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6 Tips to Make Job Hunting Easy


Job hunting has truly evolved through time. But two truths have remained the same; it has been and will always be both exciting and nerve racking. If you are in search for job placements in Malaysia, there are many job vacancies in KK and other major cities. To help you through your job hunting expedition here are some tips that you should keep in mind to accomplish your desired results:1729126_1437666087

  1. Job hunting is generally a mind game.

You have to be familiar with the demands and realities of the job market so you can also set your expectations accordingly. You may not get your desired result  immediately, but stay focused and remain optimistic at all times.job-search

  1. Trim down your job search based on the jobs that fit your qualification.

Organize your job hunting plan. Do not just go out and shoot applications blindly. Apply for positions that best fits your degree or experience. Also, bring all documents that might be required during the application and interview schedule.8396720_orig

  1. Come prepared.

To have a smooth and successful interview, collect all data related to the company you are applying to. Try to formulate a good way to relate your skills and experience to the requirements of the position you are applying for.first-impression

  1. First impressions last.

It is important for you to capture your interviewer’s interest in the first few minutes. This includes how you composed your cover letter and how impressive your resume looks. Your outlook and how you answered questions during the actual interview seals the deal. Emphasize on your strengths and highlight relevant experiences, because these pieces of information will create a better image for you.keep-in-touch-by-social-networking

  1. Keep in touch.

Keep track of all your applications and all the companies’ contact numbers and emails. Make sure that you do some follow –ups to get feedback from the companies you applied to. In some cases, you won’t be hired immediately, but they can keep you in their active file of applicants in case a new position opens

  1. Connect and network.

Establish a good professional network whether you are currently employed or looking for better options. Exchange business cards with people you meet and keep yourself open to exploring opportunities whether in the same industry or a new one. Sometimes, the tides take you to a better place just because you’re willing to give new things a try.

There are other things to keep in mind, but these easy and simple steps will definitely help you as you look for a new job or change careers. It is always best to be prepared and at your “A” game all the time. Happy job hunting!

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5 Reasons Why Melaka is a Great Place to Live and Work



Melaka has always had a rather negative reputation as a sleepy town where absolutely nothing happens and life proceeds at a slow and possibly boring pace. However, living in Melaka can be very fufilling, since there are many benefits compared to living in a crowded, bustling and busy city.


Melaka can get very crowded, but that happens mostly during long weekends, school holidays and public holidays when tourists descend on it. Otherwise, life proceeds at a pace that is relatively slower than many other big cities like Kuala Lumpur or Georgetown. Here are some of the things that makes living in Melaka so awesome:


No tolls 


Apart from the one toll to enter Melaka from the PLUS highway, there are absolutely no tolls within the city itself, so you will be able to travel anywhere and everywhere without worrying about how much you have to spend. It also means that travelling to work is cheaper and more cost effective as you’re not lining up to pay a toll every now and then.


Easy Accessibility in Town 


Melaka town is considerably smaller than the Klang Valley and wherever you stay, you’ll usually be able to get to your destination in under 30 minutes, unless there is an unusual increase in traffic due to the tourist season. This also means you won’t have to wake up ultra early to go to work and be stuck in traffic for 2 hours, and you’ll be able to sleep in  just a little longer.


Affordable Property 


Unlike other cities in Malaysia where an average middle class apartment costs nigh on half a million Ringgit, apartments in Melaka costs only two thirds of that amount, and the same goes for landed houses. Most property here are relatively more affordable than in KL.  In fact, you’ll be able to find a walk up apartment of moderate size for less than RM100 000, and all within the town itself. Needless to say that if you’re buying a house outside of Melaka town, it will be even more affordable.Delicious Food Everywhere  (32)


Delicious Food Everywhere 


Melaka is a haven when it comes to delicious food. One of the things you’ll be able to enjoy on a regular basis is Peranakan food by the local Baba Nyonya community which is a fusion between Chinese and regional cooking. Dishes like Pong Teh chicken, Assam fish, Inche Kabin chicken, Itek Tim and Pai Tee can be yours on a daily basis. Apart from that, you’ll soon find out where locals dine and discover favourites like Chai Tow Kuey, Wan Tan noodles, Or Chien or oyster omelette and Mi Hun Kueh, in addition to landmark dishes like Satay Celup and Chicken Rice Balls.


