enjoy using the card in your day-to-day spending, but you will find they offer plenty of perks you will use all the time. With this in mind, here is a short overview of UOB credit cards.

Rewards: If you travel often, you will want to consider a travel credit card. While you will pay a small annual fee, you will enjoy free airline travel and upgrades to first class. Since UOB carries American Express cards, you can feel comfortable about signing up for this card given that American Express is a well-known and liked company. If you don’t want to sign up for an airline card, consider a rewards card offering gift certificates to your favorite restaurants and stores. Finally, if you want cash back, consider a cash back card. Either way you look at it, with a UOB card, you can earn plenty of perks on your monthly spending.


UOB Instant Rewards

Pay online: If you are busy and don’t want to worry about missing credit card payments, you can use and send payments or check your balance. This is perfect for a busy person who doesn’t want to waste time writing checks and sending letters. If you have an account with them already, you can pay your bill with ease as you can login to Internet banking and make the transfer.

UOB Mobile Banking

UOB Mobile Banking

Multiple options: If you want to find a new credit card, you will have your own wants or needs. For example, if you travel often, you will want to carry a Visa credit card as it’s accepted all around the world. On the other hand, if you like the customer service of American Express, you can sign up for this card. With multiple choices for cards, you can find what you want for your situation. Remember, all credit card companies offer unique benefits. Once you know what you want, you can choose the right card.


UOB Visa Infinite Card

UOB Visa Infinite Card


UOB Lady's Card

UOB Lady’s Card


UOB offers a few excellent benefits to cardholders. While true, if you want to find a new credit card, you will want to research your options and look for one that meets your needs. Otherwise, if you choose a random one, you will not get the most out of the experience.

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Why Company Location Is Crucial For Business Success

In the business world, the location of a company’s business headquarters and branch locations is critical. In fact, the office location placed on a business card, letterhead or website can immediately tell a consumer or client how successful and established the company is, and you understandably want your business location to create a positive image for your consumers and clients right from the start. With a closer look at why the location of a company is imperative in the business world today, you may decide to take steps to improve the location of your company.

The Success of the Company

One of the most important things a business address says about a company is how successful it is. You may not realize it, but the fact is that the location of business can tell consumers if the company can afford expensive real estate, and this relates to how profitable and successful the company appears to be. For example, a business address in a popular commercial area in New York City will create more clout and credibility for a smaller business than a small office suite on a street nobody has heard of it the Midwest. Companies that are successful generally choose to conduct business in prime and well-known commercial areas, but this can be too expensive for many companies to afford.


klcc-and-klcc-park-klThe Size of the Company

In addition, the office locations of a business can also show consumers and clients how large the company is. The size of the company relates to how successful and established it is. One office location in a reputable area is better than one office location in an unknown area. However, it can be even more beneficial for a company to have an several branch locations in key areas across the country. By having branch locations on the East Coast, the West Coast and the Midwest, for example, there is a general impression that the company is large and successful enough to need branch locations in these areas.


Improving Your Business Address With Ease

The fact is that some companies have the level of success and the strong bottom line to warrant the high cost of real estate in prime commercial areas of major cities. Others, however, can still benefit from real estate in these areas through the use of virtual office suites. With Servcorp’s serviced offices in major cities, businesses can establish a headquarters or branch location in prime and well-known commercial areas in 140 major cities. However, they can actually conduct business out of an office with more affordable real estate. This is a cost-effective way to use business location to your advantage.

If you have been focusing on business location for your office and are looking for an affordable way to improve your office location, take a closer look at the benefits associated with virtual offices. These virtual offices from Servcorp provide you with a great way to continue to office from your current space while utilizing the benefits of a more reputable office location.

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Can You Register a Company in Singapore Online?

The advent of the world wide web has made it a much more reasonable prospect to start a business in a foreign country. There can be a number of advantages to doing this owing to differences in regulation in other countries as well as proximity to the intended clientele. Naturally, this has spawned a number of questions about where you can and cannot start a business online. Not all nations permit foreigners to start businesses at all, not all nations permit businesses to be started from overseas, and in general, no two countries will display the same set of rules and regulations. This article will concern Singapore.

