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6 of the Most Guarded Skincare Secrets That Every Man Should Know

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Skin care is no longer just a luxury for women – it’s a necessity for all, and that includes men. The benefits of taking good care of our skin help us achieve not just an ideal appearance, but also optimum health. While there are many resources talking about women’s skin care, very few exist detailing how men should care for their skin. Mostly, it’s because the importance of men’s skin care has only recently been accepted in the mainstream. A lot of the best practices for men still remain a mystery to most. Luckily for you, none of that has to stay secret for long. Find out 6 of the most guarded skin care secrets for men to help you breathe new life into your everyday routine.

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  1. Wash Right Away – That splash of water on your face does more than just wake up your senses. It’s also seriously beneficial for your skin. Spritzing some cold water on your face first thing in the morning activates your sebaceous glands, which in turn produce the necessary oils to keep your skin hydrated and healthy all the live long day. The sooner you wash, the earlier you wake up those special oil-producing glands so they can get right to work.
  2. Avoid Wiping Aggressively – The humble handkerchief has become something of a staple for guys, but they’re not always the best for wiping. Abrasive fabrics like those used for a common handkerchief can cause damaging friction on the face, which in turn causes flakes and dryness. If you’re the kind of guy who has to pull out his hanky at least once every hour throughout the day, be sure to invest in the right kind of handkerchief to help out your skincare cause.
  3. Use the Right Cleanser – Many facial cleansers you see in supermarkets have that strong, aggressive, masculine smell to them, and that says a lot about what they do for your skin. Instead of being swayed by overly pungent skin care products and cleansers, buy ones that will do your skin some justice. Try to find men skin care products online to help you figure out which ones you can really rely on.
  4. Be Generous with Serum – Up until a couple of years ago, men were complete strangers to the use of serum. But thanks to the general awakening to the importance of skincare, more and more men are realizing that serum is an essential skin care product. Serum is basically a potent hydrating formula that seeps deep into the skin to achieve perfect nourishment. Be sure to slather a generous amount of serum to get the best results, and leave it on for a few minutes for maximum absorption.
  5. The Cowboy Shave – Do you dry shave your beard? It’s probably time to stop that practice. Shaving off any facial hair without first prepping the hair strands or the skin underneath can cause some painful scarring. That’s why you might feel some stinging right after you shave. Use beard oil to soften up the strands and then apply some shaving cream to help your razor glide more smoothly. When everything’s all gone, rub on some after shave balm to help soothe the skin and prevent that stinging sensation from setting in.
  6. Image result for men Invest in Anti-Aging ProductsInvest in Anti-Aging Products – Men are not immune to aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, so invest in products that will help you prevent them from developing too soon. Maintain your youthful and vibrant look by practicing daily anti-aging skin care and look your best even after you’ve piled on the years.

Men’s skin care is a secret no more. Wow your friends, relatives, and your special someone by taking care of your skin in the best way possible. Take note of these helpful tips to bring you to a never-experienced level of skin health.

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Best Beauty Gift Guide for Women Over 40

They say that beauty fades with age, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. There really is no reason to let the natural aging process interfere with appearance and appeal – anyone can be beautiful.  Whether it’s your mom, your grandmother, your aunt, your co-worker, or your friend, everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident, so why not make it your objective to give the gift of beauty this holiday season? If you want to make those special, strong, and gorgeous women feel fabulous, you should take the opportunity the season of giving provides to give them the best beauty gifts. Help them take care of themselves the right way to bring out their flawless glow. Take cues from this list to help you find the best picks when you go out for some holiday shopping.

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  1. Anti Aging Creams, Lotions, and Serums – Anti aging products don’t necessarily stop the aging process, but they do make it possible for older women to achieve a fresh, radiant, and youthful glow. When people age, their skin tends to sag and loosen and that’s particularly what anti aging products aim to resolve. By enriching the skin with vital nutrients and vitamins, these products encourage the production of collagen for a plump and healthy appearance that ultimately clears out wrinkles by stretching out the skin. The Clarins Anti Aging Serum has been dubbed the best anti aging product on the market these days perfect for keeping those lovely older ladies in your life looking fab and glam during the holiday festivities.


  1. Image result for Eye Cream for Dark CirclesEye Cream for Dark Circles – If your mother is like any other mom on the face of the planet, she has probably spent quite some time talking about the eye bags she earned by raising you. Although you might be all grown up now, it’s likely that they never really left their residence under her eyes. Help your lovely Mom get rid of those dark circles by giving her some eye cream for a fresh and vibrant look. This product helps to soothe stressed skin, nourishing it deeply to erase the tired look caused by dark circles. Just thinking of all the preparations she’ll be making this Christmas season, it’s only right that you give her something to fight off the stress of the holiday rush. Be careful though – it has been said that moms who use this amazing product often end up being mistaken for their daughter’s sisters. You have been warned.


  1. Related imageSunscreen for Skin Protection – The best way to keep skin from continuing down the path of aging would be to protect it from whatever harmful and harsh elements that can threaten it. For women over 40, the most damaging threat to skin is harsh sunlight which doesn’t only sap moisture but also injures already compromised skin cells. What’s more, the air during the holiday season can be particularly dry, making sun damage even more significant. Stop skin aging from occurring and protect your Mom’s precious complexion with a powerful everyday sunscreen. Advise them to apply it generously and to reapply throughout the day for extra protection, especially if they plan to go out into the sunlight for some holiday shopping.


Teach those lovely older women around you to love the skin they’re in. Beauty isn’t defined by age and these products prove it. Give the gift of perfectly flawless skin this season by putting these products on your list of presents.