Lower Costs of Living 


In general, apart from chain brand stores like fast food restaurants that feature a standard price, local businesses and service providers cost less than they would in KL. This will definitely help with your savings and bring down the cost of living expenses. This affordability can usually be seen in your neighbourhood grocery stores, hawker centres and the like.


If you are looking for jobs in Melaka, you’ll be glad to know that it is an ideal place to live and raise a family, due to its relative affordability and peaceful living conditions.

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How to Enjoy Your Vacation at Port Dickson

Malaysia is well-known for its tropical beaches. It has around 4,675 kilometers of coastline, divided almost evenly between the Malay Peninsula and East Malaysia. It has plenty of beaches which attract tourists from around Asia and the rest of the world. One of the lesser known beach resort places is Port Dickson. Located along the western coast of the Peninsula, Port Dickson, or PD as the locals call it, is about 90 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. The area was formerly mined for coal, and then later on for tin.


Getting to PD


The best way to get to PD is via the North-South Highway, which connects the major cities of Peninsular Malaysia. Another way to quickly get to PD would be via Seremban which has an airport. Seremban is only 30 kilometers away from PD. There is a branch of the railway line from Seremban to PD. However, it has not been in use since 2008.


PD Tourism


PD was once one of the bright lights of Malaysian tourism. Up until the early 1990’s there were various hotel developments under construction. However, the area had some problems with development and the pollution it brought, that some of the hotel construction were abandoned. Since then, PD hotels have helped the local government in cleaning up the waters and the beaches. Tourism is again on the upswing.


Places to Visit


One of the biggest draw to PD is its 10 kilometer-long coastline, which offers a lot of beachfront. It is a resort town which has maintained its quaint qualities, and paradise-like ambience. PD also offers several interesting places to visit.

Beach zones. There are several beach zones in PD. These include Blue Lagoon, Teluk Kemang, Pantai Cahaya Negeri and Bagan Pinang. Hotels and resorts can usually be found near or along the beach.


Wan Loong Temple. Wan Loong literally means “Dragon of the Clouds” and the grand name is easily seen in the opulent architecture and design of this Chinese Temple. It is free to enter as it is open throughout the day, and most of the night.

Cape Rachado. Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan to locals) is a forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary. Birdwatchers would find the place very interesting. Camping is allowed in the area.

grand lexis hotel



All along the beach properties, are a varied choice of accommodations. There are luxury resorts, budget hotels, rooms and family apartments. Restaurants and shops are also plentiful throughout the town and popular beaches.

PD is an interesting mix of old and new. With a reboot, it has also come upon an increase in PD hotel construction in anticipation of more tourists. This time around, more environmental concern is expected, as well as more tourism events and activities.

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Recovering From Lasik Surgery Well

Recovering from Lasik surgery well is easy when the patient is in a place that handles the surgeries correctly. Anyone can go to the eye clinic in Singapore, and they will have a chance to recover from their surgery after having their vision repaired. The Lasik process has helped millions of people round the world, and the people that are ready to change their vision should be able to get it done quickly.
The surgery involves a laser that helps to reshape the eye, and that will let light come in at the right angle for the person to see. This means that they need some time to recover, but they can do that in the clinic after the surgery. The surgery does not take that long, and then the doctor will check the vision of the patient.

Everyone who does this process should have 20/20 vision when they are done, and they will be able to see perfectly in a couple days.

The surgery is a low cost way for people to solve their vision problems, and it prevents people from spending too much on their contacts and glasses. Contacts and glasses are too hard to get today, and they will always have to be changed. The Lasik process will help someone get their vision changed one to something that is perfect for them for life. The eyes cannot change after they have gone through the procedure, and they will help the person feel like they can live again.