There are many reasons one might want to register a company in Singapore online. The good news is that this is an entirely reasonable possibility. Singapore has very permissible regulations regarding this, and the process is fairly simple. However, as with any decision regarding a new business, it’s important to do your research and know the process and caveats before you commit to any steps.

The first thing to be aware of is that the rules are different for citizens of Singapore and its permanent residents. The requirements are stricter if you fall into either of these categories. As of 1994, self-employed individuals are required to pay into Medisave. Medisave is a central bank account that can be paid into and subsequently accessed to help pay for medical expenses. Individuals that are not self-employed most frequently have pay deferred to this automatically. Self-employed individuals must pay into it if they earn more than $6000 a year. Individuals that are citizens of Singapore or permanent residents must make sure their contributions to this account are caught up before they apply for a new company. If they do not, their application will be denied.


Singapore Infographic


If the individual is not a citizen or permanent resident, or they are and their account is caught up, starting a company online is simple. First, the appropriate forms must be filled out through an online service. This is a fairly simple process that can be executed online from one’s home or one’s office; it’s nothing more than a basic form. After that, it’s necessary to utilize a professional filing service. Professional filing services are equipped to interface with the government of Singapore to establish a business for you. The filing fees are very low: just $15 for name approval and $50 for business registration. This makes it an even more attractive proposition for those that may need to start more than one business.

Summarily, it is very possible to start a business online, and Singapore is no exception. The rules are simple even for individuals that have never set foot in Singapore before. All it takes is a few moderate fees and simple forms, all of which can be managed online. The most difficult elements will be handled by a filing company, who will also serve as your liaison. It’s a simple process, and the rewards are plentiful. While you should always be diligent, it pays to be bold.


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Why Choose a Facebook Shop Over an E-commerce Site?

facebook shopMany companies have found that the Internet provides a lot of great ways to sell their products. It allows these companies to expand their reach all over the country. Some even sell their products all over the world this way. If a company wants to sell online, the first step is to choose the best marketing platform.

An eCommerce website is the most popular choice. Companies can choose to set up their own branded website to use as a sales platform. Other companies may simply use a large eCommerce site like Amazon or eBay. Of course, lots of businesses use their own site and major eCommerce sites to sell products. Some of these companies also have local stores.


There May be a Better Marketing Platform for Selling Products Online

Facebook is a giant social networking site. There are lots of advantages to using Facebook to market products. Take a moment to review its benefits.

  • Social media generally has a good return on investment.
  • Social networking can help spread brand awareness and engagement.
  • Social networks can be integrated with eCommerce platforms.


Companies can integrate Facebook with their existing sites. But it might simply be better to start at the source. Businesses can use Facebook stores in order to sell products. Social networking is already integrated because Facebook is the largest social networking sites. Furthermore, companies like INSTAPPS can provide a set of tools that make it very simple for small or large business owners to set up their Facebook stores quickly and efficiently.


Instapps offers mobile and social commerce solutions all in one

Instapps offers mobile and social commerce solutions all in one

Marketing Advantages of Facebook Stores

A business can start attracting attention from the first day. This is because the Facebook store administrators can simply invite in their own existing social network members. This might include personal friends or people who already said they liked a fan page.

Hopefully, some members of these existing social networks will be happy to pass the word on. This is as simple for the network members as clicking the Like, Share, or Comment buttons. This is the kind of instant exposure that money just cannot buy. Well, maybe money can buy this kind of exposure, but it is very expensive.

Facebook already has millions of active members. It also has the tools for comments, customer reviews, and other forms of customer engagement already built into the system. Facebook advertising is also integrated into the system. Companies can encourage sharing and engagement by posting attention-grabbing stories or offering promo codes and discounts.

Businesses who are considering an eCommerce solution should definitely consider using Facebook stores. Of course, this solution can be used even if a company already has a traditional eCommerce site or a local store.