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An Affordable Fitness Plan – 5 Ways to Sustain Healthy Living on a Wallet-Friendly Budget


Among all Asian countries, Malaysia is rated to have the highest incidence of obesity with 49% of women and 44% of men falling within the obese limits. Unfortunately, while the call to adapt a healthy lifestyle is at an all-time high, many Malaysians complain that getting fit doesn’t come cheap. If you’re one of the many who feel frustrated about the financial challenges that come with taking on a healthy lifestyle, there are budget friendly methods you can try that will help you achieve optimum wellness. Maximize your health and get fit now, all while working on a budget, by checking out these 5 tips.1

  1. Grow Your Own – Generally, fruits and vegetables are more affordable than other types of food. But because seasonal changes make some produce more expensive at certain times of the year, it would be more economical to simply grow your own. Consider what fruits and veggies you can grow at home, and try to manage your own produce and spice garden, so you can skip out on frequent trips to the market.2
  2. Become a Member – When you visit the gym and pay per session, you will ultimately end up paying more than if you get a membership. Booking a gym in Malaysia as a member can be a lot easier on the pocket, because of membership discounts and special offers that are given exclusively to those who are members of the establishment.3
  3. Buy in Bulk – For foods that can be stored for a long period of time, it’s always more economical to buy in bulk. Check the bins of grains and oats at your local grocery store and buy everything you think you’ll need. Don’t be afraid to get in excess – these products usually have very long shelf lives.4
  4. Leverage the Outdoors – Exercise and activity doesn’t need to be expensive. Whenever you can, leverage the outdoors and take a hike or run. You won’t only get the exercise you need, you’ll also be able to do it without having to pay for anything.5
  5. Make an Investment – Fitness clothes and shoes that are subpar will easily break and get worn out after just a few uses. Instead of cheaping-out on your fitness gear, invest in ones that will last, so you don’t have to keep buying every so often.

Getting fit doesn’t have to empty out your bank account. Follow these 5 simple tips for adapting a healthy lifestyle on a budget, and achieve optimum wellness without spending too much.

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