Everyone who comes in for the surgery needs to have a consultation with the doctor about what the surgery will do for them. People who are coming in for the first time will learn how it works, and they will learn how long it should take. They can plan for their recovery, and they can see what it will be like once they have gotten the surgery done. This helps everyone get ready for the surgery, and they can plan their trip to the clinic accordingly.

Lasik will help people get the results they need so that they can see clearly again, and they will find out that it is much easier to do this than stay with glasses and contacts forever. They are too hard to use, but just one surgery can change a life for good. People who have been thinking about it should have a look at what the surgery can do for them.

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Tips for Streamlining Your Online Start-up and Operating With Minimal Overhead


The hardest part about being an online entrepreneur in Malaysia is finding funding and making the money last. Making the wrong decisions could cause your new start-up to fail long before it ever gets off the ground and becomes popular. You need to know how to stretch your funding. Here are some tips for streamlining your online start-up and operating with minimal overhead.

basics_wp1Stick To the Basics at First

Streamlining your start-up means sticking to the basics at first. It might be nice to launch a site in Malaysia with tons of features and widgets. The reality is that it is not practical if you want to minimise expenses. You do not need to have a custom app for your start-up when a responsive website will do the same thing. Do not try to offer services or products that could cause you to lose money. Cut everything away but the core operations and required technology to start your online business.

need-great-employeesFind Employees or Partners Who Can Multitask

You do not necessarily need to hire a massive workforce full of specialised people who can do only one thing each. This is a major overhead expense that could harm your online start-up. Look for employees or partners in Malaysia who can multitask. You want people with dual or triple skillsets. You can save money by having a small, versatile and cross-trained team backing up your new online venture.

Open_OfficeSkip Leasing a Traditional Office

Many big online companies boast about massive and innovative workplaces. Do not lease a traditional office when launching a new online business. You do not need it in the beginning anyway. You can minimise your overhead by renting a virtual address. You can use that Malaysian address for correspondences, legal paperwork and on your website. It is a far smarter and better investment than pouring money needlessly into a massive, unfurnished office.

targeted-marketing-james-harkin-600x300Keep Your Marketing Tightly Targeted

Something that can drain away all of your funding is trying to do broad-based marketing to the general public in Malaysia. Go in the opposite direction. Do your research and keep your initial marketing tightly targeted. You want to target narrow market segments since this will improve your return on investment. Marketing to a broader range of people can wait until your start-up has emerged as a stable online entity.
Business concept. Isolated on white

Outsource Instead of Hiring Employees or Investing Capital

You do not want to make massive capital expenditures on things like forklifts and information technology infrastructures. You also do not want to pay for expensive staff members like network administrators. Outsource whenever you can instead of hiring employees or investing capital. You can outsource to a virtual office in Malaysia to get a receptionist. Using third-party logistics suppliers, cloud-based infrastructures and managed information technology services can all save you money when starting a new online business.

Your online start-up is not going to look like the business you want in the beginning. This never happens for online entrepreneurs. You have to focus on creating the core of your business and not all the bells and whistles. These tips will make it easier for your start-up to survive and grow without running out of funds early in the process.


What To Consider When Choosing A PRP Doctor


Platelet rich plasma treatment is a new entrant in the field of alternative and complementary therapies. It involves the use of the plasma to treat various ailments. The procedure was initiated in the 70s although its usage gained prominence in the 90’s.
Understanding the Procedure

The developers of the procedure were informed by the fact that platelets are rich in growth factors. These are natural factors that aid in the regeneration of the body. Hence, when platelet rich plasma is injected in a certain part of the body, this area slowly regenerates. Platelets also contain cytokines. These are inflammatory mediators that regulate healing of wounds. These two factors have informed its use in regeneration and pain management in orthopedic procedures, dental procedures as well as cosmetic procedures. The benefits of PRP treatment are many when compared to other therapies. These include the faster rate of wound healing and lower rates of infection. Choosing the right PRP practitioner could be the difference between failure and success of the therapy. The following are a few tips to help you identify the right PRP doctor.

