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Can Organic Skin Care Keep Your Skin Young Better than the Others?

With so many skin care options to choose from, both organic and synthetic, how do you know which products will result in younger looking, healthy skin? More and more women are discovering their answer in nature. Organic skin care takes the best of Mother Nature to add life back into your skin and offer protection from harsh environmental and man-made chemicals.


Organic Skin Care

Keeping your skin healthy is best achieved when you tackle the process from the inside and from the outside. What you put into your body and what you put on your skin will determine how youthful and healthy the results are.

As they say: garbage in, garbage out. Most often this refers to what you eat, but it also applies to your skin.

If you are living off a diet of fried and processed foods, the results will show up on your skin. Likewise, if the skin care products you use are laden with chemicals, or the ingredients are grown using chemical pesticides and herbicides, your skin will know it and show it.


However, when you steer clear of chemical-laden skin care products and choose what’s natural, organic, and pure you will notice a big difference in how your body responds. The ingredients in your skincare creams and oils matter; however, how the ingredients are grown matters too. This is why the line of skin care products by Dr Hauschka is primarily grown from biodynamic and organic sources.

It’s important to remember your skin is the first line of defense between you and all the negative factors from the outside world such as the sun’s rays, chemicals, and environmental pollutants.

It’s also important to remember your skin is a living, breathing organ. As such, it has the ability to absorb everything you put on it. When you use non-organic products that have been manufactured with chemicals in the lab, it could be the equivalent of rubbing gasoline on your skin.

Keep that in mind during your daily skin care routine.

The natural ingredients found in top quality organic products such as Dr Hauschka Skin Care products serve to nourish your skin with vital nutrients that allow it to work in harmony with nature giving you healthy skin. Your skin is amazing and when it has all the proper “tools” it will naturally balance.

Skin needs to be protected. Once you have fed your skin with the best nature has to offer, be sure to protect it with sunscreen. It’s easy to remember this on sunny days; it’s just as important to remember it on other days as well.

If your goal is to age gracefully with the healthiest looking skin, then it would be wise to take a page from nature. In the most natural state, what grows around us remains vibrant and beautiful no matter how much time has passed. It’s only when nutrients are depleted, the quality of the nutrients is less than optimal, there is external damage, or there is a lack of water (which is vital for every living thing) do we begin to see what many believe is “normal” aging.

Using quality organic skin care products provides a nutrient-rich, balanced approached for coaxing your skin to optimal health by working holistically with its natural abilities, giving you the best skin of your life.

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