prpGet the Right Practitioner

Identify a practitioner who has specialized in the area. Not just any doctor can perform this procedure. Specialists in PRP are known as prolotherapists. This professional should take a proper history of your condition and make a correct diagnosis. Afterward, they should recommend the appropriate round of injections. Quacks typically promise relief after one round of injection. Normally, the patient does not get relief after just one round. Hence, make sure you do a background check on the doctor before you get the procedure.

about-prp-298x300Get the Right Drugs

Also, steroids especially NSAIDS should not be administered before having the procedure done. This is because platelets contain cytokines, which are inflammatory mediators, hence, should be able to alleviate inflammation thus reducing pain. Giving steroids would beat the purpose. Should the one administering the medication give steroids before the procedure, then you should begin to ask yourself questions. Also, they should not prescribe anti-inflammatory medication after the procedure as this would be counterproductive since it will be canceling the effects of the therapy.

prp-therapy-imgFull Understanding of the Problem

Also, the doctor should try to get to the root of the problem. All conditions have an underlying cause that if not addressed, could result in failure of the treatment. Also, body systems work in concert with one another so the practitioner should demonstrate an understanding of this. Hence, appropriate lab tests and scans must be conducted.

The costs should directly relate to the outcomes. If the procedure is expensive, then there should be some success stories, which that is there should be some patients who have benefited from the procedure.

PRP-TherapyAlternative Solutions

Also, this therapy cannot work alone. Your doctor should recommend other solutions that can help alleviate the condition. For instance, he can support a particular type of exercise or dietary changes.

All in all, this is an alternative type of therapy that has a lot of promise. Care should, however, be taken when choosing the service provider so as to obtain maximum benefit.


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Tips for Easy Gift Buying This Holiday Season

online shopping

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us. However, for many people, the burden of shopping for gifts while still juggling your usual responsibilities makes the holidays a time of stress, worry and aggravation. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make gift-buying easier this year.

Have A Plan

Things tend to go more smoothly when you create a plan in advance. Start thinking early about what you want to get for your friends and loved ones, where you plan to get these items and the maximum amount of money you’re willing to part with. As with any good plan, yours should include backup options. This prevents three of the biggest problems people have with holiday shopping: Overspending, excessive driving and wandering aimlessly though a store trying to think of a good gift for someone.

Shop Online

If you’d prefer to avoid the traffic and hectic crowds, you can always count on online shopping. From the comfort of your own home, you can browse as many sites as you want until you find that perfect gift for the best price. Furthermore, it arrives right to your door. Depending on the store, you can even have it gift-wrapped and shipped straight to your recipient. However, be sure to choose only reputable sellers with secure sites.

gift cards for shopping

Gift Cards

Most of us have at least one person in our lives who is hard to shop for. Maybe their tastes are obscure, maybe they’re notoriously picky or perhaps even they don’t know what they want for Christmas. Whatever the reason, gift cards were made for these kinds of people. If you know what kinds of stores they like to shop at, you can give them a gift card for that store. If not, there are prepaid credit cards that can be used anywhere, even online, just like a regular credit card. This allows your recipient to buy something they know they would like, which takes the pressure off of you. In addition, gift cards also make it easier to control your holiday gift budget, since you can purchase them for a set amount of money.

Get Practical

In the absence of better ideas, there is nothing wrong with choosing practical gifts. Although such gifts may not be popular amongst kids, most adults are mature enough to appreciate them. At the very least, it means they won’t have to buy it themselves. Besides, it’s more thoughtful to buy someone something you noticed they were in need of instead of giving them something frivolous.

Time Your Shopping

If you have any in-store holiday shopping to do, try to time your trips so you don’t have to deal with as many other shoppers. Going early in the morning or late at night is a good option, since most other people tend to do their shopping around mid-day. It’s also helpful to hit the stores in the beginning or middle of the week. There are more people out shopping on the weekends and on Friday evenings after they get off of work.

chritstmas shopping infographic